Armstrong Road

Where the Armstrong Road meets the train tracks in Columbus, Mississippi, there is a story about a young woman who committed suicide. Supposedly, her husband died by accident due to a train on his way home from the war. Grieving over her lost, she stood in front of an oncoming train and died.

They say if you stop your car on the tracks and honk your horn, you can see a light in the distance. It's allegedly a lantern being used by the spirit of the woman looking for her husband. However, there are some reasonable explanations for the presence of the light. It could be a streetlamp partially obscurred by trees or the headlights of a car crossing over further down the tracks.

Either way, I don't recommend attempting to test this for safety purposes.




Hilary Kimbel said…
How scary! My brother and his friends love trying stuff like this. They will search the internet for ways to find ghosts and try them out. I don't think I would ever have the guts to do that!
Unknown said…
Hi Everyone!

By the time the widow was informed the husband's body would, I presume, already be with the Coroner. And then with a funeral director and then maybe a church or home and then the graveyard or crematorium.

Thus, it seems silly for her ghost to search the tracks when she always knew he was no longer there.

However, I never want to discourage any ghost story and really appreciate your contribution.

All said, I probably wouldn't have the guts to honk my horn either!

susie hawes said…
heh. I sure would.
Susan Demeter said…
Going through my old links and thought I'd see what you are up too. I'm happy to see your blog is still going! Now going to read some of the newer posts :)
Anonymous said…
This one is indeed a very scary one.
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Gatekeeper said…
Know of any good haunted roads or highways?
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
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