"Death is no more than passing from one room into another." – HELEN KELLER

Which mythical creature resides in your soul?


You are a faerie. Faeries are

miniature, winged versions of humans or

elves. They are usually very merry and

cheerful. They are masters at healing and

magic. They symbolize peace, happiness,

faith, and purity. They are usually very

beautiful. And not to be confused with the

pixie they are not mischievous or


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Not exactly what I was expecting but ok.

The Whaley House

An ImageCalifornia State Historic Landmark #65 also known as The Whaley House is one of the most important historical homes in San Diego. The house has been transformed into many different businesses including a ballroom, school, polling place and even Thomas Whaley's General store. The Whaley House, at one time, was also the Country Court House and San Diego's first commercial theater. Since 1960, the house is now a museum. It is safe to say that The Whaley House has been the home for many things including tragedy.

The Travel Channel's America's Most Haunted had dubbed the house the number one most haunted house in the United States. Of course, America's Most Haunted isn't the only television program the Whaley House has been featured on and probably won't be the last. It's history of hangings, violent death and the seizure of court documents is enough to make someone interested in it, for paranormal reasons or not. Is it haunted? No one can say for sure but many believe it is.

The earliest known ghost at the Whaley House is James "Yankee Jim" Robinson. He was convicted of attempted grand larceny in 1852 and hanged on a gallows off the back of a wagon where the house now stands. Thomas Whaley was present at the execution. He bought the property and built a home for his family despite what happened. Soon after they began hearing footsteps moving about the house that of a large man.

Many visitors to the house have reported experiencing many strange occurrences. A little girl was said to have seen a man, perhaps Thomas Whaley himself, waving in the parlor. Even television personality Regis Philbin reported seeing Anna Whaley in the house. Anna isn't the only female visitors see or sense. Some have claimed to sense a small figure woman in the courtroom. No one has been able to identify this woman but it is believed she is one of the numerous tenants that the house was rented to.

A long-haired little girl has also been spotted in the house, particularly in the dining room. According to an urban legend, the little girl is one of the Whaley children's playmates that broke her neck on a low-hanging clothesline in the backyard. Unfortunately, there aren't really any records to confirm or dismiss this legend. Most believe a past employee created the story to add to the house's mystique.

Human spirits aren't the only ones seen at the Whaley House. A parapsychologist reported seeing a spotted dog, perhaps a fox terrier, run down the hall in the house. The Whaley's owned a terrier named Dolly Varden.

The Whaley House museum still stands over San Diego Avenue, welcoming visitors from around the world. Even if you are not a believer of the paranormal, the 150 years worth of history is enough reason to take the tour.

For further information on tours and the Whaley House click here.

Ghost Hunting Kits

Beginner's Kit
The Beginner's Kit is for novice ghost hunters and hobbyists. This kit includes:

1 ELF Zone EMF Meter
1 Ghost Research 101 book
1 LED microlight red light flashlight

Price: $36.00 + S & H

Starter Kit
The Starter Kit is much like the Beginner's except it has two more pieces of equipment. This kit includes:

1 ELF Zone EMF Meter
1 Ghost Research 101 book
1 LED microlight red light flashlight
1 IR101 non contact infrared thermometer
1 PIR motion sensor

Price: $99.00 + S & H

Instant Equipment Kit
The Instant Equipment Kit is for the more advance ghost hunters. Add a camera and an audio recorder and you'll be all set. This kit includes:

1 Cell Sensor EMF Meter
1 Electrosensor EMF meter
1 Sony EMC-F8 Omnidirectional Microphone
1 LED microlight red light flashlight
1 Pocket infrared non contact thermometer
1 PIR motion sensor

Price: $149.00 + S & H

To purchase one of these kits and/or other ghost hunting equipment, please visit The Shadowlands Ghost Hunting Store.

Psychic Abilities

I had my "psychic abilities" tested at Psi Q and here are my results:

take the psi-q psychic test yourself

Guanajuato's Mummy Museum

An ImageMummies of Guanajuato, Mexico are not your average mummy. What makes them unique? There are several reasons why they are rare. The number one would have to be that they weren't mummified intentionally. Their mummification was caused by extremely dry weather conditions along with an overcrowded cemetery.

At one time, the town charged a fee to bury loved ones in the cemetery which could be paid in one large sum or in annual installments. However, if payments were discontinued, the bodies were removed to free up more space. Several corpses were exhumed sometime in the late 1800s. The townspeople were surprised to find that some of the bodies had been mummified.

Bodies located in a middle row of tombs were mostly likely to become mummified. Why? They were untainted by the rare moisture from rain or groundwater. Despite the unintentional mummification, they represented a broad social spectrum of the community considering the wealthy and powerful citizen were only known to mummify their loved ones.

The Guanajuato mummies have inspired numerous local legends. An infant is known there as the world's smallest mummy. It is said that they infant died after being born by cesarean section. It's mother didn't survive the procedure either and was mummified as well. They are both displayed in the town's mummy museum.

Another legend revolved around a woman who was believed to be buried alive. Some clues added to the validity of this legend. It was stated that she was buried faced down with her arms over her face. Scratches were also found on her forehead. However, this still remains a legend until scientists can provide accurate evidence saying otherwise.

Another Guanajuato mummy was believed to have been hanged. Although there was evidence to prove this to be false. The trachea was intact and the next vertebrae showed no trauma associated with a hanging. Conclusion, the man died but not at the end of a rope.

It is not certain how many mummies were recovered. However, The Guanajuato Mummy Museum has over 100 mummies displayed. Since the law changed, no more graves have been or will be disturbed.

I'll leave you with a question: Considering the circumstances, should these mummies be put on display or given a proper burial?

*Handwerk, Brian (October 31, 2002) "Accidental" Mummies on Display in Mexico. Retrieved on February 23, 2006 from the National Geographic News website:

The London Dungeon Ghost

Turn the volume up so you can hear what it's saying.

Ghost Cams Update

I've noticed that the Oklahoma Abandon Hospital cam has been kind of popular. So, I did a search and found a few more. The links are listed on the sidebar. Some cams refresh every 20 seconds while others may take minutes.

The Queen Mary cam has a chatroom below it for chatting with other viewers. The Asylums Gate cam has two while Dddavid's Cams, located in a 100+ year old Victorian house, has six to choose from. In order to view the cams at you have to sign up at the site. Registration is free.

If you know of any ghost cams that aren't listed on the sidebar, leave comment with the link and I'll add it. Enjoy ghost hunting from the comforts of your own home!

Coffee Anyone?

An ImageMy renter for this week is Andy. Coffeestoned is full information about technology, news, and Andy's personal life. If you're looking for a blog that is revealing and informative, take a look at Coffeestoned.

Also take a look at my other bidder's blogs: Newfie Girl, Mystickal Incense & More Blog and My Corner of the Web.

Mark Your Calendars

The third season of Ghost Hunters starts on March 29th!! Until then, the Sci-Fi channel will be showing reruns. Season 1 is available on DVD with hours of never-before-seen deleted scenes and bonus footage for only $29.95. There's also The Very Best of Ghost Hunters DVD available that includes invesigations of a little girl that sees dead people, a ghost bride and a tavern haunted by a tormented child. The DVD costs only $9.95. Go to the TAPS website to order either or both DVDs. They have also started having raffles. Check out their site for information on how you can win a TAPS T-shirt.

I also rented space for the week on Dana's blog: Southern Gal Goes North. Check it out sometime.


During medieval times, a unicorn's horn, or alicorn, was considered valuable. Many believed it could cure many illnesses and neutralize poison. Unicorn's horn was sold in druggist's shops in powdered form while whole horns were kept in the vaults of royalty.

One 'horn' is located in the Liverpool Museum in England. The horn is believed to have been made from the tusk of a narwhal (a rare species of whale). It measures 110cm long with a diameter of 5.2cm, tapering to 2.5cm. The top section is carved with bands of foliage and winged dragons chasing animals. The lower section shows human figures imprisoned in leaves.

The narwhal (monodon monoceros) is one of the rarest whales known that lives in the Arctic. The male of this species has a single left tusk that is a modified upper incisor. The tusk is spirally twisted, usually in a counter-clockwise direction. In a mature specimen the tusk can be from two to seven meters long. The mammal is believed by many to have been the source of the legendary unicorn. The narwhal is not an endangered species, neither is it hunted commercially. However, it is hunted by the Inuit of Greenland and Canada on a quota system.

Tests of a True Alicorn

In Medieval times, there was much concern over alicorns as many people could not afford real alicorns. However, rumors circulated that many horns were actually fakes as narwhal horns were often sold in place of alicorns. Since people were so concerned over the authenticity of their alicorns, many scientists came up with tests to determine whether the alicorn was a real horn or a counterfeit. These are some of their tests.

1. The true horn, when thrown into water, sends up little bubbles. The water seems to boil, though cold, and one can hear the boiling.

2. The true horn gives out a sweet odor when burned.

3. Poisonous plants and animals, when brought near the true horn, burst and die.

4. The true horn sweats in the presence of poison.

5. The true horn is always striated, is extremely hard, very heavy, the color of boxwood, and able to save the life of a pigeon poisoned with arsenic.

6. Enclose a spider in a circle drawn on the floor with an alicorn. If the horn is true the spider will not be able to cross outside of the circle and will starve to death inside it.

7. Place the horn in a vessel and with it three or four live and large scorpions, keeping the vessel covered. If four hours later the scorpions are dead, or almost lifeless, the alicorn is a true one.

Most Likely to be Contacted

I received this e-mail today from Blog In Space:

Andrea ,

Congratulations! Blog in has crowned your blog with the title of "Most Likely To Be Contacted" for its outstanding ability to potentially provoke alien responses back to Planet Earth. This means your blog will be featured on the homepage of on February 20, 2006 complete with a screenshot and a link to your site. Visit to receive your badge and notify your friends so they can check it out for themselves!
Friendly Green Wishes,
-The Blog in Space Team

Of course, I have no idea which blog this pertains to. I guess I'll have to wait 'til February 20th to find out. Anyways, here is the badge I received.

Update: Found out today that it was for my Southern Expressions blog.

Smuggling a Human Head?

MIAMI - A Haitian national and Florida resident named Myrlene Severe was arrested Thursday for "smuggling a human head" in to the United States according to an article by Reuters. She was also charged with failing to declare the head on a customs declaration form and transporting hazardous material which apparently had "organic matter" on it.

Severe relayed to the U.S. attorney that she had obtained the human head froma male in Haiti for her Voodoo beliefs. She also stated that the purpose of the head was to ward off evil spirits. Eighty percent of Haiti's overall population is Roman Catholic while sixteen percent are Protestant. Although, more than half say they also practice voodoo.

Each of the charges carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison. Bail was set at $100,000 and Severe will be arraigned on March 2.

Paranormal Article

Well what do we have here?

My renter for this week is Lonnie Hodge, a writer, editor, China SEO...ok let's put it this way. He's a well accomplished guy. His blog OneManBandwidth: China Blog of an American Professor in China consists of news and everyday life in China. Lonnie's blog is pretty interesting and humorous. So, feel free to head on over there and check it out.

Blog Survey

I usually don't do memes or surveys on this blog, but this one gives you a chance to get to know me a little more.

A - Age: 22
B - Band listening to right now: Crossfade
C - Career: Writer
D - Drink or smoke: neither
E - Easiest person/s to talk to: My mom when she's not in gossip mode.
F - Favorite song/s at the moment: More than Words By: Frankie J
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy Bears
J - Junk foods you like: Pizza
L - Longest car ride ever: 9 hours (Texas to Missouri)
M - My favorite Sport/s: Not a sports type of person
N - Number of relationships you've had: About five
O - One wish you have: To end world hunger.
P - Phobias: Spiders, snakes, etc..
Q - Favorite Quote: The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool. - Stephen King
R - Reason to smile: Can't think of a reason.
S- Song: Behind These Hazel Eyes
T- Time you woke up: 10:30 am
U - Unknown fact about you: Ummmm...My favorite color is blue.
V - Vegetable/fruit you hate: Asparagus
W - Worst habit: Procrastination
X - X-rays you've had: Chest x-ray when I was a kid
Y- Yummy food/s: Pork chops and Mac 'n Cheese
Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo


An Image- The American Ghost Society's -
June 22-25, 2006 -- Haunted Alton, Illinois

This 10th Annual Conference of the American Ghost Society is hosted by Troy Taylor (American Ghost Society) and Ursula Bielski (Chicago Haunts) at the History & Hauntings Book Co. --- 515 East Third Street --- Alton, Illinois (one of the most haunted small towns in America). Price: $50 per person (not including additional fees for after hour events)

This wonderful annual event is the "original ghost conference". This year's conference will feature nationally known authors and speakers on ghosts and the supernatural -- and is not only our biggest and best line-up so far but it marks the 10th anniversary of this fantastic event!

The conference will include workshops and lectures on ghosts and ghost hunting; presentations on paranormal phenomena and investigating the unknown; discussions and question and answer periods; haunted locations and the unexplained; ghost tours and investigations; overnight stays in haunted places; first-hand reports of ghosts and spirits ... and much more! As with each year, attendees will get the chance to gather information about ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained that you won't hear anywhere else; meet other ghost enthusiasts from around the country; network and compare notes with other investigators; and visit Alton, Illinois "one of the most haunted small towns in America". You don't want to miss this --- there's a reason that it's the longest running ghost conference in America!

Some new and returning speakers include:

Rosemary Ellen Guiley (Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Spirits): Presenting the "Ghosts of Angela Webb, a true account of a house that traps the doomed souls of its residents!
Vince Wilson (Ghost Tech): Presents "Ghost Tech", the most commonly misused pieces of ghost hunting equipment and how to use it right!
Keith Age (Louisville Ghost Hunter's Society) presents "Spooked", dealing with the legends and lore of Waverly Hills Sanatorium and the creation of a successful ghost hunting group
Melody Bussey (Ghost Magazine) presenting "America's Haunted Hot Spots", a travel log of some of the most haunted places in America, from the files of GHOST magazine!
C. T. Thieme (Chicago Hauntings) presents the "Ghost Research Workshop" on Friday night during the conference, including 17 years of formal and informal investigations into the paranormal!
Len Adams (History & Hauntings Tours) hosts the new "Son of Strange Stuff" on Friday night, the interactive conference intro that allows guests to offer their own stories and investigations -- along with Len's own twisted and often hilarious forays into the supernatural!

The Haunted America Conference is known every year for offering some of the most unique after hours events possible. Check out the listings below. Spots are very limited for all of them, so be sure to get registered as early as possible to guarantee your spots (First come-First served basis)! For more information about the after hours events and prices go to:

Thursday Night: History & Hauntings Ghost Tour of Alton / 7 pm (with Len Adams)
Friday Night: Ghost Research Workshop / 9:30 pm (with C.T. Thieme)Also Friday: Paranormal Investigation of the First Unitarian Church / 9:30 pm (with Len Adams)
Saturday Night: History & Hauntings Dinner Tour / 7 pm (with Troy Taylor, Ursula Bielski & John Winterbauer)
Also Saturday: Overnight Investigation of the Meridian Coffee House / Starts at midnight! (all night, includes breakfast)

Registration for this event is now available. If you are interested in going, register online or call Toll-Free at 1-888-446-7859. Seating will be limited. So, register early! Click here for more information about the conference.


I decided to do tonight's post about Telekinesis in honor of last night's episode of Supernatural. I'm sure most of you have read or at least seen the movie Carrie which made the ability popular among mainstream.

Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, is the ability to move things or otherwise affect the property of things with the power of the mind. True psychokinesis is very rare. Only a few, Stanislawa Tomczyk, Nina Kulagina, Uri Geller, etc., have been able to demonstrate this ability and even them were highly contested by skeptics.

The most common form of psychokinesis is one that is not consciously intended. Poltergeist activity might be caused by the subconscious of people under stress, emotional turmoil or even hormonal peaks. Without conscious effort, these people cause china to fly off shelves, objects to break or loud rappings to emanate from their houses' walls, among other effects. In the same way, PK might also be responsible for phenomena experienced at séances. Table tilting, knockings and levitation might not be caused by contact with spirits, but by the minds of the participants.

How psychokinesis works is unknown for certain, but many parapsychologists think that it is a demonstration of the physical influence of a person's brain on the physical world. Robert L. Shacklett at Speculations about PK says that laboratory tests demonstrate that "the release of relatively large amounts of physical energy can be triggered by thought power." And this power can move or influence things, essentially, because cosmologically we are all connected to everything else. "'Thought' takes place at a different level than the physical (call it 'mind') but interacts with the physical through a weak coupling between physical energy and a more subtle energy form," he says. "The physical level operates in accordance with natural law except at the times when thought interacts with it."

Some researchers suspect there might be a quantum connection. Unpredictable, often bizarre effects have been documented in the world of subatomic particles, ruled by the perplexing laws of quantum mechanics. Are our minds capable of directing subatomic particles and energies in a way that results in PK phenomena?

One theory is that psychokinesis is the manipulation of a sort of human "magnetic field" around the body, which can be concentrated in a specific area. For this to work, they say, you must be able to relax completely and focus your attention without distraction.

Another speculation is that mediums or participants in a séance are able to coalesce sound or heat waves within a room to form coherent energy which can then be directed at an object, such as a table, causing it to move.

Although the "how" of PK remains unknown, research and experimentation on this fascinating phenomenon continues in respected research labs around the world.

Can anyone have powers of telekinesis?
Several websites suggest ways that you might be able to develop or strengthen powers of psychokinesis. Using Psychological Telekinesis says meditation and a kind of chanting, which they provide, can help train your mind for the task, even though they offer no proof of any kind that it really works.

Mario Varvoglis, Ph.D., author of PSI Explorer, suggests that the best way to begin testing psychokinetic powers is not by trying to move a table or even a matchbook. Varvoglis says it's much better to see if you can influence movement on a microscopic level - micro-PK. Micro-PK has been tested for years with such devices as random number generators, in which the subject tries to influence the random outcome of the machine in a way that is much greater than chance. Some of the most interesting tests of this kind are being conducted at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Laboratory (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University - and their results show that some people really can influence the computerized random number generators with the power of their minds. Varvoglis provides a similar test on his PSI Explorer CD-ROM.

Spirit Online offers this seven-step method of improving your PK:
1. Meditate daily for half an hour, 15 minutes if your schedule is too busy.
2. Attempt PK at least once a day, twice if possible. Give yourself a good 30-60 minutes to try it.
3. Focus on one method for at least a week; if it shows no results, switch methods.
4. Be at ease; instead of taking it too seriously, think of it as an experiment, a game. If you try too hard you'll just end up frustrating yourself and you'll get nowhere.
5. Don't give up.
6. Don't tell yourself you can't do it, because you can.
This site also provides instructions for a few tests you can set up and conduct at home.

There are a few online experiments where you can test your psychokinetic abilities:
Online Psychokinesis Experiment provides three different tests in which can try to move a red line on a colored bell curve, try to influence the appearance of a randomly generated shape, or try to influence the position of a blue circle on the screen.

RetroPsychoKinesis Experiments Online also offers three tests: the same bell curve test as above, a clock face that you try to manipulate, and a pendulum whose swing you try to influence.

*Wagner, Stephen. (2005) "What You Need to Know About... Telekinesis". Retrieved on February 8, 2006 from the Paranormal @ About website:


One of Wisconsin's most haunted places is located on the shores of West Bay Lake. A grand mansion known as Lamont Mansion and later Summerwind once stood on this piece of land but is now long gone. However, the ghost stories and legends still remains.

It was a fishing lodge before Robert P. Lamont converted it in to a mansion in 1916 to be a summer home for him and his family. He and his family remained on the property for 15 years before suddenly abandoning the home in the 1930s. Legend goes his maids informed Lamont of the property being haunted. He didn't believe them until one day while eating dessert with his wife in the kitchen when the basement door swung open and an apparition of a man appeared. The door slammed shut when Lamont pulled out a pistol and fired two shots. Then he fled the residence with his wife. After Lamont's death, the house was sold.

During the 1940s, the Keefer family purchased the mansion. They maintained the property but never lived in the home. There were no reported paranormal incidences at this time. In 1969, Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw bought the mansion and moved in with their four children. The family only remained at Summerwind for 6 months. During the process of trying to renovate the structure, they experienced paranormal activity from shadows, mumbled voices to a female apparition often seen floating back and forth near the dining room and windows and doors opening on their own.

Due to stress from doing renovations on their own (the Hinshaws were unable to obtain servicemen to do the work allegedly because of the paranormal activity) and the ghosts, Arnold had a mental breakdown and Ginger attempted suicide. He received treatment and she moved to Granton, Wisconsin to live with her parents. The property reverted back to Mrs. Keefer. Life began to get back to normal until Ginger's father announced he planned to convert the mansion in to a restaurant and an inn. This decision was made without knowledge of his daughter's experiences in the house.

Raymond Bober was a popcorn vendor and businessman who believed guests would be attracted to the scenic location on the lake. When he learned of its haunted status, he claimed he uncovered the identity of the spirit. Bober believed a man named Jonathan Carver, an 18th Century British explorer, was haunting the mansion in search of an old deed given to him by Sioux Indians that was supposedly in a box sealed in to the foundation. A deed that was never found. He published a book in 1979 called The Carver Effect about his communications with Caver through trances, dreams and Ouija board experiences.

After running in to similar problems as Ginger and Arnold, Bober plans to turn the mansion in to restaurant were eventually abandoned. The property reverted back to Mrs. Keefer once again. The house itself was completely abandoned in the 1980s. In  1986, three investors attempted to revive Summerwind but nature intervened. Lightning struck the mansion during a terrible storm in June 1988, burning it to the ground.

Was it haunted? We may never know if ghosts ever occupied Summerwind. Little of the house remains, but those who have made the journey through the woods believe it is. Summerwind is located on private property. I don't recommend you going there unless you obtain permission.


Summerwind Mansion History

New Renter

I decided to start renting out space on my blog every week. After posting the ad at BlogExplosion, I was a little surprised at the response (4 bids!). However, my policy is first come first serve. So, my very first renter is writer Jeremy Shipp from

His site displays cute web comics, contests, featured artists and other interesting information. So, check out his site and enjoy!

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The White Witch of Rose Hall

Born in France, Annie Palmer was a petite woman (barely 4 feet tall) who moved to the beautiful island of Jamaica. She was to marry a powerful man who owned Rose Hall and thousands of acres of sugar plantation. Little is known of her early days at Rose Hall. It is said that she pined greatly for the bright lights of Paris, and found life on the island to be a hardship.

Whatever the cause, Annie ruled with an iron fist. She was feared by the slaves who lived on and worked the plantation. Any defiance or even perceived insolence was answered with public whippings, torture in the dungeon, or even death. Annie started her day by stepping to the small balcony, and issuing the orders of the day to the assembled slaves in the yard. Her orders included punishments and executions.

Perhaps out of boredom, Annie started taking slaves to her bed. When she lavished her attentions on a slave, that man's days were numbered. After Annie grew tired of her lover, she would murder him and have him buried in an unmarked grave. We know little of her first husband, John Palmer, except that she murdered him in his bed as well. Perhaps he caught her in the act, or maybe she just tired of him too.

These were rather lawless times. The sudden death of the master of the estate seemed not to cause any investigation. Regardless, Annie cultivated the image of being a tough and merciless mistress, to keep her from appearing to be easy prey. These were difficult times to be a rich widow in a country frequented by pirates and the like. Annie found another way to remain independent and in control... Voodoo.

Many of the slaves were practitioners of the art. In order to curry favor and live longer, they taught Annie everything they knew about magic. This was to include sacrificing particularly infants whose bones she used in practicing the black magic. Soon Annie was known far and wide as "The White Witch of Jamaica". Her reputation for ruthlessness and magic powers kept her safe from those who would normally consider her a target. However, Annie found time and reason to marry two more husbands, which she eventually dispatched in a similar manner, acquiring their wealth in the process. It was assumed that they were foreigners, unacquainted with Annie's reputation on the island.

Annie's Overseer was a slave known to be quite a powerful Voodoo practitioner. A fact he managed to conceal from Annie, at risk to his own life. The Overseer had a daughter who was engaged to marry another handsome young slave on the plantation. Unfortunately, Annie's lustful eye fell upon the young man, and he was soon called upon to pleasure the mistress of the house. The Overseer knew what to expect, and began to make preparations to protect the young man from Annie's "disposable lover" policy.

However, Annie did not follow her usual pattern. She killed the young man that same night, instead of playing with him for a week or so. Perhaps he objected to her attentions and declared his love for another. Whatever the reason, the young man was dead. The Overseer's daughter was grief-stricken, while he was filled with helpless rage. Annie must die, at all costs.

A special grave was prepared in the woods, using Voodoo ritual and markings. The Overseer then entered the house, confronting the White Witch. He engaged her in magical and physical battle. He succeeded in killing her, but unfortunately, sacrificed his own life in the process. Slaves who were privy to the Overseer's plan entombed the body of the White Witch in the specially prepared grave. A grave designed to keep her from rising and walking the plantation again. They failed to complete the ritual properly, and the White Witch is said to roam the Great House to this day.

The spirit of Annie Palmer still haunts Rose Hall, along with a host of other spirits... presumably those of her victims.

According to local legend, the White Witch would seize any intruders in her home. Furthermore, she could still be seen at night riding on Rose Hall and Ironshore estates, wearing a green velvet dress, seated on a large black horse, and flaying with her whip anyone who got in her way. Annie is also said to manifest most frequently as a series of hurried foots steps heard walking through the main hall to the back entrance of the Great House. There are also stories of whispered voices in the dungeon, invisible footsteps on the stairs, and tapping on the walls. Some also claim to hear the cries of the babies she murdered, as well as old, old music as if from a long ago ball.

The Great Hall fell into ruin over the course of 200 years, until it was purchased by a developer who built the Ritz-Carlton hotel on the grounds, and devoted considerable personal expense in renovating the old plantation house. As usual, with renovations comes ghostly phenomena. Workmen reported tools being moved or hidden, only to reappear exactly where they were originally left... or more mysteriously, deposited in a place normally inaccessible. Some reported answering to someone calling their name, only to find that they were alone or out of earshot of anyone else. Newly refinished floors would become marred overnight, with what looked like old blood stains. Soon, most of the workforce was from off-island.

Eventually, the place was completed and furnished. Few of the items from the original house were recoverable. Although, there were several miraculous exceptions, including a few paintings and one old mirror. The mirror has come to play an important role in the Hauntings at Rose Hall. A person appears in the mirror when some photos are taken. It stands out as being truly eerie and hard to explain.

The Rose Hall Great House is now a museum.
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