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Reader Submission - Newlyweds in a Haunted House

My name is Andrew Mahaney and this is a real haunting story. In Colonial Beach, VA in a moderate sized two-story row house, within a small very old beach community on the Potomac River, my wife and I bought this house that had been on the market for many years. As a newly married couple we bought the 60 year old house and immediately started to fix it up, adding new flooring, and a kitchen. From the moment of this buy and change everything went down-hill: 1) Even during the first night we noticed the back room to house was extremely cold, in the dead of summer with no A/C this room should have been cold. My children complained of this. 2) My wife in this room would shut closet doors only to have them open and this would go on several times a day. 3) Electrical disturbances would also happen in this same room, with lights turning on and off for no reason scaring my two sons at all hours of the night, to the point they had to move to the upstairs bedrooms. 4) One n

Seven Sisters Inn

via Judy Kapral on Pinterest Named for the original owners seven daughters, the Seven Sisters Inn are two beautiful Queen Anne and Gothic style Victorian houses in Ocala, Florida. They offer candlelit dinners, gourmet breakfasts, accommodate weddings and even have murder mystery events. A perfect bed and breakfast to get away. You can stay in one of it's 13 themed rooms. One snag though. The inn has permanent guests who will keep you on your toes. Seven Sisters International House (purple) was built in 1892 and was the family home for entrepreneur and influential Ocala citizen Charles Rheinauer and his wife Emma. The couple moved in to the house in 1895 and remained there until they each died 30 or 40 years later. It is believed the house was possibly built on the very spot of a triage nearby Fort King. Her sister, The Scott House (pink) may or may not be on the site where a battle between soldiers and Seminole Indians took place. The original house was built in 1888 but burn

Little Oak Road

South Dakota lacks an abundance of ghost stories and legends. However, a small community known as Little Eagle has resident ghost who made one of their roads his home. Witnesses have seen a 6 ft tall male spirit with red eyes along Little Oak Road. Who is he? It's uncertain. And if tall and red eyes weren't creepy enough, he is often spotted dancing and jumping high in the air. If you get close to it, the spirit looks at you and then vanishes. His spirit may not be alone. There are reports of a variety of other spirits haunting Little Oak. Who are they? There is a story a section of the road was built over a cemetery. This could certainly explain the multiple haunting. However, others dismiss the claim. Another thoroughfare called "Cemetery Road" could be the reason for the confusion. Neither pieces of information have been really verified as of yet. If you find yourself in south central South Dakota and come across Little Oak Road, be on the lookout for a spiri