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Los Feliz Mansion

Designed by architect Harry E Weiner, this 1925 Los Angeles mansion was once owned by German silent film director/producer Frederic Zelnik. While Los Feliz Mansion may look like a thing of beauty, it bared witness to a tragedy. On December 6, 1959, a Dr. Harold Perelson struck his wife Lillian with a ball-peen hammer, leaving her to drown in her own blood. Then proceeded to his teenage daughter Judye's room. He struck her in the head as well but in such a way she wasn't seriously injured. She managed to flee and call for help. Her two siblings were left unharmed. By the time police and an ambulance arrived, Dr Perelson was dead, committing suicide after swallowing pills. Supposedly, he had attempted suicide several times before but was stopped by his wife. The reason behind the murder-suicide is unknown. However, some believe it may have been because of financial troubles. Since then, the house has changed owners a few times, but no one has really lived in it. Well...until