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My Apologies

I'm sorry for the lack of posts for the last few weeks. I've been finalizing details on the next contest here. You all will get a chance to win some Ghost Hunter merchandise. I'll have all the information posted on Sunday. Check back then.

Romania gives Dracula's Castle back to Owners

BUCHAREST, Romania - The Romanian government will return the country's most popular tourist sites, the fabled Dracula Castleto its former owner after seizing more than 60 years ago. The castle is worth an estimated $25 million and was owned by the late Queen Marie who bequeathed it to her daughter Princess Ileana in 1938. It was confiscated by communists in 1948 and fell into disrepair. It will be transferred on Friday to Dominic van Hapsburg, a New York architect who inherited the castle from Princess Ileana decades after the communists seized it.Van Hapsburg is a descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty which ruled Romania for a period starting in the late 17th century.The hand-over ceremony will take place Friday at noon in the 14th century castle's museum deep within the fortress in Transylvania, minister Adrian Iorgulescu said.Restoration work began in the late 1980s and was partially completed in 1993. It is now one of Romania's top tourist destinations. Under the agreemen…

Dover Demon

The last thing a 17 year old Bill Bartlett expected to see when driving with two friends through Dover, Massachusetts, at around 10:30 PM on April 21, 1977 was a creature from another dimension. Yet that is what he may have done, at least in the opinion of some investigators-and judging from Bill's description of what he saw, they could have a point!

Driving along, his car's headlights suddenly illuminated a peculiar entity picking its way along a stone wall at the side of the road. As can be seen from the picture that Bill later prepared, which is reproduced here, the creature had a disproportionately large head, shaped like a water melon, with two big, protruding eyes that glowed orange, but it did not seem to have a mouth, nose or ears. Its body was small, its neck and limbs were long and thin, and its fingers and toes were slender and supple. The creature appeared to be hairless, but it's peach-colored skin was rough in texture. It stood about 1 meter (3-4 feet) high,…

Lookout Hannibal Lector. There's a new cannibal in town.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A German cannibal whose killing and eating of a willing victim shocked the nation received a life sentence for murder on Tuesday after a court overturned a previous manslaughter conviction. He's not in this town but I feel for those who live in Frankfurt.

Judge Klaus Drescher threw out the defense team's argument that Armin Meiwes had acted on his victim's request to eat him. What kind of person asks someone to eat them literally? This act is similar to a crime called euthanasia which comes with a maximum of a five year prison sentence. "This is not killing on request," he said. "He killed him because he wanted to slaughter and eat his flesh. He had achieved the biggest kick of his life."

Meiwes was in court for the second time after Germany's top criminal court ruled his 2004 conviction of manslaughter and eight year jail sentence was too lenient. Another words, eight years wasn't enough. How about fifteen instead? And we wi…

St. Augustine Lighthouse

I think from now on I'm going to post stories on Wednesday that coincide with investigations done on TAPS (if I can). This week they got overwhelming evidence. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find much information beyond what was said on tonight's episode.

St. Augustine Lighthouse was originally built in 1824 and owned by Dr. Alan Ballard. He was forced to sell it to the government in 1865 because it was thought the ocean would eventually swallow it. After the Civil War, Florida's funds were depleted and offered to buy it for substantially less than it was worth. Ballard refused to sale it. The government threatened to take it via eminent domain and give him nothing. Ballard became outraged and vowed to never leave the lighthouse. Some say he kept his vow and can be seen in and around the property.

The keeper, Peter Rasmussen, was always seen enjoying a cigar, and had a reputation for being a very strict manager and quite meticulous when it came to maintaining the light…

Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis (Walpurgisnacht) Night is celebrated on April 30th, awaiting the arrival of Spring. Now, I know what you are saying. Spring began in March and technically, you're right. However, Walpurgis Night has been around for centuries.

It all started with a woman named Saint Walburga (which whom the festival is named after). She was born in Wessex in 710 the niece of Saint Boniface and a daughter to Saxon prince St. Richard. Saint Walburga traveled to Frankonia, Germany with her brothers, where she became a nun and lived in a convent of Heidenheim. She died on 25 February 779 and officially made a saint on 1 May of the same year.

Historically the Walpurgisnacht is derived from Pagan spring customs, where the arrival of spring was celebrated with bonfires at night. Viking fertility celebrations took place around April 30 and due to Walburga being declared a saint at that time of year, her name became associated with the celebrations. Walburga was honored in the same way that Vikings …