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Sometimes Bad Luck is Better than no Luck

Lima, Peru - A man discovered first hand that having bad luck may not be as bad as it seems. He drank a potion provided by a so-called "Shaman" to get rid of his family's bad luck for good. Unfortunately, he got more than what he had hoped. The man died from the bogus brew.

Alternative medicine is popular in the Andean nation with newspapers full of colorful ads from self-proclaimed "Shamans". Since the incident, the government warned the people to stay away from clandestine or street-corner practices saying the potions used could kill or cause long-term illness.

"Avoid consuming brews made with herbs of questionable origin or hallucinogenic plants prepared by so-called Shamans," the country's Health Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said that genuine Shamans from the country's north sometimes consumed natural hallucinogens such as the San Pedro cactus in their rituals, but did not administer them to patients.

I think seeking alternative …

GS Question of the Week

Do you think orbs are a legitimate piece of ghost evidence? Why or why not?

My Answer: I don't exactly dismiss orbs as not being legitimate evidence. I just think that it's so easy for some to be explained as nothing but dust. I think that you shouldn't just assume that every ball-like object on a photograph is an orb. I look at orbs as being circumstantial evidence. It may be considered evidence but you need more to really lock down a conviction.

My Obituary

'What will your obituary say?' at
Well at least I'll be missed by someone.

Jane Addams' Hull House

In 1856, Hull House was constructed by Charles J. Hull in one of the most fashionable sections of Chicago. However, after the Chicago Fire of 1871, most of the upper class moved to other parts of the city and Italian, Greek and Jewish settlers began taking their place. By the 1880s, Hull House was surrounded by factories and tenement houses. It later became one of the most famous locations in Chicago.

Jane Addams and college friend Ellen Starr Gates opened the house in 1889 to provide education to the newly arrived European immigrants. West of what was once known as the wealthy section of Chicago was plagued by crime, vice, prostitution and drug addiction. Jane Addams became the "voice of humanity" for the less fortunate. Addams and Gates turned the house into a shelter mainly for women but also provided for the homeless. Over time, Hull House expanded as more space was needed. Twelve buildings were added but removed later on when the house was renovated.

In 1935, Jane Addam…

Clearwater Monster

The Clearwater Monster has remained a mystery for sixty years. It's a fine example of things aren't always what they seem. In 1946 or '47 a monster emerged from the Gulf of Mexico and wandered around in the dark leaving tracks. Tracks that looked like anything anyone had ever seen before. They were about fourteen inches long and eleven inches wide. They featured a narrow heel and three long toes. The tracks were more birdlike than reptilian, though not entirely birdlike.

The news of the discovery made the papers and radio. It was the talk of Clearwater, Florida. Citizens even stepped forward claiming to have seen the mysterious visitors with their own theories of what it was.

Clearwater was a sleepy place, something right off a postcard - the perfect stomping ground for the monster. The Clearwater Monster was clever. The fiend left tracks, inflamed imaginations, then vanished. Just when people stopped thinking about him, he crept out of the surf again. This time he knocked…