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GS Question of the Week

What is the name of the creature that is considered Florida's abominable snowman?

Cow-eating Trees?

Many people fight to save the forests across the planet, but the pili mara or tiger trees in India may not need our help. Villagers in Padrame claim these carnivorous trees are the reason for their cow mutilations. A man even claims to have witness one trying to gobble up one of his cattle. Thankfully, he and other villagers managed to rescue the poor animal.

This may sound ridiculous but it's not totally unheard of. I mean Charles Darwin was interested in meat-eating plants. I'm sure there are other tales of cryptobotany floating out there somewhere. Maybe the tiger trees fall in this category along with the Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar.

What are you thoughts?

GS Question of the Week

Do you think people should ghost hunt for the thrill of it? Why or why not?

In 21 Days...

...Ghost Hunters returns!! I can't wait. I can't wait. Destination Truth also premieres on March 5th. We get to see what other pop culture references he comes up with and mythical creatures he doesn't find. Should be fun.

Next Wednesday is the season finale of Ghost Hunters International. The team will be joined by guess who? Josh Gates! No surprised, huh? Well, it looks like this time he won't be playing host and will be participating in the investigation of Frankenstein Castle. I have to say his ghost hunting abilities on his own show weren't all that impressive. Lets see if he can pick up a thing or two from some pros.

GS Question of the Week

Ghost Hunter Trivia Where was TAPS very first investigation on the show? When did it air?

Wander the Web Wednesday

The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers.

They can be daily reads, or personal favorites.

They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain fascinating that you stumbled into recently.

If you want to “play along” make a list on your site and link to it in 2 Witches Blog comments. They'd also appreciate a link back.

1. Paranormalizer - A blog for reviewing paranormal websites.

2. Free Rice - A word definition game in which you win rice for the hungry.

3. Monstropedia - A wikipedia like site all about monsters.

4. St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum - Everything you need to know on this haunted place.

5. Dark Stories - Dark and true scary stories

GS Question of the Week

What is your opinion on spoonbending? Is it possible?

Reader Submission - Just Saying Hello

This week's guest post comes from author Deborah Woehr. She chose Ghost Stories as a stop on her virtual book tour promoting her latest horror novel Prosperity: A Ghost Story. To learn more about Deborah and her work, check out her website at
Just Saying Hello
My husband’s grandfather passed away on December 8, 1992. The loss was hard on all of us, although I couldn’t understand why I was so sad. The emotion felt inappropriate because I didn’t really know him like I had known my own grandparents.
I couldn’t shake this sense of sadness after several weeks had passed. One day, I was driving somewhere on my lunch hour when I began to think about why I was so down. Then I found myself stopping behind a black Toyota truck, which had stopped for a red light. I happened to catch a blue bumper sticker that had the name Kamahamea printed on it in white lettering. Grandma! I thought with sudden realization.
I had lost my grandmother in February of that year and didn’t rea…