Supernatural is one of the WBs new shows premiering this Fall. The first episode aired on September 13th after the Gilmore Girls season premiere. After two episodes, Supernatural has proven to be an interesting show.

Supernatural is a show about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who lost their mother to some unknown entity when they were young. Since then, the brothers and their father searched for the thing that killed her until Sam decided to leave his ghost hunting life to go to college. As he was preparing to enter law school, Dean shows up unexpectedly with bad news that their father had disappear.

Despite a big interview concerning his future in law, Sam travels with his brother to a small town in California where their father supposedly disappeared at. During their investigation, they discover the town's paranormal secret. The ghost of a young woman who is said to be a woman in white is seen walking next to a road waiting for some unexpected guy to offer her a ride which turns out to be a deadly decision.

After "helping" the woman move on, Dean drove Sam back to his and his girlfriend Jessica's apartment and then, with his father's journal and a set of coordinates began going to the next stop. Meanwhile, Sam enters the apartment and lays on the bed thinking Jessica was in the shower. He soon found out that her life was to end much like his mother. This prompted Sam to continue searching for his father with Dean.

The special effects on this show are quite good a long with the storyline. I hope the rest of the first season is just as good.


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