Seance Reached John Lennon?

According to an article by Reuters, a controversial television séance will air on Monday, claiming they reached the spirit of John Lennon. However, if you want to know what he has to say, you'll have to come up with $9.95. The show is being filmed at his famous restaurant in New York, La Fortuna.

The special was first organized in 2003 in hopes of contacting Princess Diana. Despite the bad reviews and the failure to find Diana, the show still grossed $8 million. With The Spirit of John Lennon, producers are hoping to lure in the fans of such programs as "Ghost Whisperer" and "Medium".

One of the program features is an EVP that is said to be the voice of the Lennon. On the show, filming stops and a narrator says something odd has happened. They then claim that a mysterious voice can be heard on the voice feed of one of the psychics. Sandra Belanger, an EVP specialist, then comes in and claims it is the real deal, saying it is a Class A EVP and the voice sounds like how Lennon would have talked.

The program, The Spirit of John Lennon, is being done without the consent of his estate or Yoko Ono, who refuses to comment. Many of his friends and family claim it is way to profit from his assassination 25 years ago. Long time friend and spokesman, Elliot Mintz said, "A pay-per-view was never his style."

Do you think they are trying to profit from John Lennon's death? Do you plan to watch the program?


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