Ok so yeah we all know what vampires are or at least several different versions of how we see vampires. There are the Hollywood version. The ones that occur in nature, bats. And last but not least, the real life ones. Yes that's what I said the real life ones.

For years, vampires have lived in the world, survived mostly in books and movies. Bram Stoker was the first person to really bring them into our lives through entertainment with Dracula. Others followed his lead adding their own touch of the vampiric lifestyle and appearance. Anne Rice wrote the Lestat Chronicles and there are tons of movies like The Lost Boys, Interview of the Vampire (which was based on Anne Rice's book), Dracula, etc. Of course, I can't forget about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie and the series. Hollywood gave the world a set vision of vampires while othe forms and views are hidden in the shadows.

We can't forget our vampires in nature. The infamous bats. There are of course tons of species of bats. Even those who suck the blood from animals. They are also creatures of the night much like vampires themselves.

Then there are the real vampires. People of today that live the lifestyle of a vampire. Some people may look at that as a phase teenagers go through or just something weird, but I personally feel that everyone has a right to live the way they want to as long as its legal. I'm currently working on a book about mainstream vampires. I was able to get an inside look at what its all about and yes it does seem a little weird but also kind of cool. With every culture there are the good and the bad and its unfair to judge them based on those who like to cause trouble. I think that everyone deserves a fair chance, even vampires.


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