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GS Question of the Week

What were the Whistles of Death? Answer: The Whistles of Death were created by the Aztecs. It is believed they blew into these clay, skull-shaped noisemakers prior to being sacrificed to the gods.


I updated the calendar on the Ghost Stories myspace page. I was able to find info on tons of paranormal conferences and events (majority of which are taken place next month). I suggest you check out the websites (web urls have been included) for full information. If you know of any events that isn't listed, email me with the details and I'll add them.

Moss Beach Distillery

If you watched last night's Ghost Hunters episode then you're probably upset with the "evidence" they found at the Moss Beach Distillery. I know I was. I could have logged on today and written a long rant about this but instead, I searched around the world wide web to see what else I could find about this place. The story of the "Blue Lady" begins with a married woman falling in love with a man who isn't her husband in the 1930s. The guy is a piano player (or someone associated with it) at a speakeasy called Frank's Place, now known as Moss Beach Distillery. She would leave her husband and son to often meet with this gentleman. Now, the details of this story are a bit sketchy. Some say the "Blue Lady" died in a car accident on her way to the speakeasy. Others recite the husband as her murderer. No matter how she died, she supposedly haunts the place now and if your a fan of Sylvia Brown then you may believe she isn't the only one. Bro