Sneak Peek Tuesday - Fact or Faked/Ghost Hunters

The team travels to Texas for a ghost hunt and to Kentucky in search of Sasquatch. Watch what they find TONIGHT at 9/8c.

Grant's final episodes continue to countdown. The last one will air on May 16th. This Wednesday, TAPS returns to the Mt. Washington resort in search of a paranormal princess who refuses to check out. Tune in at 9/8c!


Jessica Penot said…
Did you see the review of this episode on Something Wicked This Way Comes blog? It is a great post. Apparently, this episode had some factual errors.
Andrea Allison said…
No I haven't. I've fallen WAY behind on a lot of things. I'm hoping to catch up now that all the craziness is out of my house.

I wouldn't be surprised if every episode had factual errors. I just take it for it is. I'm beginning to think these TV networks can't produce a good paranormal show anymore.

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