Reader Submission - Photo of a Banshee

The following photo was sent in by Elizabeth. Do you think it's a Banshee?

This is a photo snapped of what I believe to be a Banshee? It was taken, via cell-phone camera approximately 1 week before my step-father’s cousin died. His mother was on her way up to his room to check on him, as she turned the corner, only to see this! Having her cell-phone in hand she quickly snapped the shot, interestingly enough the cell-phone would no longer work after taken the photo, she could not shut it off or move the pic in any way? I recently decided to do some research on the subject and came upon your web-site, any feedback you can provide would be interesting to our family.


Philia Rei said…
um. . having to live in a country filled with ghosts...

i can much say that, if you do see and hear a banshee it will signal that you or any relative will be next(dying).

might this be your relative who passed away? or a spirit of the one who once lived in that house
Anonymous said…
Banshee : An Irish death omen that manifests when someone is going to die soon.

found this on
Bede Chenelle said…
Can someone please help answer my questions about ghosts?!!??!!

This is a real person writing, and I just need some answers.
Sarah O'reilly said…
Irish believe the banshee to be a woman sitting on your window sill crying while combing her hair and is seen before the death of someone close.
Thomas Quinn said…
She's my Grandmother Gigi. No joke. I'm Irish so you should know I can't lie.

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