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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Armstrong Road

Where the Armstrong Road meets the train tracks in Columbus, Mississippi, there is a story about a young woman who committed suicide. Supposedly, her husband died by accident due to a train on his way home from the war. Grieving over her lost, she stood in front of an oncoming train and died.

They say if you stop your car on the tracks and honk your horn, you can see a light in the distance. It's allegedly a lantern being used by the spirit of the woman looking for her husband. However, there are some reasonable explanations for the presence of the light. It could be a streetlamp partially obscurred by trees or the headlights of a car crossing over further down the tracks.

Either way, I don't recommend attempting to test this for safety purposes.



Thursday, February 27, 2014


I appologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been without a computer for the past month. I'm in the process of researching new topics and will have something posted soon. In the meantime, you can leave a comment with a personal paranormal experience or submit your story via the new submission form to be published here at a later date.

Thanks for your patience. Have a great day!

Monday, January 06, 2014

The Bullock Hotel

Seth Bullock traveled from Montana to Deadwood, South Dakota in 1876 with his partner Sol Star. They bought a piece of property where the Bullock Hotel stands today and built a hardware store and warehouse. The selling of goods was not the only service they provided Deadwood. With Star at his side, Bullock was appointed the town's first sheriff and put an end to barroom brawls, gunfights and murder. Unfortunately, his success would hit a few road blocks.

In 1879, his hardware store suffered and survived a devastating fire. However, the second one in 1894 would claim the store, leaving Bullock with only the brick warehouse. He could have rebuilt the business but instead decided to provide Deadwood with a luxury hotel. When the Italianate style building was completed in 1896, it was equipped with a restaurant, lobby with red velvet carpeting, offices, sample room for salesmen, brass chandeliers, Steinway grand piano, 63 furnished rooms with skylights, bathrooms, library and parlor. In 1900, a nearby small building was acquired by Bullock and converted in to a Gentlemen's Bar.

The Bullock Hotel saw much success in it's time. Today, it's believed to be haunted by Seth Bullock. The rumor is he died on September 23, 1919 in Room 211 of the hotel as an explanation of why he may have stuck around after his death. However, the truth is he died of colon cancer at his ranch. Despite the factual misunderstanding, there have been many paranormal reports from guests and employees which include strong feelings of a paranormal presence, plates being thrown, glasses shaking, lights and appliances turning on and off and sounds of whistling and footsteps.

A tall ghostly figure known to be Seth Bullock himself has been seen throughout the hotel, restaurant and basement. Objects are moved. Showers turn on by themselves. People have been tapped on the shoulder. Strange misty anomalies appear on photos. Alarm clocks go off on their own among other unexplained occurrences.

In 1976, the building was converted in to a hardware store. The current owners, however, renovated in 1991 to 1993 and turned the structure in to the hotel it is today. If you would like to experience it's haunted presence for yourself, the Bullock Hotel offers ghost tours.


Legends of America

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reader Submission - "The Anguished Man" UPDATE

Last year, Sean Robinson shared a story about a haunted painting called "The Anguished Man". Below is an update on paranormal activity surrounding the object. Thanks Sean!

I thought you might be interested in the latest Anguished Man news. I have recently temporarily moved in with my parents and obviously took the painting with me. It was only in the house for a few days when the noises started, the same noises I had previously experienced. Then on the third night my father fell down the stairs, the same as my son did at the other house. Thankfully he was unhurt but I have now moved the painting back into storage.

I have been working closely with John Blackburn and Ian Lawman for the Mysteria Paranormal group. Taking the painting to some of the allegedly most haunted locations in the UK, including 35 Stonegate at York and Chillingham Castle in Northumberland. It was on the evening of 18th May 2013 at Chillingham Castle that a group of people experienced events that were both terrifying and unexplainable. None of the guests were prepared for what was about happen in the early hours of Sunday Morning.

The room went icy cold, a large dark figure appeared in the middle of the séance circle and a large wooden bench banged on the floor of its own accord in response to John Blackburn’s questions to the painting, then suddenly the bench was flipped upside down violently by what was believed to be John Sage, one of Chillingham Castle’s resident powerful spirits, who we think was showing his anger to a foreign uninvited spirit to his castle. John Blackburn stated it was the strangest experience in all his years of investigation.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Blogiversary!

In 2004, I didn't expect a simple interest in researching the paranormal would turn in to a 9 year project. It started with the Bunnyman. Then, expanded with stories from across the world. Although my writing has taken my time away from here more than I like, I hope to continue this for as long as possible. 

A special thanks goes out to all of you. Without your support and spooky stories, Ghost Stories would have closed up shop a long time ago. You all are the best!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reader Submission - Hampton - Lillibridge House

Kidnapping. Murder. Loss. Suffering. Yellow Fever. Suicide. Possession. Exorcisms. Seance. Parapsychologists. Poltergeist. Demonologist. All words associated with one Savannah home, the Hampton-Lillibridge. Over 50 years ago, before ghost tours or real tourism in Savannah, Jim Williams — one of Savannah’s preservation visionaries and the main character in the “non-fiction novel” Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil — “rescued” a home that some believe might have been better off being allowed to die.

Beautiful and austere-looking today, and arguably on Savannah’s nicest colonial-era street, the home became the wellspring of all things haunted lore and ghost economy in Savannah. Some say it’s haunted by its past as a hospital during an epidemic in 1820, the family found dead in the home, believed to be poisoned by their slaves. Or perhaps later when a German sailor set himself on fire in the upper floor where so much poltergeist activity has been experienced. Others have offered the more simple explanation to the home’s upset: “you never, ever move a house.” It didn’t help much that when developers attempted to restore the home in 1961, they found a large, watery grave on the move location and proceeded to renovate right on top — now the grave is just part of the basement. No big deal.

Jim Williams routinely encountered and heard others refer to a violent spirit, “the evil man upstairs,” with one scientist even believing it had tried to murder him. Before Williams sold the home in 1971, it had been exorcised once and declared “the single most psychically possessed home in America,” by Duke University, after documenting some 300 instances of Level Four & Five Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) — or in effect, violent poltergeist activity. Although more people know the name Amityville via the pop culture legacy, no home in America has so much of a historical haunted rap sheet along with scientific one as does the Hampton-Lillibridge, and what better destination to find it in but America’s Most Haunted City? And yet, there’s still an asking price for anyone who dares to take it on: 2.1 million.

Shannon "Dr. Buzzard" Scott

Excerpt from Celebrate Halloween by Discovering Your Town’s Spooky History at

Friday, October 18, 2013

Reader Submission - Opera House Ghosts

Opera House Fire Leaves Ghosts Behind?

Men, women and children crowded into the third floor of the Weyant Opera House on a brisk spring evening on May 17, 1886.

The local Westerville residents were excited to see the traveling theatrical performance of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”  The play had been a national sensation since P.T. Barnum staged it in 1853 in New York City.

The church-going folks of the town were not in the same frame of mind about theatrical performances.  They considered them sinful and warned of dire consequences for those in attendance. That warning came true on that cool evening.

A four-foot stage sat along the western wall of the opera house’s large top floor.  Theatre goers ascended a long set of stairs and entered through a narrow doorway in the rear of the room.

Coal-fired oil lamps lit the stage to the delight of the children who lined the front row.   The buzz in the room was audible.   Traveling actors who performed world-renowned plays rarely came to towns as small as Westerville.  The disagreement between the church-goers and play-goers showed its importance.

The play began to a rapt audience.  But the mood would soon change to terror. The actor playing Augustine St. Clare, a bombastic role in the production, came on stage carrying an umbrella.  As he wildly swung it during his performance, he inadvertently knocked over one of the coal-oil lamps.  The oil spilled and a fire erupted on the stage raging over the heads of the children in the front row.  Pandemonium ensued.

Luther Clouse, a janitor for the opera house, sprung into action.  He rushed the stage and grabbed the burning lamp.  He turned and ran toward an open window in the rear of the room near the stairs.  Unfortunately, the crowd was out of control as they rushed past Clouse.

The narrow doorway quickly clogged with people attempting to flee.  Women and children were knocked to the floor.  The surging crowd knocked Clouse over and the burning coal lamp fell upon the prone women and children.

Many were severely burned and three young children, Berkie Knox, Bertha Scofield and Edward Evans, and a young woman, Mrs. Osaac Hoffman, were killed in the blaze.  One young patron was thrown over the crowd and down the long stairway. She suffered no burns but had many broken bones and lost all of her teeth in the fall.

The Weyant Opera House is now the Bag of Nails Restaurant.  Many of the employees who have worked there or are working there believe the ghosts of the children still haunt the third floor.

Many of them have heard the sounds of chairs moving quickly and small feet running toward the third-floor door.  Others hear the sounds of young girls playing.  The young girl voices call out their names.

Staff members have called the Westerville Police Department to investigate noises and doors being found opened when they had been closed.  Nothing is ever found.
Some employees simply refuse to go up to the third floor alone at night.

“It is so creepy at night.  If you left a light on upstairs you don’t go up to turn it off because it is so scary,” says one long-time bartender.

John McGory
   orbit ohio 81
Orbit Ohio

Friday, August 30, 2013

Reader Submission - The Old Jail in St. Augustine

St. Augustine’s Paranormal Places: What’s Locked Up in the Old Jail?

The Old Jail in St. Augustine, Florida is listed on the Florida and National Register of Haunted Places. The Old Jail’s paranormal past has been featured on The Today Show, the Syfy Channel and the Travel Channel. These supernatural occurrences include loud banging noises, light orbs, sudden chills and even sightings of moving shadows and apparitions. The history of the jail is sordid and scary, so many tourists and locals flock to the site to experience the haunted tales firsthand.

Henry Flagler, a key industrialist in Florida, built the structure in 1891. The same construction company would later go on to build the infamous Alcatraz prison. During its time as a jail, conditions for prisoners were notoriously inhumane, with poor diets and sanitation. The maximum security area housed the most dangerous criminals, and a total of 8 men were hung from the jail’s gallows. All of the violence and death led to many angry spirits haunting the grounds, which may be why strange odors and supernatural occurrences persist in the Old Jail even during the day.

Presently, the Old Jail is only accessible by guided tour. During a visit to the Old Jail and Museums, you’ll see the restored facilities, weaponry displays and even a visual account of the 8 infamous gallows deaths. For those who desire a bit more than a guided tour, Old Town Trolley Tours and 2Ghouls partnered up in the spring of 2013 to offer overnight paranormal investigations of the jail. The unique tour allows you to hunt for ghosts and spirits inside the registered haunted site, which is a one-of-a-kind but spooky experience for any fans of ghosts and the occult.

During my tour, about twenty ghost hunters gathered for three hours in the Old Jail. Being in such a small group was great because everyone was able to get individual attention and assistance from our guides. Ghost hunters on the tour can even use real ghost-hunting equipment including EMF detectors, field matrix scanners and camcorders. Using these authentic tools was a perfect combination of thrilling and educational, and some of my fellow ghost hunters were able to capture pictures of spooky orbs and even feel the presence of apparitions.

Ideal for both beginners and more advanced paranormal investigators, this opportunity to experience ghoulish activity shouldn’t be missed during a trip to St. Augustine. I would definitely go again. For more information about the Old Jail and Paranormal Investigations Tour, visit

Want to share your paranormal experience? Submit it to paranormal_stories2004 @ (without spaces).


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