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GS Question of the Week

What paranormal predictions do you have for 2008?

GS Question of the Week

There will be no question this week. Happy Holidays!

GS Question of the Week

Test Your Paranormal Vocabulary

What is a ghost box?

Ice Storm

Repost from Southern Expressions

I haven't posted for a while and there's a good reason for it. I had no electricity. Last Saturday, we had an ice storm which knocked our power out. Of course, we called it in and asked to be on their "priority" list because of my step-grandmother who relies on an oxygen machine and nebulizer for her breathing problems. I guess to our power company priority means absolutely nothing.

This isn't the first ice storm I've dealt with. There was the one in 2000. However, this time we had not only water but hot water. Our water heater is hooked up to the gas. We also had our gas stove to cook on. So, we had at least one hot meal a day. Our phones were still working for a short time until they went out. We also had a gas heater. I know you're not suppose to use gas appliances and/or heaters to heat your house because of carbon monoxide, but we have a carbon monoxide detector and we didn't have it going all the time. Plus we didn…

Reader Submission - Christmas Ghost

I received this picture a while back for a previous guestposter who wants to remain anonymous. The picture is of her first husband at Christmas time. What do you see?

If you have a picture or story you would like seen here, email me at

Paranormal State

If you frequent the A&E channel, you've probably seen the promos for this show. It seems they have decided to toss their name in to the paranormal hat with their own show entitled Paranormal State.

From what I gather this one will be much like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted except the home base is at Penn State University. The Paranormal Research Society club was founded by Ryan Buell in September of 2001 and consists of four other members: Katrina - Interviewer, Heather - Team Documentarian, Sergey - Tech Specialist, and Elfie - Occult Specialist.

Here's my questions. This is a show about college kids in a paranormal club. What's going to happen when they graduate? I'm assuming it's going to be handed over to a new group of students. Or perhaps Mr. Buell will keep getting new degrees until the show goes off the air. He already has one and is now going for another. Of course, he may not have to worry about that seeing as he was made a producer of the show. Howeve…

GS Question of the Week

I saw this question posted at Paranormal @ However, I'm going to take it a step further.

Did you ever suspect one of your childhood toys as being haunted?