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Sneak Peek Tuesday - Fact or Faked/Ghost Hunters

Jael and Ben use a helicopter to try and produce the same video from a famous location where Albert Hitchcock filmed his movie. See what they discover on Tonight!

Taps helps a brewery owner find out if her family is keeping tabs on her shop from the grave. See what they find on Wednesday 9/8c

GS Question of the Week

What is "The Strangling Ritual"?

Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters

Jay and Grant investigate the noise of footsteps occasionally heard in the attic of a fraternity house. They set up the electromagnetic field meter and begin calling out for their presence to be known. Ghost Hunters returns Wednesday. Watch as Grants final investigations are filled with phenomenal cases.

Sneak Peek Tuesday - GHI/Being Human

In Ghost Hunters International, the team investigates and old warehouse where a man’s face is often seen appearing from the window of the second floor. Catch the sneak peek for the Season Finale of Ghost Hunters International and watch as Joe and Paul are startled by a loud noise they hear from the main floor.

In Being Human, Josh contemplates over how he plans on killing Ray while Sally recommends that he wear a different shirt to avoid getting gun powder over her favorite shirt. Watch the all new sneak peek to see what other suggestions Sally has in getting rid of Josh’s little friend. Catch the season finale on Monday, April 9th at 9/8c.