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GS Question of the Week

Do you believe in the healing properties of aromatherapy?

Saturday Guest Post - Ghost Song

Here is a personal ghost story sent in from Jeff Knabel:

This is the story of a song I wrote about an experience I had with the ghost of a woman actress from the 1800's. I was staying at a friends place in Longmont, Colorado last April 2006. It used to be called 'The Times Call' building years ago.

The upstairs where I stayed had been closed off since 1964. There is a calendar hanging on one of the doors in the apartment looking over Main St. The page is still on April 1964. In the late 1800's they used to print one of the local newspapers, 'The Times Call', on the 1st floor. There was a big explosion from a gunpowder barrel, in the basement next door in the 1870's, and the building and the adjacent buildings had to be rebuilt as a result of the fire that ripped through walls of half a city block. 'The Dickens Opera House' at the end of the street was spared. A bystander, who was standing on top of the opera house at the time of the explosion…

Preparing for an Alien Invasion

When it comes to the subject of UFOs and aliens, there is much uncertainty. Are they hostile? Or could they be friendly? Maybe there are several races that fit into either of those categories. Basically, we just don't know. Authors Travis Taylor and Bob Boan along with R. C. Anding and T. Conley Powell have written a book to help prepare us for the possiblity of a not so pleasant alien encounter entitled "An Introduction to Planetary Defence".

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke. these four writers are anything but alien obsessed paranoids. Taylor holds advanced degrees in astronomy and physics, and is an associate at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. He and Boan have done consulting work for the Defence Department and the U.S. space agency NASA. Their credentials are legit as well as the publishing company, BrownWalker Press, who has published such books as "The Science and Lore of the Plant Cell Wall" and "ESP and Psychokinesis".

Taylor acknowled…

Flying Dreams

Dreams are a way for your mind to continue to work through your real life problems by tapping into your innate creativity and problem solving skills. Flying dreams are common and are often associated with ambition, personal empowerment and breaking free from limitations. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to have frequent flying dreams. I'm a pretty creative person and I don't remember having many flying dreams though I don't remember a lot of the dreams I do have.

Flying dreams can be interpreted in a number of ways. In general they can be seen as representing your spirit rising high, free from limitations or boundaries. A dream in which you can fly suggests that your mind is reaching for new heights, searching for and exploring possibilities that lie beyond the reality of your everyday life. The flying dream often happens when there is an opportunity for advancement in your life and may indicate optimism about your future.

In order to understand the meaning…

GS Question of the Week

If you had the opportunity, would you steal a souvenir from a famous haunted location?

Beyond Reality Radio

Bulletin posted at myspace from TAPS:

Good morning everyone....Starting tonight at 8, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson will begin a weekly radio show on WPRO630. They will be live every Saturday night from 8-10pm. The name of the show is Beyond Reality radio and I hope everyone tuns in to hear those crazy ghost hunters as they embark on a new adventure. is the web site for the show and also has a Link to the radio station,

Black Diamond Mines

Black Diamond started as a coal mining town in the 1800s. Now, it is considered a ghost town inhabited by two spirits sharing the same nickname, Mary and Sarah.

There's conflicting stories about Mary though I believe the second one. The first states she was hired by a family to be their nanny, but she didn't disclose to her employers that she practice witchcraft. When they found out, they immediately fired her. The next day she was found dead in the mines. How she died is still unknown.

The other has her not only a nanny but one that looked after all the children in the town of Nortonville. Then, all the children died suddenly of mysterious illnesses. The town quickly accused her of witchcraft and was hanged.

Many witnesses over the years have reported seeing a floating bright white apparition near the entrance of the mines. It is believed that she protects children from the dangers inside it. The reports on physical features differ but the similarities have always been that s…

Ghost Hunters - Eastern State Penitentiary Investigation

This is a clip from the first investigation of Eastern State. About six minutes into the clip, the guys are reviewing the evidence and discover an interesting piece of footage. It's unsure if it is an actual ghost or someone's attempt at a joke. I sort of think it is a fake. Someone who knows that place well could easily pull something like that off, but I could be wrong.

You decide for yourself.

Blogger Choice Award Update

If you haven't noticed, my blog was deleted out of the Best Education Blog category. Apparently, it's for blogs about school, homeschooling and other education topics. I thought it was for blogs that educate people about a certain topic, but I was wrong. I wasn't the only one either.

It's okay though. I'm doing alright in the Freakiest Blog category. Thanks for all the votes and support!

Spider Legends

"If you wish to live and thrive, Let a spider run alive. " - Old English nursery rhyme.

I don't hide the fact that I don't like spiders. I'm practically terrified of them. That could be because I'm uneducated about them or the fact that some are extremely poisonous and I let my fear get in the way of finding out which ones are harmless or not. At this point, I truly don't know. However, what I do know is that spiders hold a place in myths and history across the world.

Christians see Spider Webs as traps. Like Flies, people become ensnared by vain works and become stuck fast in the webs. Spiders represent human fragility and the enticement of evil. Over 3,000 years ago, David was being pursued by King Saul and took refuge in a cave near Jerusalem. Afterwards, a spider came along and spun a web over the entrance. When Saul spotted the web, he sent his men away, stating that the web showed that no one could enter. Thanks to the spider, David's life was spa…

GS Question of the Week

This question was asked on the TAPS message board. It raised an excellent point. So, I decided to ask it here.

Do you think there is such a thing as underwater ghosts?

Ghostly Thirteen

Since today is Friday the 13th, I figure why not do a special edition of Ghostly Thirteen. This meme is based on the same concept of Thursday Thirteen except your lists have to be paranormal related.

Those who believe on this day that something bad will befall on them more likely will manifest an event of that type. Therefore, if you believe you will have bad lucky today then you will. But have you ever thought about how the number 13 affects our culture past and present.

Below are 13 facts about the number 13:

1. There are 13 months in the pagan lunar calendar.
2. More than 80 percent of high-rises lack a 13th floor.
3. Many airports skip the 13th gate.
4. Airplanes have no 13th aisle.
5. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.
6. Italians omit the number 13 from their national lottery.
7. On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12 and a half.
8. Many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue
9. In France, socialites known as the …

Kurt Vonnegut

Yesterday on April 11, 2007, author and artist Kurt Vonnegut died at the age of 85. He suffered brain related injuries after a fall that took place weeks earlier. I'm not mentioning him solely because he was a great writer, but because there are a few urban legends tied to him as well.

The three are: In 1997, Kurt Vonnegut gave an unusual commencement address at MIT, Authors Dr. Seuss and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. were college classmates and belonged to the same fraternity, and Author Kurt Vonnegut penned a opinion piece entitled 'Cold Turkey.' Two are false. Care to guess which one is true?

The third choice is correct. Vonnegut's essay was published in the May 10, 2004 edition of In These Times where he was a senior editor. He compared American leaders' dealings with the Middle East to "power-drunk chimpanzees" and our dependence on fossil fuels to those battling addictions. Vonnegut makes a lot of valid points in his essay and is worth the few minutes it takes i…

Blog Awards!

If you haven't noticed the badges on the right by now, I'm nominated in several categories for the Blogger Choice Awards. Even though I don't blog for awards, I think it is fun to participate in them. I would have given up on this blog long ago if popularity was all I wanted.

This blog will be turning 3 this year and I appreciate all the support and opinions from regular readers and visitors. If you feel Ghost Stories is worthy, sign up and vote for it in any of the categories.

Other paranormal/alternative blogs nominated are (This is just a current list. More may be nominated later on):

The Witch Doctor is In - Best Celebrity Blogger, Best Religion Blog and Best Pop Culture Blog

Sue Darroch and Matthew Didier's Paranormal Blog - Best Hobby Blog

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe - Best Podcast Presents High Strangeness Altoona - Best Pop Culture Blog

Waterfalls' Paranormal Life - Best Religion Blog

The Wild Hunt Blog - Best Religion Blog

Doctor …

Interview With a Poltergeist

A documentary about the Enfield Poltergeist. Real or hoax? You decide.

GS Question of the Week

Do you think UFOs can appear in the form of a strange cloud?

Happy Easter

Ever wonder how Easter went from being about the resurrection of Christ to bunnies and painted eggs? I know the thought has crossed my mind a few times. It seems Easter isn't only Christian related but also has some Pagan roots. The two religions come together as well as their beliefs to celebrate the triumph of life over death.

Easter always falls on the Sunday after the first new moon that follows the vernal equinox (march 21) which is why it falls between March 22 and April 25. The name comes from an old Spring Goddess who had many names: Ostra (Scandinavians), Eostre (Anglo-Saxons), and Eastre (Germans).

Rabbits have been consider even before Christian times as a holy creature associated with fertility and the return of Spring. However, the Easter bunny is of German origins. In 16th Century literature, he is considered the springtime version of St. Nicholas. He rewards the good children with colored eggs.

Eggs have been symbols of continuing life and fertility. Many saw the egg a…

Must See Movies

I received an email a while back about the movie The Covenant. I meant to mention something about it here but totally forgot about it until a few days ago. It stars Steven Strait , Sebastian Stan, and Toby Hemingway.

Synopsis - In 1692, in the Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts, five families with untold power formed a covenant of silence. One family, lusting for more, was banished; their bloodline disappearing without a trace--until now. This thriller tells the story of the Sons of Ipswich, four young students at the elite Spencer Academy who are bound by their sacred ancestry. As descendants of the original families who settled in Ipswich Colony in the 1600's, the boys have all been born with special powers. When the body of a dead student is discovered after a party, secrets begin to unravel which threaten to break the covenant of silence that has protected their families for hundreds of years.
The Covenant is currently out on DVD. This one is on my "Must Own" list and it …

Mummified Fairy: Real or Hoax?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked all my readers and visitors if they thought little people existed which resulted in mix views. Steve suggested a link to a Leprechaun webcam which prompted me to do a little more research on little people possibly for future posts.

I discovered a website ran by a guy named Dan Baines. He stated that an anonymous man found the remains of an actual fairy in the Derbyshire countryside while walking his dog. Everything on this web page from the photos to the details of the investigation showed that this could be the real deal and it almost swayed me to believe it is.

Dan emailed Stephen Wagner, the guide on the Paranormal section of, which he mentioned it on the site and many readers had their doubts (including me) while others thought it was real. A writer named Matt Posner wrote an article containing a detailed analysis of the photos and the figure for the website.

A day later, on April Fool's Day, Dan Baines revealed that the alleged mummified …

GS Question of the Week

Harry Houdini was not only a well known magician but also a psychic investigator. It's no secret that the Spiritualists hated him for debunking their seances. Because of this, many questions surrounded his death and a new biography written by William Kalush and Larry Sloman raised the issue again. Houdini's great nephew has put in an exhumation in the works to determine his actual cause of death.

What do you think it will be? Natural causes? Poisoned?

The Return of Ghost Hunters

Like most of you Ghost Hunters fans, I have been impatiently awaiting the premiere of the last seven episodes of the season. I've been constantly checked the TAPS website for a date but one hasn't been displayed yet.

I checked the Sci Fi Channels website, thinking if a date has been set it would be there. And all they have listed is June 2007. So, it seems we will have to wait a bit longer. I'll let y'all know when I find out a more specific date.

Happy April Fool's Day!

It is uncertain how All Fool's Day a.k.a. April Fool's Day began. Of course, there are many theories explaining its origins:

1.) TheCalendar-Change Theory - This one is the most popular one. In 1582 France became the first country to switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. The New Year once fell on March 25th, but since that day fell in the Holy Week, New Year festivals were on April 1st. After the change, those who could be tricked into believing April 1st was still the proper day to celebrate the New Year earned the name April Fools and would have pranks played on them.

The calendar change theory might provide a plausible reason for why April 1st specifically became the date of the modern holiday, but it is clear that the idea of a springtime festival honoring misrule and mayhem had far more ancient roots. The process by which the observance of the day spread from France to protestant countries such as Germany, Scotland, and England is left unexplained by this theory…