A Hoax?

Ghost Hunters wrapped its fourth season with an investigation of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. The location appeared to be active as the night was anything but uneventful but not as much as St. Augustine Lighthouse. According to Jason's and Grant's myspace blogs, the season ended with ratings through the roof. I guess it's no surprise it's coming back for another season. However, is all the attention come from the popular show or the recent controversy surrounding it.

Most of the questions have derived from one scene. Jason, Grant and Steve Valentine were investigating the tunnels at Fort Delaware when supposedly the back of Grant's jacket was tugged. This happened several times and was caught on thermal. If you watch the footage closely, you can see it being tugged. As TAPS always does, they tried to come up with a reasonable explanation for it. Sometime after the live show, people began stating it was faked. That Grant faked it and some believe it's not the only evidence he has faked.

I'm not a gullible person. I don't believe everything I see on TV. I know ratings are everything. If you don't have them, your show gets canceled. If you didn't know that before, now you do. I'm sure they are under tons of pressure to keep the ratings up. I don't know if it was faked or not. I'm a fan of the show but not so much I would believe anything they present as fact. As I said before, it's TV and plus, it's the paranormal. There's not much that can be presented as fact.

What I would like to know is why do you think it's a hoax? Present your argument. Do you believe other evidence they have collected has been fabricated as well? What about their spin off Ghost Hunters International? Do you believe they are guilty of the same?


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