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Hanoverville Roadhouse

The main colonial-style structure was built around 1825. The rich soil and abundance of rain in this area of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania made it the perfect spot for a farmhouse. However, perhaps the location made it perfect for a lot of things. In 1837, the building was turned in to a hotel, general store, and post office complete with a stagecoach stop. The business remained the same through the Civil War. Despite changing hands, the bar always remained open. When the 1930s rolled in, it transformed in to a restaurant, bar and hunting lodge. It gained a reputation as a family establishment during the '40s and '50s. A decade or so later, the building went through some construction. First floor walls were removed. A stage and two bars were built. Canned Heat from Woodstock fame and Tiny Tim both performed at the Roadhouse. The Hanoverville Roadhouse may be known as a great place to take the family, but is it haunted? Many believe so. Most of the activity centers around a little

Tevennec Lighthouse

Would you spend two months in a lighthouse with a reputation of driving people insane? One man took on the challenge to raise awareness for Tevennec Lighthouse in hopes of restoring it but after one failed attempt, not sure if he has completed his task much less kept his sanity while doing it. Tevennec Lighthouse is located in the Raz de Sein strait off the coast of Brittany, France. It was built in 1871 and first lit in 1875. The first keeper Henri Guezennec couldn't handle the long periods of time alone and succumbed to madness. He claimed he heard voices shouting to him to leave. Considering the Tevennec had a dark reputation prior to the lighthouse being built, perhaps he did hear voices. Tevennec was a place where the dead was taken, well according to folklore that is. It was also the place where the mythical Ankou, the Breton grim reaper, supposedly resided. Such stories were fueled by the fact that if you had a boat with no engine, you would be automatically taken to Tev