Three-Legged Lady Road

Upon researching this Columbus, Mississippi road, I found myself believing the stories to be false. Why? Because there are so many of them. Variations in a legend are fairly expected. With the legend of the three-legged lady, I uncovered very few consistencies. However, the unexplained phenomena taking place on this road could have one wondering what is really going on. We must start with the tales about the three-legged lady.

One story begins with a girl living with her mother. One day she was run over by a car, losing a leg and supposedly her mother sewed her daughters leg back on. Now if you knock on the church (that doesn't exist anymore) door 3 times she'll chase you. Don't look backwards until you go around the next curve (where the gate is) or she'll open the gate, you'll drive out into the field and she'll kill you. (The knocking on the church door three times and the lady chasing you seems to be a consistency even though the back story isn't.)

Another story talks about a poor farmer and his housewife who lived on Nash Road a.k.a. Three-Legged Lady Road. The housewife had an affair with a civil war veteran, and of course, the farmer found out. The farmer killed the veteran, and drug his body down Nash Road and over the bridge. In the process, the veteran's leg was torn off on the bridge. The housewife found his leg after the funeral, and stitched it onto her own body. She then went crazy, killed the farmer, and committed suicide. She now walks up and down Nash Road, and haunts the church (which isn't there anymore) that the funeral took place in.

A third story talks of a here was a woman and her husband who lived on Nash Rd. She loved her husband dearly and devoted her entire life to him until she discovered one day that he was cheating on her. She killed him and chopped him up into bits. Then sewed his leg onto her hip so he would always stay with her, and buried the rest of his body in the cemetery down that road. The church found out and accused her of murder and threatened to turn her in (because having a third leg attached to her and a husband who mysteriously disappeared wouldn't have been enough to cause suspicion). So one day during Sunday mass, she locked everyone inside the church then lit it on fire! The remains of the dead are scattered up and down the road. She has never been seen since. Rumor is that she will kill anyone who walks on the church grounds and threatens to tell her secret.

Finally, there was allegedly a girl named Rose who was kidnapped and dismembered possibly sacrificed by satanists in the woods surrounding the road. Her mother is seen walking up and down the road, searching the area for the rest of her daughter. She is seen carrying the only part of her daughter she found, a leg. A variation of this story has the mother sewing her daughter's leg on to her own body as a way to be closer to her child.

These are only but a few of the stories told about this road. It's uncertain which one if any has a degree of truth to it. With there being so many, it doesn't help to describe why odd things are happening on the road. There are rituals of knocking on the church door which doesn't exist anymore three times or stopping on the road and flashing your headlights to entice her. Some people have allegedly found handprints on the back of their car after an encounter. Some eyewitnesses claim to have actually seen a woman with three legs or heard the whispers of a female on Nash Rd. Others could hear her fists ramming in to the side of their cars in attempts to run them off the road and even later found mysterious dents.

Whether or not there is any truth to the three-legged lady, people are experiencing something unexplainable on that road. To interact with those familiar with this stretch of dirt and gravel or see pictures, check out its Facebook page at


Jennae said…
Wow! And I thought I have heard all the weird legends out there. Thanks for this new one! I am going to look into this one too!
Anonymous said…
There actually is a building still standing on the right hand side of the road (if you've entered down by The Lock and Damn) and it is creepy as heck! I've been down three-legged lady road a couple of times and I myself have never heard the real story. However, weird things do and have happened down three-legged lady road! Whether you go in daylight or at night, the atmosphere is still the same!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I lived in Aberdeen, MS - about 30 miles north of Columbus - during the late 1960s.

The way we (kids) heard the story, it was a six-legged woman who was chasing cars on dark, lonely backroads around the area. There was little in the way of a back story, she was just a demonic entity that you didn't want to let catch up to you.

I suspect this story was created by fed-up parents to keep their kids in line. "Don't you sass me, boy, or the six-legged woman's going to get you!"
Maria Ryan said…
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Anonymous said…
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