Blog Announcement

It has come to my attention the commenting system I've used for several years, Haloscan, is shutting down. I want to reassure everyone that your comments have been exported and saved. The problem is on Feb. 11th, or rather before, they won't be visible on the site.

Unless you have a better suggestion, the only course of action I know to take is to switch over to Blogger comments and manually add your comments to each post. Seeing as there are over a 1,000 of them, it'll be a daunting task. As I said, I'm open to any suggestions to make the transition easier and faster but in the meantime, please bare with me. I'll keep you updated on this crisis. Thanks!


Kevin said…
Sorry to hear Haloscan is shutting down. Y0u could use Blogger's own comment system, but would be a good option. I've been using Disqus on many of my own blogs and found it a great way to manage comments. Especially for spam.
Andrea Allison said…
Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll stick with Blogger comments just to make sure I don't have to do this all over again.

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