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Disney's Haunted Mansion

The name of the ride really fits for this attraction. Disney's Haunted Mansion started out as an original idea by Walt Disney himself. Sadly it wasn't finished before he died in 1966 and construction was put on hold. However, by 1969 the construction was finally finished and was opened to the public. Originally, Walt Disney planned for this ride to set in a New England style house and you were to follow through story until the climatic graveyard scene. But when it opened, it was changed to a New Orlean's style house and visitors rode in a "Doombuggy," and it retained the graveyard scene.

Disney's Haunted Mansion shelters many ghosts. One is said to be a 1940s pilot that crashed in a lake near where the park was to be built. He is known by employees as "the man with a cane." Another ghost that has been often seen, no one really knows who he is. A park employee spotted the shadowy gentleman one day will operating the ride. He was wearing a tuxedo. Aft…


To some this name may sound a little familiar. It's the title of a Drew Barrymore film made in 1993. But actually they are creatures of myth or should I say something out of a Doublemint commercial. Doppelgangers have been known to be a person's exact double much like a twin. What makes these creatures rare is that they are more apparitions that actual humans. So here's the question. Do you think that a person really can be in two places at once?

According to some, if you have a doppelganger than the answer to that question would be yes. Let's dig a little deeper into what Doppelgangers really are. The word "Doppelganger" is actually German for "double walker." They are shadowy figures of yourself that is said to accompany you. Some people say that they are a sign of death. Usually, only the person who possesses a doppelganger can see it but on occasion, it can appear before your friends and/or family, talking and acting as if they were really you. T…

The Amityville Murders: Fact or Fiction

With the upcoming release of The Amityville Horrors, the story is fresh on everyone's minds. But is the story really true? Some experts don't believe the infamous house is haunted. The overall appearance of the house is creepy enough. How about you judge for yourself.

On November 13, 1974, Ronald "Butch" DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family, his mother and father and four brothers and sisters. All were shot execution style. After he murdered them, Butch ran to a nearby tavern and claimed someone had shot his mother and father. Six men, including Butch's best friend Bobby, came to his aid and rushed over to the house. They searched the house and found the six dead bodies and called 9-1-1. Later on December 4, 1974 Butch DeFeo was sentenced to 25 years to life for the murders. Even though he was the only one convicted of the murders, many believed he wasn't the sole gunman. New evidence determined that theory was true. At one point in the trial, DeFeo actually …


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