Foster House Restaurant

In 1887, Henry Foster built a cozy home for his wife, Mamie, and seven children in Cumming, Georgia. He was the owner of a general store located on the downtown square. He even served his city as a sheriff for several years. Henry Foster remained in his home until his death in 1901.

I am unsure as to what became of the house after his death. However, Amanda and Jeff Davis took on the task of restoring the former residence in 2003, converting it in to a restaurant. While many stop by for a good meal and the ambiance, some have had the opportunity to witness the unusual.

A couple who stopped by to help the Davises paint saw a male in overalls and a female in a dress dart in to a nearby wall, appearing on the other side. Others have smelled pipe smoke and heard the sweet lullaby of a music box along with various other noises. Jeff Davis even walked in to a room to find a broom standing on its own, absent of any support.

Perhaps the Fosters loved their home so dearly they decided to never leave.

For more information, go to their website at or Facebook page.


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