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Reader Submission - The Old Jail in St. Augustine

St. Augustine’s Paranormal Places: What’s Locked Up in the Old Jail?

The Old Jail in St. Augustine, Florida is listed on the Florida and National Register of Haunted Places. The Old Jail’s paranormal past has been featured on The Today Show, the Syfy Channel and the Travel Channel. These supernatural occurrences include loud banging noises, light orbs, sudden chills and even sightings of moving shadows and apparitions. The history of the jail is sordid and scary, so many tourists and locals flock to the site to experience the haunted tales firsthand.

Henry Flagler, a key industrialist in Florida, built the structure in 1891. The same construction company would later go on to build the infamous Alcatraz prison. During its time as a jail, conditions for prisoners were notoriously inhumane, with poor diets and sanitation. The maximum security area housed the most dangerous criminals, and a total of 8 men were hung from the jail’s gallows. All of the violence and death led to many angry spirits haunting the grounds, which may be why strange odors and supernatural occurrences persist in the Old Jail even during the day.

Presently, the Old Jail is only accessible by guided tour. During a visit to the Old Jail and Museums, you’ll see the restored facilities, weaponry displays and even a visual account of the 8 infamous gallows deaths. For those who desire a bit more than a guided tour, Old Town Trolley Tours and 2Ghouls partnered up in the spring of 2013 to offer overnight paranormal investigations of the jail. The unique tour allows you to hunt for ghosts and spirits inside the registered haunted site, which is a one-of-a-kind but spooky experience for any fans of ghosts and the occult.

During my tour, about twenty ghost hunters gathered for three hours in the Old Jail. Being in such a small group was great because everyone was able to get individual attention and assistance from our guides. Ghost hunters on the tour can even use real ghost-hunting equipment including EMF detectors, field matrix scanners and camcorders. Using these authentic tools was a perfect combination of thrilling and educational, and some of my fellow ghost hunters were able to capture pictures of spooky orbs and even feel the presence of apparitions.

Ideal for both beginners and more advanced paranormal investigators, this opportunity to experience ghoulish activity shouldn’t be missed during a trip to St. Augustine. I would definitely go again. For more information about the Old Jail and Paranormal Investigations Tour, visit

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Hendel House

In 1877, the original house was built in Reading, Pennsylvania. Charles W. Hendel, a financier and owner of the Charles W. Hendel hat manufacturing company, enlarged the Victorian mansion. He hired the Muhlenburg Brothers Architects of Reading to turn the structure in to a spacious Queen Anne style family home, popular during that time period.

Adelaide K. Hendel was the last of the Hendel family to live in the house. It was transformed in to a Lutheran church from 1949 to 1999. In 2000, a Marjorie Hendel-Perject "donated" the house to the Historical Society of Berks County in an effort to preserve the structure in honor of her grandfather Charles Hendel. It has since been used as office space, meetings, a space for events and storage.

Hendel House is also believed to be haunted. A male spirit known as "Mr. Whitman" has been seen throughout the home and he may not be alone. Witnesses have also encountered a little girl and various other entities. 

You have a chance to investigate it for yourself. S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal is organizing an event at Hendel House scheduled for September 21, 2013. For $60 per person, you get a mini history presentation from a person of the historical society, food (pizza, snacks, desserts and water (included in the cost)), and a 7 hour investigation of the location. Spots are limited. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Hendel House


Mountain Monsters a Hit??

Graphic by Destination America

Has Destination America found its hit paranormal series with Mountain Monsters? An order for a second season says possibly.

A group of hardcore hunters and trappers called The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) based out of West Virginia use their expertise in attempt to catch elusive supernatural beasts. Will they be successful where others have failed? Unlikely, but viewers will tune in to watch them try.

When I first switched Mountain Monsters on, m initial reaction was "Oh, no. Not another Deep South Paranormal disaster". I was surprised to find it wasn't a total waste of time. They talk to witnesses, view evidence, use a combination of cameras, homemade traps and years of hunting/trapping knowledge to track their supernatural prey.

White it's not completely terrible, Mountain Monsters isn't going to revolutionize the paranormal world. Allegations of fabrications have already began to make the rounds. Why do people continue to expect 100% reality from reality TV? Fake or not, Mountain Monsters will likely generate a decent amount of viewers until they lose interest in the team coming up empty-handed every episode.

Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality

Earlier today, Lemon Press Publishing released crime novelist Mitchell Nevin's latest novel that touches on matters of law and justice, psychic phenomena, criminal investigations, and personal redemption.

In Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality, a handful of colorful characters -- a well-liked college baseball prankster, a disgraced Chicago police sergeant, and a folksy Twin Cities identify thief -- devise a plan to market a member of the trio's clairvoyant abilities. During this venture, the lines between deception and reality blur as the motivation for monetary gain clashes with conscience and personal responsibility.

Psy Rep CoverPurported psychics use their talents to provide a service and earn an income. In this particular line of work, scammers abound like thieves in the night. To realists, a psychic reading is a pricey form of entertainment. To those in search of inner peace, however, the hopes of bringing a loved one's killer to justice or communicating with a relative on 'the other side' can make them an easy mark for brazen charlatans.

Yet a handful of creditable sleuths believe some middle-ground exists. In the 1930s, Arthur Price Roberts, a man with "strange talents," led detectives to victims of foul play and correctly predicted a series of bombings that shook Milwaukee to its core.

Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality navigates this gray area, the shadowy expanse occupied by serial killers, cold-blooded terrorists, challenged detectives, troubled loved ones, and one gifted young man's quest to reclaim his tattered reputation.

Available now at and Barnes & Noble.

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Reader Submission - H. Annie Marshall (Violin Annie)

Annie 2
From the personal blog ( of JeanNicole Rivers:
Recently, I visited my hometown of Centralia, IL. While visiting gravesites of relatives with my grandma Bunny and great grandma Joyce I got to meet Harriet. Annie Marshall. Annie was the daughter of the town doctor; she died in 1890 at the age of 11. Her mother and father were so crushed by her death that they memorialized her with a grand tombstone featuring a life-sized sculpture of Annie holding her beloved violin. As we cruised through the cemetery on the rocky paths my grandma pointed Annie out and told a haunting tale.
Annie 3
“Every evening just as the sun sinks below the horizon leaving Centralia in the dusty shadows of twilight H. Annie Marshall begins to play her violin for exactly one hour in order to soothe the souls of the dead and the damned, keeping them from raging up out of their rotted coffins in the night and taking to the narrow streets of the time-forgotten town. Before her death, Annie volunteered regularly at the local asylum playing beautiful songs to calm the tortured souls. It was said that the only time when the residents of Centralia weren’t haunted by the violent screams of the patients at the asylum was during the hour of the day when Annie was there sedating them with the sounds of her beautiful instrument. And everyone knows that all living souls should stay far away from Elmwood Cemetery at dusk else you take the chance of hearing the sad song of Violin Annie’s strings and if you are unfortunate enough to actually hear one of her torrid tunes your days are numbered to a very few that will drive you mad, dragging you to a tortured death and burial in Elmwood Cemetery where she will play for your wretched soul for all eternity.”
Annie 4
Is my grandma creepy or what?
…Ok, so it didn’t happen exactly like that and the local legend and history are a little different (mostly on the pertinent facts, but who’s checking?).
My factual research confirms that at the age of 11 H. Annie Marshall who was the beloved daughter of Dr. W. Scott Marshall died from diphtheria. Local legend is sparse and tells me only what my grandma did that evening in the cemetery, that Violin Annie can be heard playing her instrument at night. There is no local asylum and never was to my knowledge despite the fact that my family makes up a large percentage of the population of Centralia and we are as my great grandma would say, “crazier than two pet coons” and no, I’m not quite sure what that means. Truth of the matter is Centralia is a great little town with a proud paranormal free history, but hell, what’s a small town without a decent ghost story.
Tell me about some of your personal hometown/homemade hauntings and ghost stories.
JeanNicole Rivers
Author of Black Water Tales: The Secret Keepers (

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