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Harry Price

Harry Price was considered one of the most influential figures in the formative years of ghost research. He was a highly charismatic personality whose energy and enthusiasm for the paranormal made him the first celebrity ghost hunter. Price was instrumental in bringing ghost research to the general public. He felt that only by making the research entertaining could he attract the attention of the masses. Because of this, after his death in 1948, jealous "colleagues" would attack not only Price's research, but the man himself, tainting his reputation for years to come.

Price was regarded as an embarrassment during his time. Despite more recent work supporting his claims and methods, many British researchers still regard Price as something of an enigma. Price made a number of enemies within the psychic research field, especially within the Society of Psychical Research (SPR) due to his flamboyant manner and continuous self-promotion. Price was a skilled magician and an expe…

We have a Winner!!

The winner of the Ghost Stories Flash Fiction Contest is Kindra Coates. I decided to combine the prizes into a "prize pack". She will receive A Ghost Hunters Season One DVD, T-shirt and key chain. Special thanks goes to New Media Strategies for sponsoring the contest. The winning story is below. Congratulations, Kindra!"The Gingerbread Girl"By: Kindra Coates

"Momma?" The little girl's voice had started in the empty corner of the living room. "Momma?" A pause as if the little invisible girl was drawing in breath to make a louder cry, but instead there was a chocking sob. "Momma." The crying moved from the living room down the hall.

And I was alone in our big, new-to-us, fixer-upper house. The grandkids were at their homes in their beds. Still I searched all three floors of our Victorian rescue, even though I knew there was no way a neighbor's child wandered over.

Every window blazed with light by the time Thomas and Little Tom retu…

Your Chance to Win Ghost Hunters Merchandise

Ghost Stories Flash Fiction Contest
For over a year, I have posted tales of allegedly "true" ghostly tales. Now, it is your turn to tell me one. I am looking for the most believable "fake" ghost story you can write. The story that literally sends chills up my spine and makes me need a night light to sleep at night. Use the stories posted here and/or past Ghost Hunters' episodes to help inspire you.

FIRST PLACE: Winner receives Ghost Hunters Season one DVD & publication on Ghost Stories.
SECOND PLACE: Winner receives Ghost Hunters T-shirt & publication on Ghost Stories.
THIRD PLACE: Winner receives Ghost Hunters Keychain & publication on Ghost Stories.
Guidelines Stories must be 200 to 500 words long. Your story does not have to be set in a residence but if you choose to use a well-known haunted location, please do your homework first. I know your story is suppose to be fiction. However, if you are going to use a real place then you should know what…

"Alien Head" X-Ray Set to be Auctioned off on eBay

The International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia, California discovered an unusual image when viewing the x-ray of a rescued duck. The duck came in with a broken wing, but when Marie Travers, assistant manager of the center, radiographed the duck, she was stunned to see a very clear image of what appeared to be the face, or head, of an extraterrestrial alien in the bird's stomach. It was never determined as to what caused the alien face but they are still awaiting the results of a necropsy.

Unfortunately, the duck died quickly and quietly from its injuries. Either way, the center has decided to use their unusual discovery to help raise money. The x-ray will be auctioned off on eBay. The one-of-a-kind image will be sold along with a certificate of authenticity. All proceeds will go toward funding the center's rehabilitation programs.

The auction has begun and the current bid stands at $4,699.99. Then auction ends on June 4, 2006 at 15:00:00 PDT.