White Dogs of Marley Woods

From the title, I'm sure you're scratching your head asking yourself "What could be so strange about a couple of white dogs". They haven't been classified as dogs per se. Eye witness accounts describes these creatures as "large, white, and dog-like".

In 2008, a man spotted this creatures about 800 feet away. At that distance, some may question his ability to describe them accurately. How did he know they looked like dogs? Or, that they appeared to be in the 200 lb category? According to the eye witness, they were large enough for him to fear the safety of his cattle. He grabbed his rifle and wounded one of the "white dogs". The dog turned red but didn't react like a wounded animal and no blood was found in that area. A couple of days later, his daughter saw the dogs on her property but said there was no blood or evidence it had ever been shot.

From September to December, several other people have seen the "white dogs". The only physical evidence found were clumps of white hair. These hairs were sent to a microbiologist. Preliminary results have not been able to match the hair with any known laboratory animal including some variety of dogs.

What could these animals be? The Center for Physical Trace Research Special Investigations Unit are continuing to investigate the matter. Marley Woods is no stranger to abnormal sightings. Amber lights and UFOs have been sighted in this area. Do you think the three could be connected? Or is Missouri's Marley Woods a hot spot for unexplained phenomena?


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