Lorelei Inn

In Green Bay, Wisconsin and looking for some good German food? Lorelei Inn may be the place for you. Built in 1926, this restaurant was named after a woman in Germanic folklore named Lorelei. She falsely accused of bewitching men but was soon pardoned. Unfortunately her victory would be short lived. She climbed a rock looking for her unfaithful lover, slipped and fell to her death.

Lorelei Inn has only been owned by two families and doesn't have a seedy past. However, it is believed to be haunted by several spirits. Footsteps have been heard in the upstairs area. One of the spirits believed to haunting this restaurant is a former owner named Leonard Hack. He supposedly hangs out at his once favorite place, the bar. Many have felt his presence there as well as smelled cigarette smoke. He is also believed to visit the basement area where the office is located.

Objects move around on their own, sometimes pots fall off hooks. The TV turns on by itself. There's also a haunted table in a corner where diners have gotten strange feelings and have asked to be moved to another table.

Give the Lorelei Inn a visit if you want some ghosts with your meal.



Lorelei Inn

Haunted Green Bay by: Timothy Freiss


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