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Wander the Web Wednesday

I come across many websites and blogs while doing research for posts. 2 Witches Blog putting together a meme called Wander the Web Wednesday where you list five links you think your readers might like. It can be your daily reads, personal favorites, fun or even fascinating. You're more than welcome to join in every Wednesday. Make sure you stop by 2 Witches Blog and leave your link in their comments.

Here are my five links for the week:

2. Snopes - a great place to learn about urban legends.
3. Convince Me - the paranormal is full of debates and this a place where you can do it online.
4. Texarkana Paranormal Investigators - paranormal group in my home town.
5. The Phobia List - a list of phobias. You'd be surprised how many of them there are.

The Screaming Tunnel

Many flock to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada to bare witness to its romantic setting. However, its beauty doesn't overshadow a local legend. The tunnel is located in the northwest end of Niagara Falls and was originally built to be a rail tunnel in the early 1900s. The only problem was the Grand Trunk Railroad went bankrupt after World War I and it was never finished. Even though the tunnel was abandoned it would never be forgotten.

Over a century ago, a farm house located near the tunnel caught fire one night. A girl, clothes engulfed in flames, ran screaming from the house into the tunnel in the attempts of putting it out. Unfortunately, she collapsed and died inside the tunnel. There are variations to this story.

One states an enraged father sat his daughter on fire in the tunnel after learning his wife was rewarded custody of their kids in a nasty divorce battle. Another story reports that a young girl was raped inside the tunnel and her body was burned to cover the evidence. No one knows which version if any are true. However, what is known is that someone did die in the tunnel.

It was dubbed the Screaming Tunnel because they say if you stand in it and light a match you will hear a scream before the flame goes out.



Niagra Falls Public Library

Haunted Hamilton

GS Question of the Week

Do you think it's possible for psychics to see "targets" from not only any distance but also any time period?

The White Eagle Cafe & Saloon

The White Eagle Saloon was considered the place to be for men from all over the world who worked on the docks. It wasn't just the thirst of alcohol that kept them coming back. The White Eagle Saloon depicted much of the seedier side of frontier life in the 1900s.

Two Polish immigrants, Barney Soboleski and William Hryszko, opened the White Eagle in 1905 to offer other Polish immigrants a place of after-work recreation: pool, cigars, poker, liquor, beer and for the right price patrons could indulge in a brothel upstairs or an opium den downstairs. It earned the nickname "Bucket of Blood" from frequent brawls that erupted in and around the saloon. However, it didn't stop the trolley from dumping men at its doorstep until 1916 when Prohibition put a stop to legal drinking. Then, The White Eagle became the "it" place to get ice cream cones and those wanting a good stiff pop could still get the goods down in the basement, below the "soda shop."

Once Prohibition was lifted, The Eagle served hard-working, blue-collar clientele for over 35 years until the 70s and 80s when bands such as Pete Karnes Blooz Band, Driving Sideways, Paul DeLay, Terry Robb, Steve Bradley, Robert Cray and the Razorbacks began playing there. It achieved legendary status in Portland much like CBGBs once was (and always will be).

Now, The Eagle attracts more than just music lovers or potential hotel guests. Many who once worked there have never left. A "working girl" named Rose still wanders the upstairs rooms where the "white" brothel once was, weeping. She was the personal property of the saloon manager until one paying customer fell in love with her and wanted to take her away from her dangerous life. Rose wanted to go but was fearful of the saloon manager's reaction. So, she refused. Instead, her young lover confronted him and was nearly beaten to death. He again pleaded with Rose to run away with him, but she refused. In a fit of rage, he stabbed his beloved to death in one of the upstairs bedrooms. However, she didn't let death stop her. Many have reported being propositioned by a woman who could only be the ghost of the dead prostitute. Rose is not the only ghost still seen at The Eagle.

Spirits of black and Chinese women who disposed of their babies in the basement are said to clog the atmosphere. Men who were shanghaied in the underground tunnels still hang around after being dead for so long. The image of a man named Sam who worked at the saloon the length of his life has been seen, gazing from the second floor window. Perhaps he's watching over the establishment.

Sources: McMenamins and Ether Scribe's Famous Hauntings

Japan Ghost

This is probably just video effects, but it's still kind of creepy.

The Curse of the Pharaohs Strikes Again

We are taught at a young age that stealing is not a very nice thing to do. A German man found out the hard way just how wrong it is to steal from a Pharaoh.

It all supposedly began in 1922 with the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and the subsequent death of the excavation's financier Lord Carnarvon. The belief of a curse that strikes down anyone who disturbs the tombs or mummies of ancient Egypt's Pharaohs began to circulate. Apparently, a certain German man never heard about this curse.

While on a visit to Egypt in 2004, the man stole part of a Pharaonic carving and suffered the consequences. On his return to Germany, he suffered paralysis, nausea, unexplained fevers and cancer before dying recently.

His stepson handed in a package containing the carving along with a note to Egypt's embassy in Berlin. The note said the man felt obliged to return the carving to make amends for his late stepfather and enable his soul to rest in peace.

The Egyptian embassy sent the fragment back to Egypt by diplomatic pouch and it has been handed over to the Supreme Council for Antiquities, where a committee of experts are trying to determine its authenticity.

The moral story: don't steal especially from Pharaohs.

Source: Reuters via Yahoo News

GS Question of the Week

What is your favorite Elvis Presley myth?

Ghost Radar with Built-in Flash Drive

In May, I wrote about a cell phone accessory that doubles as a ghost detector. I have another little gadget for you. The Ghost Radar is a Japanese device that detects paranormal energies and contains a USB flash memory.

How it works is similar to the Ghost Detector. It beeps in rhythm which increases depending on how close the ghost is and the lights help you determine the ghost’s position, the ghost’s movement, and the risk possibilities. Basically, it responds to unusual magnetic waves with audible alerts and flashing red lights. Plus, the Ghost Radar and a small silver adhesive label have been purified at a Shinto shrine to help bring good fortune and keep evil spirits in check.

The device is quite complex, with an array of sensors and alert lights, as well as a very complex algorithm for detecting the paranormal which analyzes the sensor data, factors in biometric feedback from your skin, makes lunar-cycle adjustments and many other things. And that's not all!

It's USB flash memory isn't used for recording unusual paranormal activity. Instead, the Ghost Radar has a storage device for your documents, photos, I-tunes and movies. It can also improve the general performance of Windows Vista with a feature called ReadyBoost which allows Vista to use the flash memory as extra system RAM.

I'll admit that the Ghost Radar is a step up from the Ghost Detector. However, I don't think it's a piece of equipment that professional paranormal investigators should be using. The company that developed this device Solid Alliance and GRX doesn't guarantee it detects ghosts or even acknowledges they exist. This may be a cool little toy to play around with in a hotel or whatever, but if you are a professional, stick with the EMF detectors.

Sources: Coolest Gadgets, Everything USB, The USB Store (photo), and Novelty Flash Drives

Tom Thomson

If you saw the 1996 movie Twister then you have an idea of what waterspouts are. One theory states they are responsible for an artist's death at Canoe Lake in Canada. As much as it is plausible, experts say the conditions just weren't right on that day in 1917. So, how did Tom Thomson die? Clues to how he lived may have the answer.

Tom Thomson was born near Claremont, Ontario in 1877. He was one of ten children. After an unsuccessful attempt to fight in the Second Boer War, he went to business college in Chatham and later in Seattle, Washington. In 1907, he joined a design firm in Toronto where many future members of the Group of Seven also worked. He was given opportunities to travel throughout Canada, but the wilderness in Ontario provided much inspiration for him. He made several trips to Algonquin Park where he acted as a fire ranger and guide. Solo canoeing trips on Canoe Lake weren't unfamiliar to him. He set out on many. Unfortunately, the one on July 8th, 1917 would be his last.

For days, no one knew what had become of Tom Thomson. A man of whom he just happened to have had an argument with the night before discovered his overturned canoe. On July 16th, Thomson's body rose to the surface and was recovered from the lake. The coroner's official verdict was "death by accidental drowning", but many had their suspicions.

First, he was found with metal line wrapped around an ankle which some believe was tied to a weight in order to keep his body from rising to the surface of the lake. He also had a gash on the side of his head either from a smack against the canoe's gunnel while tumbling into the lake or a knock on the head from an unknown assailant. Another interesting fact is that his body was embalmed and buried before the coroner arrived for the inquest. This hurried up fashion was uncommon for the wilderness. It is believed they were trying to get rid of the body quickly and hope the coroner wouldn't insist on a re-examination. If that was the case, they got their wishes.

It wasn't until two days later when Thomson's brother George ordered the body to be exhumed and shipped to Owen Sound to be buried in the family plot at Leith. Even that became apart of the mystery. Judge William T. Little, in his 1970s book, "The Tom Thomson Mystery,” concluded that Thomson's body never left the Canoe Lake plot. A different body was shipped in its place. Little and three companions did dig up a body in which they believed was Tom Thomson's grave site, but it was later determined to be a native Indian.

So, what did happen to Tom Thomson on Canoe Lake? With so many inconsistencies surrounding his death, the truth may never be revealed. For now, he is believed to haunt the lake. Perhaps waiting for the mystery to be solved.

Sources: Way Back Times and Wikipedia

GS Question of Week

In 1903, a Dutch explorer awoke to small stones materializing from the ceiling and falling to the floor. Do you think phantom stones really exist?

A Review by Your Relevant

Ghost Stories received a positive review from Your Relevant. Here's what they had to say:

This site is all about ghost stories, urban legends, mythology, haunted places ( our favorite) and other paranormal phenomena. The writing really draws you in and leaves you with wanting more. Andrea really does a nice job and you tell that she is passionate about writing and this subject.

Thank you for the kind words! I certainly try hard. Check out Your Relevant to see what they say about your favorites sites.

The Snowball Mansion

Many flock to the Taj Mahal to lay eyes on one of the most grand romantic gestures a man could do for his wife. But the little guys pleased their new brides on a much smaller scale. In 1872, John Wells Snowball had a beautiful mansion built for his new bride Lucy. Their fairytale life continued with the birth of their first child. Unfortunately, it would all soon come to an end.

One night, Lucy discovered her child not breathing. It had died peacefully of unknown causes. Lucy fell into a deep depression. She lived well into her 70s, but she never recovered from the lost of her child.

Today, the Snowball Mansion located in Knights Landing, California has been turned into a Bed & Breakfast. For $145, you can stay in one of three luxurious guest rooms each equipped with a private bath and fireplace which comes with a gourmet breakfast and access to a private lake and gardens. However, if you're looking for a quiet night in a gorgeous mansion, you might be disappointed.

It is believed the mansion is haunted by the spirit of Lucy Snowball who aimlessly roams the hallways. Windows rattle from room to room. Even the lights turn on and off in the same manner. She has awakened guests. One guest saw her walk through the wall where the door to the nursery once was. Some have even seen her attending to a phantom child.

You may check in to the Snowball Mansion for the luxury, but you could leave with a ghostly experience.


Truth or Scare

Ghostly Thirteen - halloween text

Ghostly Thirteen was inspired by the Thursday Thirteen meme. You list thirteen paranormal-related things like your top 13 posts (if you have a paranormal blog), mythical creatures, gods, etc...

My Theme: Ghost Hunting Groups in the US:

1. Sonoran Paranormal Investigations in Arizona

2. The Atlantic Paranormal Society in Rhode Island

3. SWAT Paranormal in Tyler, Texas

4. South Jersey Paranormal Research in New Jersey

5. Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society in Missouri

6. Ghost Hounds in Georgia

7. Pacific Paranormal Investigations in California

8. Kentucky Shadow Chasers in Kentucky of course

9. Louisiana Spirits

10. Haunted North Carolina

11. INsight Paranormal Investigations in Oklahoma

12. The Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation in Virginia

13. Paranormal Investigations team of Utah

If you would like to participate and have your blog added here, leave a comment with your link.

GS Question of the Week

Do you believe dragons ever existed?

"Mama" Cass Elliot

July 29th marked the 33rd anniversary of The Mamas and the Papas singer Cass Elliot's death. You would think a music legend would be most known for what she brought to the industry, but she is most often remembered by the myth tied to her death.

Many rumors began to circulate after her death which included she died from a drug overdose, the FBI planned to assassinate her, and she was pregnant with John Lennon's baby. However, the most well known was she died from chocking on a ham sandwich. This is simply not true. The official cause of death was a heart attack brought about by fatty degeneration of the heart muscle fiber. Her prolonged obesity and crash diets weakened her heart to the point of failure.

She was the subject of many cruel jokes because of her physical appearance. This infamous myth gave the impression that she committed the deadly sin of "gluttony" and therefore, brought death upon herself. A mistake made by the first physician to examine Cass Elliot's body helped start the legend. Dr. Anthony Greenburgh offered an explanation to the press stating "she appeared to have been eating a ham sandwich and drinking a Coca-Cola while lying down - a very dangerous thing to do." He overlooked the significant fact that the sandwich by Cass's bed had not been touched.

"Mama" Cass Elliot was an inspiration to plus size women during a time when female singers were known to be thin and gorgeous and will continue to be.

Source: Snopes

Blog Updates

I want to bring attention to you a few changes. Some you may have noticed already and some you may have not.

The calendar has been moved to the MySpace page. If there is an event that isn't on the calendar, leave a comment or email me with the details and I'll add it.

There are two new categories on the sidebar: talk shows and podcasts. I thought they deserved their own sections. Again, if you know of one that isn't on the list, let me know and I'll check it out.

Ever since I switched from Blogger to Haloscan comments there have been some confusion about the trackbacks. When you clicked on the trackback link, the web address provided wasn't that of the permalink for the post. I've been meaning to fix the problem for a while and kept forgetting to. Well, it's now been fixed. I removed the trackback link since it was pretty useless and added a permalink in its place.

Last but not least, I want to remind you that Ghostly Thirteen will be on Tuesday. For those of you who may not know what this is, the concept is based on the Thursday Thirteen meme except you list thirteen paranormal-related things.

I hope you all have a nice day!

The Curse of Macbeth

They call it The Scottish Play because uttering its true name could bring on the curse associated with it. They story began when William Shakespeare wanted to be on King James I good side. He wrote a play called Macbeth and was inspired by actual people for the roles of the three witches. It is believed he used real incantations stolen from an authentic black-magic ritual. King James wasn't pleased with the performance even though Will himself played the part of Lady Macbeth after Hal Berridge fell ill and died in 1606. The practitioners weren't amused either.They cast an everlasting spell on the play. It is now believed that if you speak the word "Macbeth" in a theater the production will be plagued with a case of deadly bad luck.

Since then, many have fell victim to the evil spell.

  • A performance in Amsterdam in 1672 ended abruptly when the actor playing Macbeth substituted a real dagger for the blunted stage one, killing Duncan in full view of the entranced audience.
  • In 1937, Laurence Olivier took on the role of Macbeth and a 25 pound stage weight crashed within an inch of him, his sword broke onstage and flew into the audience, hitting a man who later suffered a heart attack. In addition, the director and the actress playing Lady Macduff were involved in a car accident on the way to the theatre, and the proprietor of the theatre died of a heart attack during the dress rehearsal.
  • In the 1942 Macbeth production headed by John Gielgud, three actors died, and the costume and set designer committed suicide amidst his devilish Macbeth creations.
  • Charlton Heston suffered severe burns in his groin and leg area from tights that were accidentally soaked in kerosene in an outdoor production in Bermuda in 1953.
  • In 1998, in the Off-Broadway production starring Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett, Baldwin somehow sliced open the hand of his Macduff.
It can be difficult refraining yourself from speaking one particular word. So, what do you do if you make such a mistake? There are several rituals you can perform to dispel the curse. The most familiar one consists of the person who said the offensive word to leave the theater, turn around three times, spit over each shoulder, knock on the door of the building and ask permission to re-enter. Another method is simply mumbling the phrase "Thrice around the circle bound, Evil Sink into the ground" or yell a stream of obscenities to banish the evil.

Is Macbeth really cursed or have all the disasters in its 400-year history been nothing but a series of coincidences?

Sources: The Austin Chronicle and pret allez

1,000+ Secret Videos & Photos

How often have you embarked on an endless search for the one paranormal-related video clips to post on your site? I know I have spent several nights looking for clips that didn't look fake to share with my readers. There's a new video and photo sharing site that is growing in popularity called

It's a unique paranormal themed site the prides itself on having videos too controversial for TV. This is definitely the first of it's kind and probably won't be the last. has a similar layout as Youtube and is easy to navigate with categories to make your search easier. You can upload your own videos/photos, and create play lists. Membership includes a personal profile, bulletins and access to the forums. As for the content, you will have to judge for yourself.

Since this is a new site, I'm willing to overlook the feedburner headline animator, counter and numerous ads on the homepage as it makes the site look unprofessional. However, I have no doubt that will be a huge success.
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