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Battle of the UFO Hunters

A while back, I mentioned a new TV show premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel titled UFO Hunters. At first, I thought I got it wrong when I saw a promo for UFO Hunters on the History Channel. Turns out it's two different shows on two two different stations with two different investigation styles that just happen to have the same name. These shows haven't even premiered yet and there may already be controversy.

According to, there's supposedly a battle over who came up with the name first. It seems the History Channel's UFO Hunters was originally called UFO Road trip (and is still being referred to that in some cases). Then, Sci-Fi announced their show in July. For whatever reason, the History Channel changed their show from UFO Road trip to UFO Hunters and filed for trademark six days before Sci-Fi. Therefore, trying to stake their claim on the name. Whether all this is true or not, I don't know.

I'm not a big fan of UFOlogy which is why you won't f…

GS Qustion of the Week

Do you think those who have suffered the effects of Stigmata really are having a religious experience or is it all in their mind?

Caught Up

I think I'm all caught up now (besides the lack of posts). Sorry for taking so long. I'll try to be better prepared for Nano this year.

If you sent me an email regarding exchanging links, check the sidebar. I know I received quite a few. I looked at each website and decided whether or not to add it to my blog. So, if your link isn't there, consider it a no to your request. You can email me if you want to know why.

When I made the switch to the temporary holiday template, I forgot to switch the comments from blogger to Haloscan. So, after I made the switch back, I had to manually transfer them. It may not be formatted the same way, but all comments and names and/or links are on their appropriate post.

Speaking of Haloscan, they have a new user rating feature. I thought I would try it out. The only thing is it doesn't show up on Firefox. So, if you want to show your approval of a post, you'll have to view it in IE.

Last update: I'm going to be working on Ghost Storie…

GS Question of the Week

What are rods?

Ghost Hunters Night

Jason, Grant, Steve, Tango and Kris returned to St. Augustine Lighthouse in an all new episode of Ghost Hunters. If you remember from the last time they were there, most of the evidence they got was video. This time it was audio most of which was captured in the keeper's house. They also captured a couple things on the thermal imagining camera. Jason and Grant were I believe in the basement of the Keeper's house. This is where the "man in blue" is often seen. On the thermal cam you can see like the outline of a person. The other thermal clip was from the lighthouse. They had a thermal cam sitting at the very bottom of the lighthouse pointing up. Kris, Jason and Grant were in there at the time seeing shadows and on the thermal footage, you see something move from one side of the lighthouse to the other. It looked like it leaped across the opening. It's really cool.

I wanted to add a clip of the evidence but the only one I can find on Youtube has the "reveal&qu…

GS Question of the Week

Ever receive a phone call from the dead?

Paranormal State

I held off on reviewing this show for a reason. I missed the premiere episode thanks to the stupid ice storm. After playing catch up, I wanted to watch a few more episodes before relaying my thoughts.

While there are a couple things I like about Paranormal State, it leans more towards Most Haunted quality rather than Ghost Hunters. I like that they show dedication to helping those who contact them. I sort of feel as if all paranormal investigators should have either a counselor or therapist on the team. Just someone certified to help those with emotional stress. I also like how Ryan goes back some time after the investigation is over to check up on the family. Jason and Grant always say they stay in contact with those who they have helped (and I'm sure they probably do), but you don't see that on the show. With places like the Stanley Hotel and Eastern State, of course, they have gone back, but not with a residential location.

Everything else about this show kind of turns me off…

The Fairy that Won't go Away

In April, I wrote about a guy named Dan Baines who "supposedly" came in possession of a mummified fairy. Of course later, he announced it was fake. World Horror Stories posted about this too. Even though we know it's fake now, it seems people still think it's real.

Ladies and gentlemen, IT'S NOT REAL. If you want to believe in fairies, that's fine. However, in this particular case, it was a hoax.

I get that people are still going to believe it's real. I don't like it, but I get it. Sometimes I get this overwhelming urge to just shake some sense into them. I don't actually do it, but sometimes I want to. Ever feel like that?