Paranormal Community Leadership Award

In the six years I've been maintaining Ghost Stories, I've come across a lot of good people in the paranormal community. Unfortunately, most have since closed up shop. This leads to the recent award that has been passed on to me.

Dinell Holmes from Weekly Spectre created the Paranormal Community Leadership Award to recognize those who genuinely try to benefit this field. No fakes. No frauds or anyone trying to gain some fame and fortune. Just those who are a positive part of the paranormal community. Unfortunately, due to family and time constraints, she's having to say goodbye to Weekly Spectre, but you can still catch her at her other blog Mommy D's Kitchen (highly recommended).

As for this award, I have Courtney from Haunt Jaunts and Jessica from Ghost Stories and Haunted Places to thank. Both deserve this award ten fold. There's not any rules on how many people to pass this along to. Normally, I don't like passing awards along. Not because I don't want to take the time to single out certain people. It's quite opposite. I'm always afraid of leaving someone out and having to go back and add them. In this particular case, most of the ones I know of have already been pointed out by others who have received this award. Below are a few that I don't think have been given this award but should have:

Encounters with the Unexplained
Ghost Hunting Theories
The Debris Field
Phantoms and Monsters
Unexplained Mysteries

Thank you again, Courtney and Jessica! I feel honored in receiving this award.


LOL! That's exactly why I dread passing on awards! I forget people!!! (or I think I shouldnt name everyone so others will have people to name ;) You certainly deservethis award. Glad you're sticking around like you are too. Hope I can say that too!!!
Julie Ferguson said…
I totally agree about passing on awards. I feel like all my followers should be recognized.

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