Snowball Mansion

Many flock to the Taj Mahal to lay eyes on one of the most grand romantic gestures a man could do for his wife. In 1877, John Wells Snowball, an English businessman, had a beautiful mansion built for his new bride Lucy Ann Knight, daughter of William Knight who founded Knights Landing. John made his fortune as a merchant (opening the first store in Knights Landing after a previous store burned down), gold miner in 1850, Associate Justice of the Court of Sessions and land investor, He married Lucy in 1853 and their fairy tale life began. Unfortunately, their blessed existence would meet with tragedy.

One night, Lucy discovered her child not breathing. It had died of unknown causes. Lucy fell into a deep depression. Despite living well into her 70s, she never recovered from the lost of her child. John died on February 6, 1906. The mansion remained in the Snowball family until 1944.

The Fuhring family converted the Snowball Mansion into a Bed & Breakfast. For $145, you stayed in one of three luxurious guest rooms each equipped with a private bath and fireplace. Enjoyed a gourmet breakfast and access to a private lake and gardens. However, in 2006, Snowball Mansion was in the center of a scandal. When the Fuhrings put the property on the market, the buyer turned out to be apart of a multi-million dollar real estate fraud scheme. There was a FBI investigation and the property fell in to decay for three years. Vandalism. Thefts. But hope was not lost. The Stevens Family bought the property in 2009 and revived it as a private home.

It is believed the mansion is haunted by the spirit of Lucy Snowball who aimlessly roams the hallways. Windows rattle from room to room. Cold chills. Even the lights turn on and off in the same manner. She has awakened visitors. One former B & B guest saw her walk through the wall where the door to the nursery once was. Some have even seen her attending to a phantom child.


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