White Lady Lane

The White Lady legend has stories sprinkled in various countries. They supposedly died or suffered trauma in life and are associated with losing or being betrayed by a husband or fiancé. They have white cloudy eyes with short white hair and milky white skin or wearing white in some form, each of her physical features are very distinguished. She often appears not to be fearful in nature, more like sad. One such variation of this legend is located on a road in Leroy, North Dakota.

Legend states on a stretch of road, now known as White Lady Lane, a traveling salesman became attracted to a farmer's daughter. He took her for a walk on this remote road for a more intimate encounter. When they came to a bridge over a swampy area, he made his move. Her response to his gesture was anything but what he desired. Instead of walking away, he flew in to a rage and killed her.

Of course, there are variations of this story. Another version begins with a woman, a farmer's daughter, became pregnant by a man she didn't love. Her religious parents forced her to marry this man. When she returned home from the wedding, she found her baby dead in its crib. Facing the death of her infant and a lifetime married to someone she hated, the woman went to a nearby bridge and hung herself still wearing her white wedding dress. Visitors have seen her hanging from that bridge still wearing the white dress she was married in.

Today, when people travel on White Lady Road, it is sometimes met with a surprise. During no specific time at night, witnesses have been known to come across a woman dressed in white standing in the road. Before they can react, she suddenly appears on their vehicle looking inside with red glowing eyes. The purpose of her actions has been tied to her searching for her murderer. Of course, others have had less "horror movie" encounters. Witnesses have seen her hanging from the bridge in her wedding dress. Felt a sudden onset of melancholy. Some have even claimed she climbed in to their cars or followed them.

Does her spirit exist? Driving down a narrow gravel road surrounded by woods on your way to and old rickety bridge is enough for anyone to believe the place is haunted.


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Unknown said…
I have even heard similar stories about a lady in pink in Lyerly, Ga. However, I 've never been given a specific story behind the haunting.
Beth at
Shadows in the Pines
Anonymous said…
I have a blog about ghost activities as well. It's interesting to read such great work from another writer.I found that a book called Ghosts: Fact or Fiction by Anne Canadeo Helps a lot with sorting the fake stories from the real ones.
In this blog is very interesting to read. Excellent article.
meaaaaa said…
Gatekeeper said…
Every heard the stories of the vengeful white ladies?
ghostposts said…
The one I've heard the most is La Llorena. She was the mother of 2 kids by a Spanish gentleman before Texas was a state. He went back overseas and married a fancy Spanish lady, leaving La Llorena unmarried with 2 kids, alone. She lost her temper and drowned the kids in the San Antonio River (Or the Rio Grande), then regretted it and went mad, walking along the river banks crying and wailing for her lost kids. When she's not crying she lures young men into the waters by appearing as a beautiful young woman, then turns into a horse-headed monster and drowns them.
naomiyang said…
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