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GS Question of the Week

What paranormal predictions do you have for 2008?

GS Question of the Week

There will be no question this week. Happy Holidays!

GS Question of the Week

Test Your Paranormal Vocabulary

What is a ghost box?

Ice Storm

Repost from Southern Expressions

I haven't posted for a while and there's a good reason for it. I had no electricity. Last Saturday, we had an ice storm which knocked our power out. Of course, we called it in and asked to be on their "priority" list because of my step-grandmother who relies on an oxygen machine and nebulizer for her breathing problems. I guess to our power company priority means absolutely nothing.

This isn't the first ice storm I've dealt with. There was the one in 2000. However, this time we had not only water but hot water. Our water heater is hooked up to the gas. We also had our gas stove to cook on. So, we had at least one hot meal a day. Our phones were still working for a short time until they went out. We also had a gas heater. I know you're not suppose to use gas appliances and/or heaters to heat your house because of carbon monoxide, but we have a carbon monoxide detector and we didn't have it going all the time. Plus we didn…

Reader Submission - Christmas Ghost

I received this picture a while back for a previous guestposter who wants to remain anonymous. The picture is of her first husband at Christmas time. What do you see?

If you have a picture or story you would like seen here, email me at

Paranormal State

If you frequent the A&E channel, you've probably seen the promos for this show. It seems they have decided to toss their name in to the paranormal hat with their own show entitled Paranormal State.

From what I gather this one will be much like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted except the home base is at Penn State University. The Paranormal Research Society club was founded by Ryan Buell in September of 2001 and consists of four other members: Katrina - Interviewer, Heather - Team Documentarian, Sergey - Tech Specialist, and Elfie - Occult Specialist.

Here's my questions. This is a show about college kids in a paranormal club. What's going to happen when they graduate? I'm assuming it's going to be handed over to a new group of students. Or perhaps Mr. Buell will keep getting new degrees until the show goes off the air. He already has one and is now going for another. Of course, he may not have to worry about that seeing as he was made a producer of the show. Howeve…

GS Question of the Week

I saw this question posted at Paranormal @ However, I'm going to take it a step further.

Did you ever suspect one of your childhood toys as being haunted?

GS Question of the Week

National Novel Writing Month is almost over(just five more days). I should be back to full posting capacity by at least Saturday.

Another trivia question (I'll post the answer later today in the comments section):

The mystery behind whether or not Anastasia is really alive may have been solved. The remains of two members of the Romanov family where never found until recently. Where were they buried?

GS Question of the Week

Like the new template? I thought it was cute and it'll only be up for the holidays. If the falling snow gets too annoying let me know and I'll remove it.

Today's question has to do with a problem I'm sure a lot of us wished we had. While there have been many reports of stones materializing out of nowhere and falling from the sky, there are also reports of money doing much the same. Pennies, dimes, nickels and even bills falling from the sky in or near houses or apartments. What do you suppose is the cause of this bizarre phenomena?


I know I haven't been posting much lately. You can thank NaNoWriMo for that. I do want to recognize a few milestones that took place around Halloween.

Of course, with a blog like this, Halloween will always be the most busiest time of the year. When I checked MyBlogLog, I had over a thousand readers in one day. I believe that is the most this blog has ever had. I'm very proud of that and I hope those who visited will have the urge to come back again.

Also, by looking at the counter, Ghost Stories hit the 100,000 reader mark. Meaning, since this blog was created over 100,000 people have stopped by. This leads into the next one.

Tomorrow is Ghost Stories 3rd Anniversary! I usually try to come up with some way to celebrate, but as excited as I am for having this blog for so long, I'm not going to bother. However, I do ask for one thing. Tell me what you like about the blog and what other things you would like to see done in the future. I'm always open for suggestions.

Ghost Hunters Live

First of all, last years live special was tons more better than this years. I understand they wanted to improve it but they took a step over to the Most Haunted side and it really didn't work. I was under the impression that Josh Gates, which by the way there will be a second season of Destination Truth as he plugged so many times that night, would be joining in on the investigation, but actually he was the host. One very annoying host.

This year they did a back and forth thing. It went from Josh to the investigation back to Josh then to the investigation. It seemed like when they did switch back to TAPS it was after they had seen or heard something. As a viewer it was frustrating.

Then they had a couple of interactive things they introduced this year that I didn't care for either. One was the live chat. I'm perfectly fine with people chatting as the show is progressing, but part of it was TAPS coming out of the field and chit chatting in the chatroom. While I think it would…

St. Francisville Experiment

I do plan on posting my review of the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween special, but I'm choosing to wait until they do the reveal episode tomorrow.

Today, I'm choosing to post my thoughts on a movie I've seen quite a few times. St. Francisville Experiment was suppose to be an actual documentary about an actual haunted house. It starts off with the producer telling the audience that everything presented in the movie was true. When you actually see the movie, you learn it is anything but that.

It was supposedly a film like the Blair Witch Project only true. In order to do this they needed a ghost story and a location to film. St. Francisville, Louisiana is known for its hauntings. So, it was an appropriate place for this movie. The actual ghost story that inspired it was that of the Madame Delphine LaLaurie. She was married to a doctor named Louis LaLaurie and they lived in a beautiful mansion in the French Quarter. According to the story, she was particularly cruel to the slaves…

GS Question of the Week

Something different this week.

In August, a hairless doglike creature was found in Texas and was believed to be a chupacabra. The DNA results are in. What did they reveal?


Don't get this German vampire mixed up with the Doppelganger. They are very much different. Doppelsauger is German for "double sucker". Consider it's obsession with breasts, the name seems to fit.

He is believed to be the revenant of a child who sucked his mother's breasts after being weaned onto solid food. If this particular type of child dies, they would consume the flesh from their breasts while in their graves. Then it preys a member of their family, draining the life from them and eats their breasts.

There are certain preventative measures you can take. Place a coin between the teeth of the corpse. Place a semi-circular board under the chin of the corpse. Then, make sure the burial garments are as far from the lips of the corpse as possible.

Source: Monstropedia and


The Liderc may appeal to the sexual interests of readers. This vampire-like being share a similar quality with the Succubus or Incubus. They tend to "love someone to death" with sexual activities.

According to Hungarian folklore, there are three varieties of Liderc. The first and more traditional form is that of the csodacsirke. One hatches from the first egg of a black hen kept warm under the arm of a human (there are variations of this). It can take form of a chicken or human but always has one goose foot. The Lidérc attaches themselves to people and becomes their lover. If the owner happens to be a woman, they will morph into a man. However, it doesn't have the desire to pleasure the woman. Instead, it fondles her, sits on her body and sucks her blood, making her sick and weak. It also carries out tasks to find treasure. This generous gesture would soon become annoying as it demands more work constantly. There are two ways to rid yourself of this Liderc. You can give…


The interesting thing about how this vampire-like creature in Australian Aborigine lore is not his appearance. Sure a four-feet tall red, hairy man-like creature with a rather large head, no teeth and octopus-like suckers on its fingers toes may turn a few heads, but I think its eating habits are a bit more strange.

A Yara-Ma-Yha-Who doesn't hunt for food. He patiently waits in a fig tree for food comes to him. He pounces on a person when they walk under the tree and sucks most of their blood with his suckers, leaving just enough to keep them alive. But this is only the beginning of its torturous methods. After a little workout, he returns to his victim and lies on the ground, facing them. Then, he crawls to them and swallows them whole like a snake and does a little dance to jiggle the body down to his stomach. The Yara-Ma-Yha-Who regurgitates his victim who is usually still alive. At this point it would be best if you just played dead.

He'll test to see if his victim is stil…


In Haiti, it is the Loogaroo that inhabitants fear the most. These vampire-like witches are humans, especially old women, who make a deal with the Devil. They are to deliver large amounts of blood to a Devil Tree in exchange for magical powers.

During the day they appear as humans, but when night falls, they make their way to a silk-cotton tree a.k.a. the Devil Tree. They they removed their skin, carefully folding it up, and turn into a ball of fire and speed off doing their "business" until dawn.

While the Longaroo can slip through the tiniest hole, there is a way to defend yourself. They don't care for dogs which is probably why they tend molest animals. If you hear a dog barking, one might be near. Scatter rice and sand before a cabin and the Longaroo must stay and count every grain. Dawn will surprise them while doing such a task. If you happen to find their skin hidden in the bushes under a silk-cotton tree, you should pound it in a mortar with pepper and salt so t…


What vampire is closely related to a wendigo and sasquatch? According to Choctaw folklore, a Shampe. Coming across a bear in the woods is the least of your worries. Shampes are described as being giant, grotesque beasts seen with or without hair who live in the deepest part of the woods. They can't stand bright sunshine or open air and have a horrible foul scent much like a skunk.

These vampire-beasts were known to follow hunters carrying their kills. The sent of blood attracts them to you. Their keen sense of smell helps them track any person or animal which makes up for their terrible vision.

Considering who it is kin to, the Shampe gives off certain warning signs that lets you know it is near. Their foul smell is a huge one. It is believed that many people have died from this scent. Another giveaway is the whistling sound they make as they stalk their prey. If you ever hear and/or smell these two warnings, drop whatever wounded/dead animal you have and run as fast as you can.


Just a Reminder...

Ghost Hunters live Halloween special is on Wednesday. It'll be a 6 hour investigation of The Waverly Hills Sanatorium beginning at 8pm Central. They will be joined by Josh Gates from Destination Truth, Elijah Burke from ECW and the three finalists from the Ghost Hunters contest. Waverly is a pretty active place so it should be an interesting night.

If you missed the premiere of Ghost Adventures, don't worry you'll get another chance to see it. Ghost Adventures will air again on Wednesday at 1pm Central.

It's that time again. Horrorfest will be on November 9th to 18th. Eight new films released by After Dark Films will be shown in over 350 theaters. This years films are: The Deaths of Ian Stone, Nightmare Man, Crazy Eights, Unearthed, Borderland, Mulberry Street, Tooth and Nail and Lake Dead. Go to HorrorFest Online to purchase your tickets.

There won't be a question this week. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn't have the chance to post as many vampire …


It's a bright sunny day and you are walking about minding your own business. You have no regard for your fellow men and women's plans or motives, but you should that is if you lived during Ancient Rome. A commonly known vampire-witch called Strix or striges wandered about during those times.

During the day, they appeared as a human and could walk in the sunlight with no consequences. When night fell, she transformed into a screech owl or crow described has having huge talons, misshapen heads and breasts full of poisonous milk. Once her transformation was complete, she began her hunt for fresh new victims to satisfy her cravings for blood, livers and internal organs. Her preferred target.....children. She would lure them into her trap by offering them the poisoned milk. Of course, men weren't safe from her wrath either. It is believed a Strix would transform into a woman and have sexual intercourse with sleeping men to drain them of their life-force.

How do you keep the Str…

Reader Submission - What Scared the Dog

A story sent to me from Christopher at Death By Children:

June. It's like 3 in the morning. It's ink dark in the house. I'm knocked out of a deep sleep by a scream.

This isn't the normal screaming I'm used to. This isn't "oh dear, I've stabbed myself with this kitchen implement!," Nor was it "Good Lord, that fecal expurgation was distressingly large and I fear that I may have torn something loose down there!" It was real fear. It was "I just saw a freaking ghost."

I ran downstairs, my mind blank with concern, and found Connor standing in the dining room, all the lights on, wailing. I grabbed him, asking what was wrong, checking him for blood, automatically adding up his extremities. He was perfectly fine--and white as a sheet. I asked him what happened.

"I saw a ghost."

Now my kids hate my inflexible stance on the paranormal, a stance immovable and fixed: it's one rung below noodling and NASCAR on the rung to true…


We can agree the supernatural has been apart of our culture for thousands of years. This statement is the subject of Graham Hancock's new novel Supernatural. But who is Graham Hancock?

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Hancock spent most of his younger years in India. Later, he went to school and university in the northern English city of Durham and graduated from Durham University in 1973 with First Class Honors in Sociology and pursued a career in journalism. He wrote for newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian and The Independent and was co-editor of New Internationalist magazine from 1976-1979. He is known for asking legitimate questions and challenging popular views of orthodox scholars. Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. I believe his latest novel will fall in that category as well.

When I first read a synopsis of Supernatural, I was excited. I love learning new things and ideas i…

GS Question of the Week

Many have offered millions of dollars as a grand prize for proof of the paranormal. Do you think these incentives really offer any help in this field or just bring out the greedy side of people?

40 Years Have Gone By

It was 1967 when Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed an alleged Sasquatch at Bluff Creek. After 40 years, the Bigfoot footage is still regarded as the most popular and controversial. Was it a hoax? Quite possibly.

While Gimlin had his doubts, Patterson was a believer. Many who knew him say he wasn't the most reliable. You add that to inconsistencies in stories (interviews printed in various magazines) and the fuzziness in the film could convince any skeptic of its invalidity. This wasn't some random outing where they just happen to spot the mythic creature. Patterson was filming a Bigfoot documentary. According to Grover Krantz, the two even agreed they should have shot the creature not just to silence naysayers, but also for financial gain. So, what would have stopped them from staging the whole thing?

New species of animals are discovered all the time. I believe it is possible some mythical creatures really do exist. Do you think the Patterson-Gimlin footage is proof B…
I know I haven't posted much lately. I planned on writing something yesterday but it was a very bad day. My step-grandfather died from respiratory failure. It was quite unexpected. I didn't really know him. Never had a chance to meet him. All I know is what I've been told and what I've been told weren't so nice. Whether you like your parent(s) or not, it still hurts to some degree when they die.

If that wasn't bad enough, we had two severe thunderstorms pass through. The last one left as quickly as it came but it still left its mark. A somewhat large tree in our front yard was blown completely over. It missed our house by a few feet. No one was hurt except for our picnic table or rather the umbrella. It took my mom forever to find one large and cheap enough for it. Now, she'll have to find another one.

I've always been deathly afraid of tornadoes, not so much now since we moved into a house and have a storm cellar. Obviously, there's a real reason to …

GS Question of the Week

What is the scariest Halloween game you've every played?


It is a Chinese belief that everyone possesses two souls, a superior or rational soul an an inferior irrational soul. The superior soul can leave a sleeping body and roams about as the body's double. It can also possess and speak through the body of another. An inferior soul can inhabit the body of a fetus and linger in the bodies of the dead. It is believed that the mythology of the Chiang-Shih or hopping corpse came from the folklore practice of "Traveling a Corpse over a Thousand Li". A traveling companion or family members who could not afford a wagon or had very little money would hire a Tao priests to transport the corpses of friends/family members who died far from home over long distances by teaching to hop on their own feet back to their hometown for a proper burial. Other think they were smugglers in disguise who wanted to scare off law enforcement.

A Chiang-Shih is said to be created when a person's soul fails to leave the decease's body, usually afte…

GS Question of the Week

The last day to vote for your favorite blog in the Blogger Choice Awards is October 19th. Be sure and get those votes in.

Do you think there is a connection between the old folk beliefs about fairy abductions and alien abductions?


I didn't mention this in the previous post, but allow me to do so now. Forget every cliche Hollywood has taught you about vampires, including wooden stakes, holy water, crucifixes, etc. Some or possibly most vampires you will read here won't fit completely in that mold. Having said that, lets continue with the next stop on our "tour".

The first documented story of vampires possibly came from Ancient Greek lore. One kind believed to roam the lands of Greece and Macedonia is the Vrykolaka. There are several ways to become a Vrykolaka: suicide, violent death, improper burial, cursed by a priest, and excommunicated from the church.

Their method of killing is quite unique. A Vrykolaka would request entry into a person's household possibly someone they once knew. Next, they would call out the victims name before sitting on their chests and suffocating them. There are those who have survived these so called "attacks". But those who didn't were believed to …

Ghost Hunters' Episode

Last night was an interesting episode. Below is a short synopsis of each location they investigated along with a clip, revealing the evidence they collected.

The Presidio

TAPS investigated the Presidio in San Francisco, California. In the 1770s, it was a Spanish fort until Mexico seized it. Twenty-four years later, it switched hands again and became a military base for the U.S. Army for over 148 years. Now, The Presidio is part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

One of the claims TAPS went in to investigate was that of a Spanish woman. Witnesses reported seeing and smelling her in a couple areas. Jason and Grant possibly traced the floral phantom smell associated with her to a janitor's closet. As for the visual reports, watch the clip and see if you think it's her.

Lullaby Lane

The second stop in San Francisco was a baby store called Lullaby Lane. Most of the claims were audio except for a chair in their office moving on its own. The owners were less interested in having evi…

Mercy Brown

I'm declaring October Vampire Month here at Ghost Stories! Throughout the next four weeks, I will be writing about various vampire folklore and myths across the globe. The first vampire story is that of America's most well-known and last North American "vampire", Mercy Brown.
New England was the center of vampire folklore in the United States, especially Rhode Island. During the 1800s, consumption or pulmonary tuberculosis plagued the townspeople of Exeter. One out of four people died from it. Unfortunately, the Brown family didn't escape it. The disease first took Mercy's mother, Mary Brown. The next victim was her sister, Mary Olive. Edwin was the next to contract consumption, but fearing for his only son's life, George Brown sent him to live in Colorado, to stop or slow the disease. He returned in late 1891 because it had progressed. However, Edwin wasn't the next the person in the Brown family to die. Mercy had the "galloping" variety o…

Wander the Web Wednesday

The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers.

They can be daily reads, or personal favorites.

They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain fascinating that you stumbled into recently.

If you want to “play along” make a list on your site and link to it in 2 Witches Blog comments. They'd also appreciate a link back.

1. Encounters with the Unknown - If you love my blog, you will love hers.
2. The Shadowlands
3. NaNoWriMo - This one is for the writers. I'm participating. Are you?
4. The Paranormal Site at BellaOnline - A site somewhat similar to, but for women.
5. Swansea Paranormal Research Group - A group located in Britain.

GS Question of the Week

I received Graham Hancock's new book Supernatural today. I'll have a review posted in about two weeks. Be on the lookout for that.

Do you think there is such a thing as a psychic animal?

Northern State Hospital

A clip of the analysis and reveal from the Northern State Hospital investigation on Ghost Hunters.

Finding Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster from Your Home

More and more haunted locations are putting up web cams so people can ghost hunt from the comforts of their own home. Now, with a program called Mechanical Turk, you can use satellite technology to find mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

The program was used to help find adventurer Steve Fossett after he went missing on Sept. 3rd. Participants used a single satellite image to note any object or wreckage that could be a plane or debris. Even though Fossett is still missing, the search did uncover several unknown small plane wrecks dating all the way back to the 1950s. Maybe they should try searching the Bermuda Triangle. No telling what they will find there. While this technology can be used in such life and death situations as this, a theory states it could be used for other types of searches as well.

It's believed that if such creatures as the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot really do exist they could easily be located and captured. While it won't be …

Ghost Hunters Tonight

First, allow me to say I’m pleased to see that Dave Tango was bumped up to investigator. I was beginning to wonder if his training stage was ever going to be over. Now, there’s a new trainee taking his place, Kris Williams. It looked like she did alright for her first two times out. You have to start somewhere, right?

Usually, TAPS goes in to disprove a haunting and that is exactly what was asked from them at Northern State Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. Unfortunately, after the investigation and all evidence analyzed, they had no choice but to deliver proof. They captured an EVP of a woman singing or humming in the attic, which Jason and Grant were both witnesses to and sort of backed-up eyewitness statements of a nurse being seen in there. Also, they had a video clip of a figure about 6ft tall or so walking slightly in front of a window I think and then back into the darkness. The figure was see-through so there wasn’t explanation for it. If someone kindly posts the clip of t…

Wander the Web Wednesday

First of all, I don't like doing the double or triple post a day thing, but I have a whole list of topics to get to and not enough time or days in the week to do it. Plus, I like doing the Wander the Web Wednesday meme. So, Wednesdays will be the two-for-the-price-of-one day. Enjoy this and I'll have another entry up later today. Oh and don't forget the new season of Ghost Hunters premieres tonight.
The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers.
They can be daily reads, or personal favorites.
They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain fascinating that you stumbled into recently.
If you want to “play along” make a list on your site and link to it in 2 Witches Blog comments. They'd also appreciate a link back.
1. - Just a fun site where you can write a fake news story. 2. Paranormal Awareness Society Network - haven't had time to fully explore this site yet, but you might want to. 3. 4.

GS Question of the Week

Before I get to this week's question, I have a little announcement. October 1st through 7th is Buy a Friend a Book Week. I was inspired by the idea of generosity and instead of buying someone a book, I decided to give two books from my own personal library away to two lucky readers here. One is a novelization of episode two, The Harvest, of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. The second is Star By. V.C. Andrews.

All you have to do to enter this little contest is leave a comment (with your email address) on any post this week stating you want to be entered into the drawing. That's it. I'll put your names in a hat and draw two out. The first name drawn will get to choose which book they want. Winners will be announced next Monday. Good Luck!

Now this week's question:

Do you think we live more than one life?

Mammoth Cave

Something about caves attracts people near and far, not just the spelunkers. Many are considered haunted and Mammoth Cave isn't any different. With 330 miles of passageways on five levels, the ghosts have plenty of room to roam around and with over 150 reported sightings, they may need it. Of course, that doesn't mean 150 ghosts have taken up resident in the caves, but there are at least three.

One popular spirit is that of a slave who gave up freedom to stay with the cave he loved so dear even after death. Stephen Bishop was born in 1820. Eighteen years later, he began exploring the cave. That spring, his master, Franklin Gorin bought Mammoth and Stephen began giving regular tours. Back in those days, slaves were often recruited as guides, but Stephen was the one to go to, the best of the best. When he wasn't guiding tours, he was exploring new areas of the cave and thus began the naming tradition which continues til this day. Stephen died in 1857 and buried in the Old G…

TV News

The first day of Autumn may be on Sunday, but some of your favorite shows, new and old, are already premiering new episodes. So, what's on the Fall schedule for paranormal enthusiasts?

Ghost Hunters is returning on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 with the first episode of the new season. They made us wait for the last six episodes of the last season, but we won't have to this time. Remember there will be another live show on Halloween which will wrap-up Sci-Fi's 13 Days of Halloween marathon. This year they are investigating Waverly Hills for a second time. Not sure who or if there will be a celebrity tagging along with them.

Last year, Destination Truth premiered with Josh Gates traveling all over the world investigating alleged sightings of mythical creatures. Well, a second season doesn't look real promising. Surprise. Surprise. The word around the Sci-Fi Channel forums is that its being replaced by another show called UFO Hunters, basically the same concept as Ghost Hu…

Did Ya Know Friday

It's uncertain where the Ouija Board first originated, but if you think Parker Brothers came up with this idea, you would be wrong. According to some, something resembling a Ouija Board was in 1200 B.C. China, a divination known as Fu Ji. Others claim Pythagoras, in 540 B.C., would conduct seances at "a mystic table, moving on wheels, moved towards signs" in which he and his pupil, Philolaus would interpret to the audience as revelations from the spirit world. Both historic claims have come under debates as being inaccurate.

However, talking boards weren't actually used until the Spiritualism movement in the 19th Century. The Fox sisters developed a system of knocks for each letter of the alphabet to supposedly communicate with spirits. Many wanted to mimic their methods and speak to ghosts too. There were many forms of divinations to spell out messages at that time, including swinging a pendulum over a plate that had letters around the edge or using an entire table t…

Wander the Web Wednesday

The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers.

They can be daily reads, or personal favorites.

They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain fascinating that you stumbled into recently.

If you want to “play along” make a list on your site and link to it in 2 Witches Blog comments. They'd also appreciate a link back.
1. The Debris Field - A daily list of links about the paranormal from blogs, news websites, etc.
2. LibraryThing Unsuggester - It analyzes the eighteen million books LibraryThing members have recorded as owned or read, and comes back with books least likely to share a library with the book you suggest.
3. Ghost Channel TV - Came across this the other day. Tell me what you think.
4. G.H.O.S.T. Hunters game - I was bored one day and found this game. The premise is your a member of the G.H.O.S.T. Hunters and are called in to investigate a possible haunting or cruel hoax at Majesty Manor. I've tried to play the free trial, but I h…

It's My Birthday Today!

In honor of my 24th birthday, there will be no question this week. Have a great Monday!


Clip from the paranormal tv show Sightings hosted by Tim White. They discuss the history and possible haunting of the Full Circle Cafe in Georgetown, Colorado. Even the late psychic Peter James (may he rest in peace) makes an appearance. Enjoy!

Did Ya Know Friday

Did ya know that no accused witches were burned at the stake during the Witch Trials in Salem? They were either hanged or died in prison except for one who was pressed to death. However, "witches" on the other side of the world weren't so lucky.

From the mid-15th century to the late 19th century, those accused of witchcraft died by fire, as that was the ultimate element of purification. Many were even burned alive. Despite several British witches and occultist trying to up the number, the number of people who died during this period was between 200,000 to 500,000.

I would like to say that we have moved on and put these practices behind us, but in some parts of the country, burning those who are accused of using black magic is still an option. In May, An elderly Indian couple were burnt to death after villagers accused them of practicing black magic. Last year, a barber in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh killed his four-year-old son by slitting his throat with a razor a…

Tuen Mun Road

Picture this: you ignore the high gas prices and go for a relaxing drive. Instead of taking the same streets you've driven on many occasions, you venture down a new stretch of road. Your guard is down as you admire the beautiful scenery. Then, your eyes drift back to the road, spotting someone standing motionless within a few feet from your vehicle. Reacting quickly, you swerve to miss them, crashing into the ditch. Dazed, you exit your car to check on the other person. They are no where to be seen. Where did they go? Why were they standing in the middle of the road and refused to move? Could it been a ghost?

Those living in Hong Kong who has survived a scenario such as this would say yes. In 1977, a major expressway called Tuen Mun Road was built to connect Tuen Mun with Tsuen Wang. Due to narrow carriageways and substandard geometry, the road has become more of a hazard than anything. With the numerous traffic accidents and casualties it's not surprising Tuen Mun Road is bel…

Wander the Web Wednesday

The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers.

They can be daily reads, or personal favorites.

They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain facinating that you stumbled into recently.

If you want to “play along” make a list on your site and link to it in 2 Witches Blog comments. They'd also appreciate a link back.
1. American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena
2. God Checker
3. Blog from the Darkside
4. Horror Find
5. Hellnotes

GS Question of the Week

Do you think there is a such thing as demon dogs?

Sloss Furnace

Video clip of Sloss Furnace on Scariest Places on Earth. Click here to learn more about Sloss.

Wander the Web Wednesday

I know it's a day late, but I wasn't up to posting yesterday. These are the rules:

The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers.

They can be daily reads, or personal favorites.

They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain facinating that you stumbled into recently.

If you want to “play along” make a list on your site and link to it in 2 Witches Blog comments. They'd also appreciate a link back.

1. The Gender Genie - A fun site that analyzes a writing sample or a blog post to determine whether the author is male or female. The results can be surprising.

2. Prairie Ghosts - A site ran by Troy Taylor, author and founder of the American Ghost Society. It contains tons of information on the paranormal.

3. - Searchable database of sites related to the paranormal.

4. Books for Soldiers - It's always good to help out the soldiers overseas. Apparently, books are on their lists of requests.

5. - just an interesti…

GS Question of the Week

Do you think certain colors have the ability to keep evil spirits away?

Has a Chupacabra been Found?

For years, the mythical creature has eluded scientists, leaving little to no trace of its existence. A woman in Cuero, Texas named Phylis Canion claims she discovered one outside of her ranch. Actually, her and some of her neighbors found three 40 pound bodies in July, keeping it hidden until now. The animal is described as having big ears, large fanged teeth and grayish-blue, mostly hairless skin. Could this strange animal be a chupacabra?

Canion thinks so. She based her opinion on her twenty-six dead chickens who was drained of blood. Her animals weren't the only ones to fall prey to this alleged mythical creature.

Veterinarian Travis Schaar of the Main Street Animal Hospital in nearby Victoria believes what she calls a chupacabra is probably a strange breed of dog, a canine with a thirst for blood. He doesn't deny the possibility of it being a chupacabra, but states that it could just be a mutated litter of dogs.

Canion saved the head of the dead animal and plans on getting…

Elvis Presley Myths

There are many myths surrounding the memory of Elvis Presley. But which ones are true? Here you will find the answers to the questions about the late King of Rock-n-Roll.

Myth 1: Was Elvis a DEA Agent? - This particular myth coincides with another. It was no secret Elvis was interested in being a DEA agent. The desire to join was so great that he wrote a long letter to President Richard Nixon, who by the way didn't even know who Elvis was, listing his credentials in order to initiated into the club. Some believe he was made an official DEA agent which led to his sudden "disappearance" in 1977. However, the truth is, he was given an honorary badge. It couldn't be used for official DEA business, but he was still in a way part of the Drug Enforcement Association.

Myth 2: Did Elvis have a twin? - The answer is yes. However, his twin brother Jesse Garon was born stillborn. Elvis always missed his brother and always felt the that missing piece of him. I'm sure that's…

Wander the Web Wednesday

I come across many websites and blogs while doing research for posts. 2 Witches Blog putting together a meme called Wander the Web Wednesday where you list five links you think your readers might like. It can be your daily reads, personal favorites, fun or even fascinating. You're more than welcome to join in every Wednesday. Make sure you stop by 2 Witches Blog and leave your link in their comments.

Here are my five links for the week:
1. Sue Darroch and Matthew Didier's Paranormal Blog - a cool paranormal blog! 2. Snopes - a great place to learn about urban legends. 3. Convince Me - the paranormal is full of debates and this a place where you can do it online. 4. Texarkana Paranormal Investigators - paranormal group in my home town. 5. The Phobia List - a list of phobias. You'd be surprised how many of them there are.

The Screaming Tunnel

Many flock to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada to bare witness to its romantic setting. However, its beauty doesn't overshadow a local legend. The tunnel is located in the northwest end of Niagara Falls and was originally built to be a rail tunnel in the early 1900s. The only problem was the Grand Trunk Railroad went bankrupt after World War I and it was never finished. Even though the tunnel was abandoned it would never be forgotten.

Over a century ago, a farm house located near the tunnel caught fire one night. A girl, clothes engulfed in flames, ran screaming from the house into the tunnel in the attempts of putting it out. Unfortunately, she collapsed and died inside the tunnel. There are variations to this story.

One states an enraged father sat his daughter on fire in the tunnel after learning his wife was rewarded custody of their kids in a nasty divorce battle. Another story reports that a young girl was raped inside the tunnel and her body was burned to cover the evidence. …

GS Question of the Week

Do you think it's possible for psychics to see "targets" from not only any distance but also any time period?

The White Eagle Cafe & Saloon

The White Eagle Saloon was considered the place to be for men from all over the world who worked on the docks. It wasn't just the thirst of alcohol that kept them coming back. The White Eagle Saloon depicted much of the seedier side of frontier life in the 1900s.

Two Polish immigrants, Barney Soboleski and William Hryszko, opened the White Eagle in 1905 to offer other Polish immigrants a place of after-work recreation: pool, cigars, poker, liquor, beer and for the right price patrons could indulge in a brothel upstairs or an opium den downstairs. It earned the nickname "Bucket of Blood" from frequent brawls that erupted in and around the saloon. However, it didn't stop the trolley from dumping men at its doorstep until 1916 when Prohibition put a stop to legal drinking. Then, The White Eagle became the "it" place to get ice cream cones and those wanting a good stiff pop could still get the goods down in the basement, below the "soda shop."

Once Pr…

Japan Ghost

This is probably just video effects, but it's still kind of creepy.

The Curse of the Pharaohs Strikes Again

We are taught at a young age that stealing is not a very nice thing to do. A German man found out the hard way just how wrong it is to steal from a Pharaoh.

It all supposedly began in 1922 with the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and the subsequent death of the excavation's financier Lord Carnarvon. The belief of a curse that strikes down anyone who disturbs the tombs or mummies of ancient Egypt's Pharaohs began to circulate. Apparently, a certain German man never heard about this curse.

While on a visit to Egypt in 2004, the man stole part of a Pharaonic carving and suffered the consequences. On his return to Germany, he suffered paralysis, nausea, unexplained fevers and cancer before dying recently.

His stepson handed in a package containing the carving along with a note to Egypt's embassy in Berlin. The note said the man felt obliged to return the carving to make amends for his late stepfather and enable his soul to rest in peace.

The Egyptian embassy sent the fragment …

GS Question of the Week

What is your favorite Elvis Presley myth?

Ghost Radar with Built-in Flash Drive

In May, I wrote about a cell phone accessory that doubles as a ghost detector. I have another little gadget for you. The Ghost Radar is a Japanese device that detects paranormal energies and contains a USB flash memory.

How it works is similar to the Ghost Detector. It beeps in rhythm which increases depending on how close the ghost is and the lights help you determine the ghost’s position, the ghost’s movement, and the risk possibilities. Basically, it responds to unusual magnetic waves with audible alerts and flashing red lights. Plus, the Ghost Radar and a small silver adhesive label have been purified at a Shinto shrine to help bring good fortune and keep evil spirits in check.

The device is quite complex, with an array of sensors and alert lights, as well as a very complex algorithm for detecting the paranormal which analyzes the sensor data, factors in biometric feedback from your skin, makes lunar-cycle adjustments and many other things. And that's not all!

It's USB flash …