Coming Back For More

Apparently, there were some rumors Ghost Hunters had been cancelled. Jason posted on his myspace blog that the Sci-Fi channel has indeed picked up GH for another season (26 episodes and a live Halloween special). The last 13 episodes of season 4 will air September 3rd followed by new episodes of Destination Truth. This years live Halloween episode will be at Ft. Delaware. Here's hoping it's better than last years.

If you don't know already, the new season of Ghost Hunters International premiered a couple of weeks ago. Dustin left GH and joined their team. Donna left due to illness and they temporarily replaced her with a girl named Brandy I think. Is it just me or is everyone from GH leaving the states for international ghost hunting?

In other GH news, Jason and Grant, along with Michael Jan Freidman, wrote a book! Ok so that's not really news. However, they will be at the Barnes & Noble in Warwick, Rhode Island on August 16th from 5 pm to 8 pm, signing autographs of GHOST HUNTING TRUE STORIES of UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA. If you haven't bought a copy yet, don't worry. There will be some on hand for you to purchase.

A while back I promised information on the upcoming Ghost Adventures series. I surfed around for a couple of weeks for the announcement and then gave up. I discovered the details recently. Ghost Adventures: the series will premiere October 17th at 10pm Central on the Travel Channel. There's only going to be 8 episodes. I expected there to be more but maybe they don't have high hopes for it or just testing the waters? Oh well.

While I'm on the subject of premieres, the new season of Paranormal State begins on Monday, July 28th at 9pm Central.


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