Reader Submission - Effect of Out of Body Experience in Ones Life

The following article was submitted by Amy:

What is an out of body experience is the one question that has most drastically changed my life! Let me start by saying that I am not that person that goes out and must ride every new roller coaster or takes backpacking trips across contents or engages in any type of sport with the word ‘extreme’ in it. So when a friend told be about her out of body experience it really did not sound like anything I would ever want to do. In fact I secretly thought she was crazy, especially when she told me she was going to actually try, give concerted time and effort to the act of creating that experience again.

It is not that I am a control freak, but the thought of my spirit leaving my body basically terrified me. Why would I want to go floating around in the ether when I have a perfectly safe, comfy, warm bed right here at home!? Also, I had no interest in coming back to my body after a nice little spiritual journey, only to find that some other spirit made my body their new home! My friend assured me that this was impossible because we are always connected to our bodies and nothing else can enter and list of ten other reasons to assuage my fears. So out of pure curiosity I decided to attend an Out of Body Seminar - about exactly that, how to willfully create your own out of body experience any time you want.

Of course I thought it was bogus, but I agreed to go anyway and forked over my money to sit in a room full of people that looked perfectly normal, but somehow wanted more than anything to learn how to leave their bodies at will. Well, to make a long story short, I was hooked by the second day. I listened to story after story of people that created their own out of body experiences and described all the places they traveled and deceased relatives they met and I started to want to cultivate this ability in myself. The benefits were staring to outweigh the risks so I began to study everything I could get my hands on about this subject. It took me two months of concentrated effort before I was actually able to leave my body for the first time.

I didn’t go very far, basically I left my body lying in my bed, floated into my living room, realized what was happening and before I knew it I went rushing straight back into my body! I laugh about it now, but that is actually quite common for many people on their first and second experiences. Eventually though you are expecting it to happen so the shock won’t compel you to do a nosedive back into the familiarity of your body, like anything you build yourself up and be able to explore out further and further each time you try. Now it is over a year later and I can leave my body at will on most nights and it is so amazing that often think back and remember that it all started with a simple question to my best friend - “So what is an out of body experience anyway?”

If you want to learn more about out of body experience or how to experience one yourself, then click here.


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