GS Question of the Week

How do you think an underwater paranormal investigation should be conducted?


Anonymous said…
I have always wondered how one would go about doing that. I'm sure a lot of shipwrecks are haunted and I'd love to see someone investigate them.
Pangs said…
I think the DT folks did what they could. Without having any clear idea of how to attack it, some trial and error might result in best practices regarding reduced noise interference and the like.

Something to track large fish from above. Maybe a camera looking down over the top as well. I would also advocate a lengthy amount of audio recording to see what patterns might emerge and could be attributed to natural things. It's obviously a lot harder to define things underwater that would equate to noises like house settling, wind and the like that we understand so readily in a more typical investigation.
Anonymous said…
In SCOOBY gear.

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