It Continues

Some people have gone through great links to prove how fake TAPS is. I talk about the show quite a bit on Ghost Stories. But here's the thing. It's a TV show.

I can understand how loyal fans could feel so deceived by suspicion of faking evidence. but it's a TV show. Strike that. It's a reality TV show. If you thought you were going to get "real" from reality TV, you were wrong.

TAPS signed on for this. Like any TV show, they or Sci-Fi has to do what they have to do to keep ratings up. I don't know if all the evidence people are pointing out as fake are truly that. I don't know if TAPS are fabricating evidence. I doubt that is something they would come out and admit unless forced to confess the truth.

I watch the show because it's entertaining. From all the other paranormal shows I have to choose from, I'd rather watch this one. They at least show the appearance of professionalism and aren't running around screaming or offering their best buds as ghost sacrifices. I don't support faking evidence, but like I said. It's TV. You get what you get.


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