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Sneak Peek Tuesday - Haunted Collector/School Spirits

John and the team investigate an 8-sided plantation/Civil War hospital-turned-museum in Kentucky. Watch this all new episode on Wednesday 9/8c. It's the season finale already. Did you like the new series? Think it'll be picked up for a second season? On Wednesday, fraternity brothers at Slippery Rock University share their house with the unsettling spirit of a local Native American. School Spirits Season Finale at 10/9c.

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Destination Truth/Haunted Highway

The team comes face to face with ghosts in one of the world’s most spectacular ruins. Watch an all new episode tonight at 9/8c. Hit the road with Jael, Devin, Jack and Dana as they investigate a Louisiana swamp legend and more. Will they find the Swamp Woman? Check out an all new episode tonight at 10/9c.

Reader Submission - Cleaning A Haunted House Pt. 3

The following is the third and final installment of this story from Lori Zaremba: Cleaning A Haunted House... Wayne's Turn Part 3 This story is for all the gentle people who are more attuned to the spirit world, who have seen, felt and reveled in the knowledge that there is life after death and we are privileged to have had these wonderful if not sometime frightening experiences. This story is for the same people who live among mortals who just don't get us at all. I am married to Wayne, a wonderful man who at times has looked at me as if I had taken a liking to drinking out of strange toilets. I would tell him about my experiences at the haunted house and he would laugh and say "that's nice dear" like I was telling him about what's for dinner. I would always say to him "next time I am taking you with me" and he would say "never!" Well as fate would have it "never" came about a month later with a big change in our financia

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Haunted Collector/School Spirits

Watch a sneak peek of the next all-new episode of Haunted Collector, Wednesday at 9/8c. A ghostly visitor sends an urgent warning to a pair of best friends at Eastern Kentucky University.

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Destination Truth/Haunted Highway

The team traverses across Kazakhstan to investigate sightings of a crashed alien spacecraft, tonight at 9/8c. Hellish hounds and a southern skin stealer are in the teams sights. Watch a sneak peek of the next all-new episode of Haunted Highway, airing tonight at 10/9c.

Reader Submission - Effect of Out of Body Experience in Ones Life

The following article was submitted by Amy: What is an out of body experience is the one question that has most drastically changed my life! Let me start by saying that I am not that person that goes out and must ride every new roller coaster or takes backpacking trips across contents or engages in any type of sport with the word ‘extreme’ in it. So when a friend told be about her out of body experience it really did not sound like anything I would ever want to do. In fact I secretly thought she was crazy, especially when she told me she was going to actually try, give concerted time and effort to the act of creating that experience again. It is not that I am a control freak, but the thought of my spirit leaving my body basically terrified me. Why would I want to go floating around in the ether when I have a perfectly safe, comfy, warm bed right here at home!? Also, I had no interest in coming back to my body after a nice little spiritual journey, only to find that some other

Reader Submission - Cleaning A Haunted House Pt. 2

The following is part two in a three part series from Lori Zaremba: Cleaning A Haunted House.. What I Do For Money Part 2 Where do ghost go? Do they take naps, walks, vacations? That's what I was asking myself when I would go to the haunted house week after week, month after month without a visit from my friend. Every once in a while I would hear the occasional door slam somewhere off in the distance or I would pick up that rubber ball that would find its way to a new location in the house. I could tell immediately when I would arrive at the house each week that my buddy was not in residence. I even started asking my sister C.J who helps me at the house every other week if she had noticed anything. No, nothing. That had been her answer through the whole thing, when I was seeing full body apparitions and being locked out of the house as well as hearing voices, she noticed nothing. Well, something got her attention. It was pouring the day we went to clean the house. Lightnin

Reader Submission - Cleaning A Haunted House Pt.1

The following is the first part in a three part series from reader Lori Zaremba: Cleaning A Haunted House..What I do For Money Part 1 My name is Lori and I own a small cleaning service in the Pittsburgh area. I have 22 customers and 2 employees C.J. And Marie. I am writing this story about one house in particular, yes the haunted one. Before I begin I would like to tell all you non believers of the paranormal to chill out, I am not looking for ghosties they just show up. In the past if I saw something or heard a misplaced noise I would pass it off as whatever, now I am paying a little more attention. In June of 2008 I got my first customer in a very nice neighborhood with all new houses (economy is not effecting this hood). From that customer I was able to get 2 other houses. One was a couple with 2 dogs and the other was a family with 3 little girls. All was great. When we first started cleaning these homes all three of us would go together. The house with the family is qui

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Haunted Highway/Destination Truth/Paranormal Wtiness

The team investigates the Darkman in Standing Rock, South Dakota. Josh Gates continues his exploration for answers to the unexplained. New season premieres tonight! TV’s scariest show Paranormal Witness returns for a new season, August 8th!

Reader Submission - I am a Ghost Magnet

The following story was submitted by Lori Zaremba: Some women attract men, some attract riches and some attract trouble. I on the other hand seem to attract ghosts. When I was a little kid my Jitney bus driver (yes I rode the short bus) departed this earth and came to me in my dream to tell me that she wouldn't be able to take me to school anymore. Imagine my mother's surprise when I told her about the dream and 5 minutes later the phone rings with the official news from the school that Mrs Clements had passed away in her sleep. All my life I have seen, heard and felt things that had me thinking either I was concussed or perhaps in some way I had a gift. I'm not talking about The Ghost whisperer where Melinda carries on conversations with full body apparitions. I'm talking more like in the moments of my darkest despair, I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder, I hear a giggle when I do something stupid or amusing, I see a young man chasing my dog through the house,

Fourth of July Myths

What better way to celebrate the fourth than revealing the truth of some common American independence myths: 1.) Independence Was Declared on the Fourth of July. Wrong! Independence was declared by the Continental Congress on July 2, 1776. This is the day according to a letter written by John Adams to his wife Abigail that "will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival." So, why do we celebrate the fourth? First of all, the Declaration of Independence was adopted on the fourth which is indicated on the document itself. It is believed that is where some of the confusion lies. Basically, the day the document was announced has overshadowed the event itself. Americans first celebrated independence on July 8th with a big party including a parade and firing of guns in Philadelphia. Secondly, to add to the confusion, a scholar in the nineteenth century came across the letter mentioned above and quietly "corrected" it. So, Adams fes