The Bullock Hotel

Seth Bullock traveled from Montana to Deadwood, South Dakota in 1876 with his partner Sol Star. They bought a piece of property where the Bullock Hotel stands today and built a hardware store and warehouse. The selling of goods was not the only service they provided Deadwood. With Star at his side, Bullock was appointed the town's first sheriff and put an end to barroom brawls, gunfights and murder. Unfortunately, his success would hit a few road blocks.

In 1879, his hardware store suffered and survived a devastating fire. However, the second one in 1894 would claim the store, leaving Bullock with only the brick warehouse. He could have rebuilt the business but instead decided to provide Deadwood with a luxury hotel. When the Italianate style building was completed in 1896, it was equipped with a restaurant, lobby with red velvet carpeting, offices, sample room for salesmen, brass chandeliers, Steinway grand piano, 63 furnished rooms with skylights, bathrooms, library and parlor. In 1900, a nearby small building was acquired by Bullock and converted in to a Gentlemen's Bar.

The Bullock Hotel saw much success in it's time. Today, it's believed to be haunted by Seth Bullock. The rumor is he died on September 23, 1919 in Room 211 of the hotel as an explanation of why he may have stuck around after his death. However, the truth is he died of colon cancer at his ranch. Despite the factual misunderstanding, there have been many paranormal reports from guests and employees which include strong feelings of a paranormal presence, plates being thrown, glasses shaking, lights and appliances turning on and off and sounds of whistling and footsteps.

A tall ghostly figure known to be Seth Bullock himself has been seen throughout the hotel, restaurant and basement. Objects are moved. Showers turn on by themselves. People have been tapped on the shoulder. Strange misty anomalies appear on photos. Alarm clocks go off on their own among other unexplained occurrences.

In 1976, the building was converted in to a hardware store. The current owners, however, renovated in 1991 to 1993 and turned the structure in to the hotel it is today. If you would like to experience it's haunted presence for yourself, the Bullock Hotel offers ghost tours.


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ghostposts said…
eeK! He died on my birthday.
Gatekeeper said…
What would be cheaper? Renting a room for a night or taking the tour?
Andrea Allison said…
Rooms are like $50 to $100+ per day. So, the tour is probably the cheapest, but I would call ahead before going to make sure it hasn't been cancelled due to some other event.
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