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Reminder Sunday

This is the last day I am participating in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. If I haven't responded to your comments or emails, I will be doing so in the next week or so. This will be the only GS business I plan on doing. I'm taking the week off to rest after NaNo. Don't worry. I'll be back!

Did Ya Know Friday - Xenoglossy

Xenoglossy is a paranormal phenomena where a person speaks a language not obtained by natural means. For example, a person who speaks Italian fluently without studying, being in the country or knowing anyone from that country is said to exhibit xenoglossy. Case of this phenomenon have been used as evidence in the existence of reincarnation. The existence of xenoglossy is not generally accepted by linguists and psychologists.

Rolling Hills

Genesee County Home also known as Rolling Hills has a long tormented history. Over 1,000 deaths reportedly took place within its walls. Genesse County purchased the property in 1826 and opened its doors to the poor a year later. They took in anyone who could not support themselves including orphans, elderly, paupers and the insane. They were self-sufficient farming on 100's of acres of county owned land.

Besides being a poorhouse, it was a hospital, a prison for both men and women, a TB ward, and an insane asylum at the same time as an orphanage. By the 1950s, it was turned into a nursing home, but the residents were moved to a new facility in 1974. For twenty years, the building sat empty until 1992 when it was open as Carriage Village, a mall of unique shops. The name was changed to Rolling Hills Country Mall in January 2003, and became a co-op a year later. In September 2004, overnight ghost hunts began at Rolling Hills making it the first historical site in New York to do so.

Shadow People

Shadow people are the most seen entity among witnesses. The jury is still out as to what exactly they are. Some believe they are another way for ghosts to manifest or demonic in nature. They've even been linked to time travel. A few common types:

Human Shaped - a shadow people type that take on the form of human (mostly male) lacking specific characteristics like eyes, nose and mouth. They tend to flee if you notice them.

Black Smoke or Mist - black smoke-like or mist type of shadow people. Possibly intelligent.

Shadow Animals - basically like the human shaped but in animal form, about the size of a rabbit. Not as common as other types.

Red Eyed Shadow - this type of most often associated with evil. A shadow person in human form with no specific characteristics except for bright glowing red eyes. Some people have even described them with yellow eyes.

We may never know the true nature of these beings. They may be real or just our imaginations running rapid. Demonic or guardian angels. N…

GS Question of the Week

What is a Bottle Tree?

Reminder Sunday

I am participating in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. All entries posted during this month have been pre-written and posted on scheduled days. If you leave comments and/or email me, I will respond when time permits.

Wish me luck!

Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana has had a very interesting history. It has been long known as one of the most haunted houses in America. It was built in 1794 by David Bradford, a successful attorney. After fleeing Washington due to the Whiskey Rebellion, Bradford relocated to Bayou Sarah where he lived in a 8-bedroom house known as "Laurel Grove". Only until after he received his pardon from President Adams did he move his wife and kids in with him.

On November 19, 1817, Judge Woodrooff married Bradford's daughter Sarah Mathilda and they had three kids. After Bradford died, Clark took over the duties of "Laurel Grove" for his mother-in-law, Elizabeth. Six years later, Sarah Mathilda died from contracting yellow fever as well would two of his three children.

There have been stories of numerous murders that occurred at Myrtles Plantation but actually there was only one. The ghost that appears most often is that of Chloe, a slave woman. Durin…

Did Ya Know Friday - Kelpie

Kelpie is a mythic water horse in Celtic folklore who supposedly haunts Scottish and Irish rivers and lochs. Black in color, it appears as a lost pony but can be identified by its constantly dripping mane. It has skin like a seal but as cold as death when touched. They are known to transform into beautiful women in order to lure men into their traps. The water horse creates illusions to stay hidden, keeping only an eye above water to scout the surface.

Star Spangled Banner

It is widely known Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. Unfortunately, that is inaccurate. Her grandson used his imagination and turned her in to an icon. We do know who the lovely woman that sewed the Star Spangled Banner is.

The War of 1812 was a gruesome conflict. The Capitol and White House were both burned and the port in Baltimore was next on the list. Francis Scott Key and Colonel John Skinner were aboard a British ship to negotiate the release of Dr. William Beanes on September 7, 1814. Beanes release was granted. However, Key and Skinner weren’t allowed to leave until after the attack was over.

The actual battle on Fort McHenry began on September 12, 1814. The major attack took place the following morning in the rain. The British fired 1500 bombshells at Fort McHenry, including specialized Congreve rockets that left red tails of flame and bombs with burning fuses that were supposed to explode when they reached their target but often blew up in midair instead. From eight …

GS Question of the Week

T or F: A full moon evokes more paranormal activity than any other phases.

Reminder Sunday

I am participating in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. All entries posted during this month have been pre-written and posted on scheduled days. If you leave comments and/or email me, I will respond when time permits.

Wish me luck!

Today is also Ghost Stories 4th Anniversary! Here's to many more years...

Did Ya Know Friday - The Singapore Theory

Also known as Paranormal Stimuli and Theory of Familiarization, this practice is not widely used as you can not always be accurate. Basically, the theory is based on familiarization. If you investigate a house or location, you can try playing music or movies from a certain era in order to coerce a spirit to show itself. As sometimes you can't be certain of the "ghost" haunting the location being from a certain era, it's a hard theory to experiment with.

Ghost on the Set

How many of you have heard the stories of the ghost boy in the movie Three Men and a Baby? You probably think you’ve even seen him in the infamous scene, hiding among the curtains. Turns out it wasn’t a ghost at all. It was actually a misplaced prop. Whether it was done on purpose or not, we may never know. That one little scene provided great publicity for the movie.

An Irish TV series is having a bit of ghost problem of the real kind. The show A Tangled Web, set to air next Spring, is currently being filmed at a house in Ranelagh. According to Director Declan Cassidy, they have experienced three pictures falling off a wall, two vases on the floor smashed after being set up the night before, and things mysteriously being misplaced.

Is it ghosts or is someone having a laugh at their expense?

Ghostly Thirteen

Ghostly Thirteen was inspired by the Thursday Thirteen meme. You list thirteen paranormal-related things like your top 13 posts (if you have a paranormal blog), mythical creatures, gods, haunted houses, etc...

My Theme - Patron Saints

1. St. Constantine - Greek

2. St. Francis of Assisi - Roman

3. St. Catherine - Sweden

4. St. Gennadius - French

5. St. Anthony - Egyptian

6. St. Willibrord - Netherlands

7. St. Christiana - Belgium

8. St. Rose of Lima - Latin America and Philippines

9. St. John the Baptist - Roman

10. St. Jarlath - Irish

11. St. Mary - Egyptian

12. St. Michael - the Archangel

13. St. Cyril and Methodius - Greek

GS Question of the Week

Where is the Home of the Torturers?

Reminder Sunday

I am participating in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. All entries posted during this month have been pre-written and posted on scheduled days. If you leave comments and/or email me, I will respond when time permits.

Wish me luck!

Did Ya Know Friday - K-II Meters

K-II meters are little devices with multi-colored lights. It is primarily used for detecting electromagnetic fields and frequencies. Some paranormal investigators also use it for communicating with spirits. An entity can approach the device and manipulate it in response to specific questions. Investigators are still experimenting with it and it has caused some controversy.

Yeti Footprints in Japan

Members of the Yeti Project Japan returned on Tuesday October 21st with supposed photographs of abominable snowman footprints. These climbers equipped with long-lens cameras, video cameras and telescopes found them on snow at an altitude of about 4,800 meters (15,748 feet) in the Dhaulagiri mountain range in western Nepal where they spent six weeks looking for evidence.

They examined the footprints and determined they didn’t belong to any recognizable animal like bear, deer, or mountain goats. Sherpas have been reciting stories of the Yeti dating back to the 1920s. One of the most famous hunt for a Yeti was carried out by Sir Edmund Hilary.

Others have reported seeing these human-like footprints in the mountains, but as of yet no one has come back with absolute proof of the creatures existence. Do you think Yeti is real?

Zombie Road

Lawler Ford Road was constructed in the 1860s to provide access to the Meramec River and railroad tracks. It is unknown how the "Lawler" portion of the name came about but there was a "Ford" somewhere down the line. It obtained its' Zombie Road name in the 1950s. The original name was tossed due to many stories of a local killer named "Zombie" that supposedly lived by the river.

Like any unused place, Zombie Road become the hot spot for teenagers to party, drink and hangout. I guess that accounts for the killer story. It's a good way to scare kids away from such places as well as draw them to it. Murderer stories aside, it also has a reputation for ghosts.

Supposedly, the first inhabitants were Native Americans, Shawnee to be exact. A family in the 1800s claimed to have been frequently visited by their spirits. There is also the story of a man who was run over by a train. There is no record of this act ever happening (though I doesn't say it d…

GS Question of the Week

What is Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia?

Reminder Sunday

As of yesterday, I have started NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. All entries posted during this month have been pre-written and posted on scheduled days. If you leave comments and/or email me, I will respond when time permits.

Wish me luck!

Death By Curse

It’s no secret gangs are a problem not only for this country but others as well. Many have tried to come up with solutions. Unfortunately, nothing has succeeded. Though that may not be true.

The Filthy Fifty gang has terrorized the city of Dublin for decades. It was disbanded by a series of suicides, murders, and sudden deaths. Could the cause of these events be because of a curse?

In 2003, the mother of a Filthy Fifty victim went to a gypsy and asked her to put a curse on the gang. According to the hex, twelve members would be dead in three years. As promised, twelve members died by the year 2006. John Daly was the last of the trio to die. Upon being released in 2007, he was shot five times while sitting in the front seat of a taxi.

Did a mere gypsy curse get rid of one of the worse gangs Dublin has ever seen? Could a curse have that kind of power?