Truth about "Bloody Mary"

Ever heard of a game played at parties where you stand in front of a candlelit mirror while saying a name thirteen times in hopes of summoning a vengeful spirit? This game is played mostly at sleepovers with squealing girls but boys have been known to call upon her also. There are many variations of this game including total darkness instead of lit candles or instead of saying "Bloody Mary" you say "Hell Mary." But what is the history behind the game? How did it start? Above all, who is "Bloody Mary"?

Some say Mary was a witch that was executed about a hundred years ago for practicing black magic. She has also been confused with Mary I of England who was nicknamed "Bloody Mary" because of the number of Protestants she had put to death during her reign. Mary, Queen of Scots was also said to have been "Bloody Mary" but this Mary wasn't known for murdering her subjects although it said she had a hand in her husbands death. Of course, the question of 'who is "Bloody Mary"' is still left unanswered.

There are reports of this ritual being done all the way back to the 1970s. It has even been seen in movies such as The Candyman and The X-Files. It's possibly that these games were actual old time rituals concerning unmarried women and future husbands. It usually consists of standing in a darkened room chanting a rhyme on a special night and an image appears in the mirror. Some believe that mirrors are portals between this world and the spirit realm. It was common practice to cover mirrors when someone passed away. If a ghost of a dearly departed caught a glimpse of its reflection, their spirit would be trapped in the mirror.

So many questions with various or no answers at all. We may never know if "Bloody Mary" ever existed. It's possible that this is just a game invented by children to play at parties or possibly just a prank to scare someone. Do you dare to test your luck in front of the mirror?

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Anonymous said…
is bm real but i think legand
Anonymous said…
Bloody Mary is just a game to scare kids when they are bored.I tried it.Nothing happens.
Anonymous said…
its true she is real i have done it and it is scary because the candles went out and the door started to close and i heard screaming i went in my room and it was all messed up and it was not my family because they were downstairs
Anonymous said…
I dont know if Its real or not. When I tried nothing happened. But when I went in my room my leg hurt VERY bad and it wasnt before
Anonymous said…
I think it works because my little sister, friend, and i did it. we chanted her name 20 times and the bathroom turned a blood red color and we heard humming which is something that "bloody mary" has been known to do. so i think its truewas
some say that bloody mary isn't real but she is when you do it and nothing happens that means you need to do 3 spins and if still nothing happens that's because your not believing in spirits some say when they do some things happen and when they get out somewhere from there there body really hurts that means that bloody mary scratched somewhere from your body.bloody mary did exist she was queen of england and there is another mary that was in a car accident when you see a face in the mirror that means mary the one in the car accident she will appear with her face scarred as it was in the car acciden.BLOODY MARY IS REAL AND STOP DOING THE MIRROR GAME LEAVE BLOODY MARY ALONE LEAVE HER REST IN PEACE.(btw if still nothing happens in the mirror that means she is killing someoneelse)
Zoey said…
Anonymous said…
There have been different encounters of Bloody Mary, If you do not believe in the spirit then it will not show its self. If it does work and you see her and your body hurts then you have been scratched or hurt. I am researching her for a history paper but nor am i going to bother her peace. Spirits will hurt you because that the only thing they know how to do. Please leave Bloody Mary alone, because if you don't say good bye then she will be stuck with you forever. Mirrors are they way spirits communicate, beside an Ouija board. If you dont say goodbye then its like letting a mass murder out of prison they will do more damage then whats already been done. LEAVE HER AT PEACE.!!!!!!!

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