Edna Collings Bridge

Edna Collings Bridge also known as Edna Collins Bridge was built in 1922 over Little Walnut Creek. It was the last covered bridge built in Putnam County, Indiana replacing a concrete bridge washed out in high waters. And it's believed to be haunted.

The most common story is Edna Collins was a little girl who went swimming in Little Walnut Creek often as she lived nearby. Her parents would drop her off on their way to town. When they returned, they would honk the horn three times to let her know it was time to leave. One day, her parents followed their usual routine except this time Edna failed to respond. Upon searching the creek, she was found dead (allegedly by her father), having drown. Circumstances concerning her death unknown.

Variations of this story has her mother following her in death. Grieving over lost of her child, her mother placed a noose around her neck and hung herself. Another piece has her father being the one who built the bridge and named it after his daughter.

The routine you must follow to see the spirit of Edna begins with driving on to the bridge. You then turn off your engine and proceed to honk three times. If you follow all three steps, Edna is suppose to appear and try to get in the car with you. Some witnesses have found child size hand prints on their cars and heard the laughter of a little girl nearby the bridge.

If you want an encounter with her mother, you're suppose to take a piece of the noose that is supposedly hanging from the sign of a nearby church. Then, you take this piece of rope to the bridge. Completing this ritual will summon her mother's final act in life. You will see her hanging from the noose.

Some witnesses have reported seeing a shadowy figure on the bridge as well.


Putnam Library

The Examiner

The Force

Indiana Ghost Detectives


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The Story Edna Collings Bridge It is said that sometime in the early 1920's a little girl would swim in the stream, which the bridge crosses.
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