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Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters/Face Off

In Ghost Hunters, TAPS takes their cameras under water in Tennessee to search a graveyard that’s said to be cursed by a fallen Indian Chief. Jason and Grant are seen traveling by boat to a mausoleum the Indian Chief is said to cause disturbance. The team places their camera in a water proof container and gets as close to entrance as possible when all of a sudden to see something pop out from down under. Watch the all new sneak peek and tune in to a new episode Wednesday, January 25th 8/9c to find out what it could be!   In Face Off, the competition heats up as the final 12 contestants vie for rock album cover at immorality. While some are well on their way to finishing their pieces, Tara and Brea face some unexpected challenges with theirs. With only a few minutes left on the clock, these contestants are left having to think fast about how to handle their situations. Watch the all new sneak peek and tune in to a new episode Wednesday, January 25th at 10/9c to find out

GS Question of the Week

What does Venefica mean in Latin?

Intertwined: Based on a True Story

These are the first few paragraphs of my book, Intertwined: Based on a True Story . The facts stated in these paragraphs truly happened to me. Sometimes you have no choice but to believe. Jules V. Ness  I woke with such a start that my body had automatically bolted itself into an upright position. For some reason, unknown to me, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was being observed. Even though my eyes were still blurry from sleep and not quite cooperating, I frantically searched the immediate area surrounding my bed. I felt a sudden stab in my gut as I realized someone truly was there, standing at the very foot of my bed. I flung my hand out sideways in the darkness towards my bedside table. I was desperately searching for my eyeglasses that I had left lying there just a few hours earlier. Without them or my contact lenses, what I thought I was visualizing as a person could easily have been my bathrobe dangling innocently from the six foot tall post at the end of my bed.

Naples Hotel

Dubbed "The Finest Brick Hotel in Ontario County", The Naples Hotel was built in 1895 by Jeff. R. Brown. The Federal style building five bricks thick walls, three stories, Victorian Dining Rooms, a tap room and bar area, antique claw foot bathtubs, bay windows and five available rooms (Delaware, Catawba, Sake, Cabernet and Niagara). The hotel is known for its fine dining and accommodations as well as a few famous visitors. Back when Senator Robert Kennedy was the U. S. Attorney General, he made a visit to Naples, New York and gave a speech from the front porch of the Naples Hotel. Another well known visitor was radio News Commentator Paul Harvey. One possible former guest is making a name for himself....from the afterlife. In the 1920s, a man supposedly hung himself on the third floor. Named after a character in a '30s or '40s movie, "Topper" is believed to haunt the hotel. During TAPS investigation, they were unable to verify "Topper's" ex

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters/Face Off/Being Human

  In Ghost Hunters, Adam and Brit investigate the basement of Naples Hotel to see if they can hear voices from Topper, the alleged boy who hung himself in the hotel. The team moves around the basement looking for signs of movement and if they can hear noises coming from the boy. They position themselves at the bar and proceed to direct questions to Topper, when all of a sudden they hear what appears to be silverware dropping on the floor. Tune-in to an all new episode of Ghost Hunters next Wednesday, January 18th at 9/8c!   In Face Off, the action goes aquatic as the contestants are tasked with creating makeups that can get wet. We see our contestants in teams once again and tempers flare up when Becky realizes that Miranda just might not be as experienced as she thought. Her frustrations get worse once Miranda starts getting aggressive as a result of Becky’s rude remarks. Catch an all new episode of Face Off next Wednesday, January 18th at 10/9c to see who

GS Question of the Week

Phantoms and Monsters found a story about a man who allegedly vanished in 1876 and reappeared in 1950. Do you think time travel is a real possibility?

Reader Submission - A Skeptic’s Journey Through Grief

A story submitted by Eisa Medhus, M.D.: As a physician with a strong science background, I used to regard all things spiritual with a jaded eye—until the recent suicide of my young son, Erik. Since then, my life has been cleaved into two parts: The Before and The After, The Bliss and The Dark Despair. Everyone deals with grief differently. I heal best by journaling my thoughts in a way that helps others. So once I was able to wipe away my tears and crawl out of bed, I began to write a blog: . At first, I shared my grief, pouring my broken heart onto every page. I thought my son had been ripped from my arms forever, but soon, Erik began to challenge that belief by making his presence known to friends and family through smells, touch, apparitions, conversation, and mischievous pranks. These events defied explanation. After all, science taught me that the soul does not survive death and that nonsensical notions like clairvoyance, the afterlife, and reincarnation

13 Facts About the Number 13

Since today is Friday the 13th, I figure why not learn a few facts about the "unlucky" number 13. Those who believe on this day that something bad will befall on them more likely will manifest an event of that type. Therefore, if you believe you will have bad lucky today then you will. But have you ever thought about how the number 13 affects our culture past and present. 1. There are 13 months in the pagan lunar calendar. 2. More than 80 percent of high-rises lack a 13th floor. 3. 13 turns make a traditional hangman's noose. Anything less would not complete the execution. 4. Airplanes have no 13th seat and airports skip the 13th gate. 5. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13. 6. Italians omit the number 13 from their national lottery. 7. On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12 and a half. 8. Many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue 9. In France, socialites known as the quato

Sneek Peak Tuesday - Ghost Hunters

  The entire team of Ghost Hunters are featured in this very special 9 minute promo to bring you clips from the upcoming season and provide a up close look into their favorite investigations and the evidence that they've accumulated over the years. Don't worry - it will scare you! The much anticipated return of Ghost Hunters premieres Wednesday, January 11th on Syfy!

GS Question of the Week

In America, we have Bloody Mary. Japanese high schools have a similar ghost. What is her name and what does she do if you provoke her?