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GS Question of the Week

National Novel Writing Month is almost over(just five more days). I should be back to full posting capacity by at least Saturday.

Another trivia question (I'll post the answer later today in the comments section):

The mystery behind whether or not Anastasia is really alive may have been solved. The remains of two members of the Romanov family where never found until recently. Where were they buried?

GS Question of the Week

Like the new template? I thought it was cute and it'll only be up for the holidays. If the falling snow gets too annoying let me know and I'll remove it.

Today's question has to do with a problem I'm sure a lot of us wished we had. While there have been many reports of stones materializing out of nowhere and falling from the sky, there are also reports of money doing much the same. Pennies, dimes, nickels and even bills falling from the sky in or near houses or apartments. What do you suppose is the cause of this bizarre phenomena?


I know I haven't been posting much lately. You can thank NaNoWriMo for that. I do want to recognize a few milestones that took place around Halloween.

Of course, with a blog like this, Halloween will always be the most busiest time of the year. When I checked MyBlogLog, I had over a thousand readers in one day. I believe that is the most this blog has ever had. I'm very proud of that and I hope those who visited will have the urge to come back again.

Also, by looking at the counter, Ghost Stories hit the 100,000 reader mark. Meaning, since this blog was created over 100,000 people have stopped by. This leads into the next one.

Tomorrow is Ghost Stories 3rd Anniversary! I usually try to come up with some way to celebrate, but as excited as I am for having this blog for so long, I'm not going to bother. However, I do ask for one thing. Tell me what you like about the blog and what other things you would like to see done in the future. I'm always open for suggestions.

Ghost Hunters Live

First of all, last years live special was tons more better than this years. I understand they wanted to improve it but they took a step over to the Most Haunted side and it really didn't work. I was under the impression that Josh Gates, which by the way there will be a second season of Destination Truth as he plugged so many times that night, would be joining in on the investigation, but actually he was the host. One very annoying host.

This year they did a back and forth thing. It went from Josh to the investigation back to Josh then to the investigation. It seemed like when they did switch back to TAPS it was after they had seen or heard something. As a viewer it was frustrating.

Then they had a couple of interactive things they introduced this year that I didn't care for either. One was the live chat. I'm perfectly fine with people chatting as the show is progressing, but part of it was TAPS coming out of the field and chit chatting in the chatroom. While I think it would…

St. Francisville Experiment

I do plan on posting my review of the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween special, but I'm choosing to wait until they do the reveal episode tomorrow.

Today, I'm choosing to post my thoughts on a movie I've seen quite a few times. St. Francisville Experiment was suppose to be an actual documentary about an actual haunted house. It starts off with the producer telling the audience that everything presented in the movie was true. When you actually see the movie, you learn it is anything but that.

It was supposedly a film like the Blair Witch Project only true. In order to do this they needed a ghost story and a location to film. St. Francisville, Louisiana is known for its hauntings. So, it was an appropriate place for this movie. The actual ghost story that inspired it was that of the Madame Delphine LaLaurie. She was married to a doctor named Louis LaLaurie and they lived in a beautiful mansion in the French Quarter. According to the story, she was particularly cruel to the slaves…

GS Question of the Week

Something different this week.

In August, a hairless doglike creature was found in Texas and was believed to be a chupacabra. The DNA results are in. What did they reveal?