Reader Submission - The Creeper

There is a true life story, about a little boy at the time called Richard. Richard was baker/acted into the Waverly Hills Sanatorium WHGC way back in 1967. The two doctors and three nurses that were present in the ECT room on August 20th 1967 9:32 am, all signed and swore it to be true. The Creeper actually manifested inside the ECT room, and shrouded the child from electrocution. They also say the child had entities all around him while in his stay. Richard was said to be one of the most powerful Clairsentient Empathetic children, to ever walk threw the Waverly Hills Sanatorium doors, and the same goes for the St Albans Sanatorium.

My father and his friends have been collecting files, along with me and my team on this child for over 50 years now. All this broke in May 20th 2015 when one of the last living WHGC nurses was found alive in California. She had some how found this child in order to give him a case files she stole over 50 years ago out of the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center in September 1967. Pat died two months ago in June 2015. But before she died, it was said she wanted to ease her conscience by sending this man his records she had stolen and kept all these years. Pat was one of the nurses in the ECT room that day. The one that fainted when the Creeper manifested. She all had a picture of Richard B Rollins standing in the 4th floor lobby inside the Wood Haven on August 18th 1967. Along with two pictures of the Creeper standing in the door way of the ECT room that day. There is so much to this story. But here is where we are all at with him today.

After finding that he was still living, everyone thought he died back in 1968 was blown away. None of them can get threw to him. Only three people have his information, Tina Mattlings owner of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Pat Holland the one nurse who died, leaving only one more contact, a nurse named Cathy Gales. Cathy Gales has a face book page. And I have been trying to get her to give us his email or way to get in touch with him. But she is not talking, and still protecting him from the public's eye. He has lived life as a recluse. And will talk to no one. So as of now we are still unable to secure an interview with this man. There have been so many paranormal investigators that have tried and failed.

Adam Hastings


Anonymous said…
WOW, my father David Wilson, was the Administrator for the WHGC in 1967.And he clearly remembers that week when Richard showed up. He told us kids that, the Waverly Hills became a paranormal nightmare for many. And I have many long stories of what took place on the fourth floor that week that my father had to deal with. Anyone who has more interest in this the events that took place upon the 4th floor, you can write to me.
Here are more emails address of people who have studied this child,and have many case/files on him.
Susan Hunter said…
Hello, may name is Susan Hunter, Administrator for the WHSmemorialser. I was just sent this story on Ghost Stories about Richard B. Rollins. Readers must understand, that no one even knew the child Richard had survived and lived threw his ECT. It was assumed he had died in 1968 like the other boy's did from their ECT side affects, brain hemorrhaging, long bone fractures that got infected with sceptics. However, in 2012 we received word, he was found recovering in a hospital in Lexington KY, from "cardiac arrest." It was his blood type that spilled the beans. There was a terrible incident, while on a paranormal investigation where some people got hurt. I need readers to know this. This child was no devil or warlock as so many uneducated Christians claimed back in the 1950s. The Christians mistook his clairsentient empathic mind as perhaps from the devil. It was not Richard who summoned up the ghost, entities and or sprits who seemed to come to his aid while he was in danger, or being hurt by others around him. The truth be known, Shadow Eyes is plain and simple a touching Stone for paranormal. Feel free to request more (politically correct) information on this Clairsentient Empathic, known as Shadow Eyes.

P.S Some strong Advise; for Paranormal Investigators. "Refrain" from taking him on anymore Lock Downs. People get hurt, and you cannot place the blame on Shadow Eyes when you do. You people just do not understand what your dealing with.You will never know, how can you, when so many scientist and paranormal researchers who have dealt with him cannot.
Susan Hunter Administrator
Anonymous said…
I can't believe I am looking at this kid again standing in the Wood Haven lobby, after 50 years. My name is Richard R Collins, and I am 98 years old. I was a patient in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. I was baker acted in 1950. Where I lived until they closed in 1961, then they placed us into Hazelwood until it reopened as Wood Haven Geriatrics Center in 1962. Then I went back there to live until 1970. In all those very long miserable years living inside the Waverly Hills, did I or anyone else see that horrible dark black shadow the Creeper, until that devil Richard showed up. The day that freak walked threw the doors, nothing was the same for that week. Yea, we saw shadows here and there before hand, a orb now and then, but nothing like when that green eye 'ed boy boy walked in. No wonder his father hated him. The wind changed, the temperature became much colder, wild crows outside, covered the grounds, the trees. Those devil birds kept landing on his window ledge. No one slept. And then that day he brought about the manifestation of that evil sinister Creeper onto the fourth floor, a day I'll never forget. It was because of that punk that some of my buddies on the floor lost their minds from being terrorized from the creeper. So what we bullied him a little, he was a sissy boy. So they tried to molest him, it was his own fault for being such a pretty boy.But that was no excuse for him to put his pet the Creeper on me and my buds that week. When he was thrown out by David Wilson the administrator, we were so jumping for joy. Then we were able to sleep again. No one ever again saw the Creeper after that freak left that day, no more shadows or orbs. Good riddance to him. I say to bad he did not end up like the other homo boys they used ECT on that week.

Richard R. Collins

Anonymous said…
My name is D. Wilson,
I was a female nurse in the Wood Haven Geriatrics. I was there that week of August 18th threw the 25th 1967. To tell the truth, I tossed around the Idea of posting my comment. But I must clear things up. That little boy Richard was a doll, and we women folk loved him so. However there was one very masculine women nurse Margaret, that hated Richard, and she paid a price for that hate. But the rest of us loved him. He was the most gentle soul I ever came into contact with. Yes, he was beautiful, the prettiest face,and the biggest most beautiful eyes, I had ever seen on a boy. Looking into his eyes gave me such peace, comfort, and we felt angels all around him. Everyone of us women nurse's just knew that all the orbs that stayed round Richard that week, were all the souls of all the children, that lived here inside the Waverly Hills, and died here. There was not an evil feeling stemming from Richard ever. All the nurse's felt that way.

And all the male patients tried to get their fifthly hands on that child. It made me sick to my stomach the things they said to that child. They taunted him 24-7. We had to keep that child in lock down 24-7. A lot of the men had to be placed into straight jackets that week because of the way they were tying to get at the child. After Pat Holland's death, there are maybe me and one other woman nurse still alive who was there. And now that everyone who were involved in his ECT, and bullying, I can now say, they all deserved to die for what they did to those 5 little boys. Richard some how made it out alive. But not with out pain. It's true, he was brutally raped by a male nurse, David, and a black janitor on the 5th floor at 3:30am. David was the one that had the key to Richards room, and those animals had planed this rape before hand. The black janitor was thrown off the north west side of the roof that night. They say by the creeper. David died the very next morning, on interstate I-71 out of Louisville on his way home from work in a fatal car wreck. I pray Richard moved on in his life to have some kind of peace of mind. What I know about life, some humans are just plain evil. Richard was not one of them. He was pure, a child like none I have ever run across in my 96 years. Then the monsters got a hold of him. And he had to survive the best he knew how. And now, I can clearly understand why he has that gift of a Clairsentient mind. It has rescued him many a time.
D. Wilson
Anonymous said…
My name is Ellie Driscoll, niece of Judge Driscoll. I wanted to share this file on this poor child. As you can read he did get some justice for his abusers.

Mayhem and Murder
Hosted by Roots Web Ancestry KY
Pikesville County, Kentucky Court case’s files, 100years of mayhem and corruption #3938/446/9878/000ll-216arkc
Carol Sutton; 08/15/2014 2;37 pm S-E-Time. writer editor llc copy/rights
Readers; let us go backwards to October 15th 1967 Pikesville KY paragraph collected privately from Audrey A Driscoll, relation to Alfred E Driscoll.
Plaintiff; Case-file # 08/18/1967-1955
October 15th 1967, The Wood Haven Geriatrics rape and abuse trial consumed the time of the criminal court yesterday. The testimony was all in by three o'clock and Mr. Charles NELSON opened on the part of the State of Kentucky. The argument will conclude this morning. The public closed court trial, of said minor child *plaintiff* the *complaining parties a * Richard B Rollins WHGC Case-file # 08/18/1967-1955, with power of attorney a Edith Phillips proceeds. The *defendants* Dr. L. Bender, Dr. Buckman, Dr. White, and Pat Holland WHGC nurse. On October 15th 1967 10:12am Charles Nelson reads of some interesting testimonies and events that occurred in the dark days of terror, that prevailed inside the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center, in Jefferson county Kentucky on said child minor, Richard B Rollins. The Judge, Alfred Eastlack Driscoll after looking at this child minor sitting before him, and just three minutes hearing details of this case, slammed down his mallet, called for the settlement ordered ended, *immediate* in the favor of *plaintiff* Case-file # 08/18/1967-1955 . This case court ordered closed and sealed. Case was of extreme sensitivity, and of a very unusual realm of nature. And was of great embarrassment and humiliation for all staff Doctors involved in said treatment of child minor. While under the care of the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center staff.
Judge Eastlack Driscoll last remarks; The well fair and care of this child minor within the psychiatrist circle of health, including his parents in this case failed this child in every way possible.
Attending Judge; Alfred Eastlack Driscoll (October 25, 1902 – March 9, 1975) #3938/446/9878/000ll-216arkc
Anonymous said…
Ann Lynn. Holland.
I am the daughter of Pat Holland. My mother passed away this summer. My mom was the very last living WHGC nurse who attending to the little Boy. I drove my mother to Pikevilles Kentucky when she had to go to court and testify against Dr. L. Bender, and Dr. Buckman, Dr. White, for their part in his injures. Judge Driscoll ordered the case close and sealed. My mother some how reached Richard just this past summer in July, and they talked for a while.
She had been ordered by the Administrator to hurry and burn all five case files on the experiential ECT on the five boys before court. However, she burned all four files, but she said for some reason her gut told her to save Richards file, so she did, and has kept it in her cedar chest all these years.She also was the very nurse that snapped that picture you have of Richard on your story page. She also took the picture of the Creeper when he manifested in the door way, right before she fainted.

My mother had her face full of glass from the flying broken glass hitting her in the face that morning. From what my mother told me and my brothers on August 29th,1967 was that when she was in the ECT room with Dr. Bender, Dr. Buckman, a male orderly David, and another male nurse. They had strapped Richard down tight on the table good that morning. So there was no way Richard was able to destroy the room that morning, in court, the Doctors tried to place the blame on Richard, and the glass that hit my mothers face. My mother's account of what in down in that room, with all those people remained constant threw out the years. She explained it in detail, it was Richard's 2nd ECT, on August 20th 1967 9:37am. Dr Bender was notorious for her with brutal treatment on children. Dr. Bender and Dr. Buckman were not staff on the WHGC. They came in from the outside that week. My mother over heard the two Doctors talking, and Dr. Bender suggested that they raise the volts on the ECT machine the second time around.

When they hit the switch, that child let out a scream that traveled the entire building, his's screams were deafening. After 30 seconds, Richard spit out his rubber mouth guard onto the floor. And that is when Dr. Buckman walked over and slapped Richard with such force, it turned Richards right eye black, the whole eye went black, and so did his hair after ECT. Richard had light brown hair when he walked in, and it went jet black that day. His ID pictures clearly shows this oddity. They took a before picture when he was checked in, and one when he left, the picture was proof of that in court.
The second Dr. Buckman slapped Richard, is when all hell broke lose in the ECT room upon the 4th floor. My mother was watching Richards eyes when he was slapped, and she stared crying for him. It tore my mother up when that happened. She said his eyes turned a deep green, and his face turned bright red, and his veins in his forehead where swollen up and throbbing. It all took place in a split second, Richard gave Dr. Buckman this look, that my mother still has nightmares over.
PART-2. on the way.

Ann Lynn. Holland and family
Anonymous said…
PART-2. And then the radiator started banging out loud, the lights flickered on and off, the glass beakers when smashing into the walls,everything that was not anchored down went flying. Crows were flying and smashing into the ECT room windows.
Glass hit my mother in the face, and then she said this (dark foaming mist started manifesting) right before everyone in that room, she said she "watched everyone's eyes and face's" to make sure they were seeing what see was seeing. The mist started forming into this giant solid shape, no arms or legs, but definite head and shoulders, and eye sockets, the right socket showed a cobalt purple eye, the other nothing but blackness, then started to take shape. And the most horrid stench, my mom said it was like rotten flesh, and stool-bile and sulfur all mixed together coming out of the mist. The black shadow reached the ceiling and moved over and shrouded Richard completely. My mom was unable to even see Richard at that point. And that was when my mother pulled out the camera snapped the picture, and when it bellowed out in the most horrifying sounds, GET OUT GET OUT LEAVE HIM LEAVE HIM, it begin to move towards Dr, Buckman, and that is my mom fainted. She came to in the minor surgery room. The Administer took her camera it was said. But before she left WHGC for good, she stole them out of his desk drawer while he was in a meeting.

My mother had so many story's of that week about that child. I just can't write about them all on this page.
However, I promise I will share the last two emails between Shadow Eyes and my mother the week before she died. What Shadow Eyes had told my mother days before she died, took as all by storm and surprise. He gave my mother an (OMEN) to look for. It was his way of showing my Mother, there is a better place waiting, for he has seen it, and this will be the proof she needs to pass with out fear of death. And that email is what has restored all of our faith. It was the most beautiful experience we all in the room ever had. And man oh man how we all cried from Joy not sadness when mommy passed in that moment. There were over 40 people in the room when this issue happened right before my mommy died. We snapped pictures when it happened. We don't care what anyone says bad abut Shadow Eyes now, after what he told my mom came true, and 40 humans saw it take place. He for sure has some kind of connections.And I love him so much for what he did for Pat as she passed over. So you cruel World leave that Clairsentient being alone. He has suffered enough.
Ann Lynn. Holland
Anonymous said…
Chuck Edwards @

My Uncle was living inside the WHGC at the time this little boy Richard was baker acted in there as well. I was just a little boy, when my Uncle told us stories about what it was like for him living inside the Waverly. He told me the food was not good, lol. And the bed sheets and room smelled bad, of urine and feces. Lot's of roaches as well. He lived on the 2nd floor when he was there. He would tell us the bad guys were locked up on the fourth and fifth floors. From what I can get out of him,it was not a happy place like some what others to think it is. I am sure that when it was new way back in time it was. But as time went on, and it turned into a nut house in 1962 it really went down hill. I mean really down hill. I had gone into see my Uncle a couple of times in 1972. He died in June 1973 inside the Waverly. He never totally recovered from TB. He told us he him self never saw the child so many others whispered about on the lower levels. But he does recall that the entire building changed it's tone when the child came in.It got cold, and windy. He recalls seeing out of his window that day and all week long, thousands of birds flying, all over the grounds, and deer's, rabbits and squirrels all over as well. New sounds late in the in the night, and for the first time in all his years, they started seeing all kinds, and shapes of shadows. There was talk about a big problem on the 4th floor one morning, that him and everyone down stairs were kept in the dark about. And roomers of our black janitor that fell off the 5th floor late one night, and broke his spine, and ended up in a wheel chair. My uncle said that when the boy was gone life turned back to it's mundane way of life. And it was because of me going into the Wood Haven, and hearing the stories, is when I decided to try my hand at paranormal investigating. We are small, but having fun at it.
Chuck Edwards
Anonymous said…
Billy Mango. Cin Ohio.
Now look at this will ya? One never knows what one will see on line. I lived up the street from Richard, in Springdale Ohio. I was one of his worst bullies. OK, don't worry, he got me good one day, and I never bothered him again. You know, when us young stupid hetro boy's are young, we do some really mean stuff. When I look back now, I feel like crap for the things I did to him. The reason being, every boy in our neighborhood taunted Richard on a daily basics. I think it was also because his own family hated him, his own Dad and brothers never came to his rescue. His Dad was brutal to him, it was no secret that Richard was being beaten have to death by his parents, everyone on Marwood Lane could see and hear it for them self's as we walked by his house on the way to school. And in the summer the windows were open. His father would go outside and find Richard, and beat him all the way home in public, with belts, sticks what ever he had in his hands. My mom was in the same Church, Landmark Baptist Temple,as his mom and dad. They were Souther Baptist Christians.
That boy's life was full of pain. Richard took up for all the handicap and misfits children in school. He became their leader and protector. I will say this about Richard, yes, he was a pretty boy, a sissy, yes, but that boy was tuff as nails. He never backed down from me, or any other bullies. Not once did he cry out, or scream or run away from anyone. He fought like a tiger. One tuff girly boy he was. Every little gay boy ran for their lives, not one of them would fight us back. However, that was not the case with Richard. It was back in the woods one day, when me and Gary and one other boy, had waited for Richard to walk home from Tri-county Mall. I jumped out from behind a tree, and Gary and the other boy came from behind. We thought we hand him cornered. That child just had enough of us I guess, and he put us in our place that day. I had Richard down on the ground, and he had Gary in a head lock with his legs. When it was getting out of control, out of no where came five dogs, and tore into me and Gary. Gary and I thought it was the end for us all.

Richard stood up and looked back down at us on the ground, with those glaring green eyes, us now crying for our lives, as these dogs were in our faces growling and showing us their teeth. I had noticed these dogs were protecting Richard, and those freaking dogs kept eye contact with Richard the entire time. And they were not even his dog's, he had no dogs at home. Richard turned and started to walk away. The dogs remained on top of us.
When Richard got 20 feet from us, he stopped and turned, and somehow with just his glare, released the pack off us. They backed off and followed Richard for about 50 feet, and wandered off back into the woods. Me and Gary never ever looked at Richard again. I had no Idea his father baker acted him to this place.
Billy Mango. Cincinnati Ohio
Anonymous said…
Thomas J. B. Lexington KY.
Just a warning to all you Paranormal Investigators. I had a team once, but no more. I am done with it forever. We thought we were experts in the field, and had all the answers and best equipment you could buy. How vein and stupid we were. Against his advise, (to not take him with us) for he told us he goes in Lock Downs and graveyards solo. We begged and pushing this man into accompanying us on a paranormal investigation to Adams Tennessee. To the John Bell house. We had made our way far out into the woods that night, it was our luck it was one of the darkest nights ever, no moon. As this man walked by our equipment, every battery went dead at once, we had two flash lights still working. It was about 3:30am by then, and the sounds that started coming from those woods, I will never forget as long as I live. Then there was this enormous misty figure that covered Shadow Eyes, moved all about, 7 orbs flew by using such speeds impossible to capture. When that thing let out a scream, everyone took off running, I tripped and hit my head bad. I woke up in a hospital with a cracked skull, were I had fallen and hit my head on rock marker. I am done with all of these, and I want no more part of the paranormal ever again. We had been warned by experts, but did not listen.You better heed my warning. Stay away from this man they call Shadow Eyes.
Thomas J. B. Retired from the Paranormal
Anonymous said…
Mark Tanner. Radford Virginia
When I saw this picture of Richard Rollins, it brought back such horrible memories for me. God for give us boy's in the St Albans Sanatorium in Radford Virginia, for what we did to him. He was bullied beyond belief, it got way out of control. One bully was sent to the hospital with a fractured skull. He only stayed about 22 hours locked in a room, and was taken a way the next morning. I can't say online what happened to him, but I will say this about him. Ghosts and shadows followed him into that sanatorium I was living in 1967. And the bullies who brought him bodily harm, got what they deserved, every bit of it. The sounds and sights, me and the others boy's saw and heard that long night, are burned into our nightmares. I still to this day have nightmares of the sounds and things I saw that night. To tell the truth, after reading up on this man, I feel lucky to have not messed with him personally that day and night. I dodged a paranormal bullet because I left him alone.
Mark Tanner
Anonymous said…
My name is Becky Sockryder,
And I went to Heritage Hill Elementary School with Richard B. Rollins in Springdale Ohio. I was in the 5th grad with him. And I want to share this with you readers, what he did for me and others not so attractive girls. I have not seen him after they put him in the WHGC. He never came back home. And I missed him. I still wonder where he is, or if he is even alive. I loved him all my life.
This is only one page of this whole article. it's so long it won't all fit on here.
Welcome to Heritage Hill Elementary
Heritage Hill, Springdale Ohio, is a school of tremendous possibilities! All of our students were born with purpose and potential. Staff and I are committed to the cultivation of each of our student’s educational, physical and emotional needs. With your partnership each child will fulfill his/her promise!

Teamwork and collaboration are necessary for everything we do at Heritage Hill. Whether you are a Heritage Hill parent or an interested community member, I encourage you to become a part of the wonderful initiatives happening at our school. Your support is needed in the follow ways:

Becoming a member of our PTO

Volunteering to help with the tutoring or mentoring of students

Helping with the planning of activities throughout the year

Donating much needed items: school supplies, clothing, food, etc.

Bullying Prevention program inspired by

Richard B Rollins

Our inspiration for OLWEUS curricula.

The courage of one child’s actions spoke in volume, the day Richard rescued Becky Sockryder from a group of bullies that cold winters-day, yesteryear back on January 15th 1966.

Richard, a fifth grader, was no stranger to bully’s. He had to fend off bullies from the 1st grade. Richard took swift action, that cold snowy day after school let out. Becky, a fourth grader, had become a target on school grounds. Becky, was being thrashed with ice packed snowballs from all sides, by a group of sixth grade boy’s. Richard wasted no time rushing in to her defense, like a grizzly mother protecting her cub, Richard single handedly sent all five boy’s running home to mommy.

Paving the way for others to, not stand back and watch. Act now.

Richard lived right beside Heritage Hill School, on 12014 Marwood Lane with his family

Mr. Bob and Pat Rollins, Mike and Dennis his brothers

What is bullying?

“A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself.”

- Dan Olweus, Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do

What is the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program?

Princeton City School District is committed to addressing the problem of bullying. The district has launched a district wide initiative to decrease bullying and increase positive school climate in all of their schools. Every school in the district has been trained in and will be implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is an evidence-based violence prevention program that has been shown to decrease bullying and increase positive school climate when implemented as intended, that is with fidelity. The success of this program depends on the involvement and dedication of all school staff, teachers, associates, administrators, parents, and students.

Anonymous said…
Let us not forget this incident with Houston B Rollins as well. He was 17 years at the time. BTW (Richard was his sir name.)After leaving the WHGC he went by Houston.

September 1972. The Philip Experiment was an (actual historic research project) first of it's kind. And was conducted by Owen group, a Toronto organization in 1972 in an effort to prove that paranormal entities such as demons, spirits, ghost, and poltergeists were manifestations produced by (human minds and their wills alone, through expectation, imagination, and visualization.) A prominent group of citizens, three men and five women with no interest in the occult, participated in the study, the results of which not only shocked the group but stunned the world. The how and why of The Philip Experiment has never been answered and left many wondering – did the group accidentally summon a demonic or spiritual entity or did they actually create a ghost? The group founder had invited Houston B Rollins into the group as well. However; upon reading the report, and hearing about what Ed Warren (Demonologist) had to say concerning his experience with the clairsentient emphatic, Houston Bane Rollins.

It was no secret in the community. The real truth was, after the founder of the group had read all the case/files Ed Warren provided to the group on this teen when he was a child, and of all the paranormal events that took place inside the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and the St Albans Sanatorium concerning the child. The group founders were flat out "terrified' to have Houston involved in their experiment, let alone in the same building as them. So September 1972, the Toronto organization, paid for his flight back home, and "decided to shut theirs doors," and NOT allow Houston to be part of that experiment. They later claimed the reason that closed their doors to Houston, was because he was a minor 16 years old at the time. Ahhh Yeaaa Right!!!!!
Sharon David Banks
Anonymous said…
This is one of my favorite articles on Mr Rollins:
There was this girl named Erica Fraysure, a beautiful 17-year-old resident of Germantown, KY. Erica, was last seen on October 21, 1997, during the 9pm hour, at the Video-N-Tan in Brooksville, KY. Then in 1998, the cheesy self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne “claimed” to have information about the Erica Fraysure’s case, that she psychically gleaned with her phony psychic abilities. Erica's mother tried to sue Sylvia Browne in a Covington Kentucky Courthouse. But failed to prove anything. However, some great "Revenge" heading way of Miss Fraysure, Erica’s mother via Shadow Eye's. Houston’s home State Kentucky.. Houston, just so happened to be living in Covington within the period of that court case. Houston took the time out of his life and work, made his way to one of the psychic events & meeting in1998 of which Sylvia Browne was scheduled to speak onstage before thousands of people.

Right before Sylvia was to exit off stage, Houston, alias (Shadow Eyes) had made plans prior too, with the help of people from the James Randi Educational Foundation. When he walked out on stage, all eyes were now zeroed in on this gorgeous Androgynous green eyed man, the one they called Shadow Eye’s. Decked-out in a black pinstriped suit, black boots, and the most beautiful long dark shiny hair, you will ever see on a man. He floated ever so gracefully towards Sylvia, locked down on her with his glaring green eyes, who by now in a trance of her own.

Removing her microphone, softly from out of her hands, still locked into her eyes, he then proceeded into (verbally dissecting her, tearing her too shreds,) all over the box of lies, false hope, pain and suffering she had caused Erica Fraysure’s mother, back in Covington Kentucky his home state. He missed not a beat, he did not yell, cuss, or swear at her, his speech eloquent at best, and was packed full of truth, old world knowledge, facts and dead on the mark. When he was done with her, he carefully placed the microphone back into her hand, quietly walked off stage, leaving behind a flabbergasted woman, with a face, as white as the Ghost she had claimed to see. You could hear a pin drop in that building. In addition, that was the day, Shadow Eye’s, with (out intention) had single handedly with his speech, struck fear in every false and fake psychic threw out the land, becoming every psychic’s worst nightmare.

Do not misunderstand this Fact. Houston, in no way "claims" to be a Psychic, not a fortune teller, does not read cards, will have nothing to do with The ouija (/ˈwiːdʒə/ WEE-jə), also known as a spirit board or talking board. He is not a Warlock, despite what many Religious Zealots and Christians have claimed him to be as a child.
Sharon & David Banks
Anonymous said…
These are the best paranormal stories, I have read in so long. You guys who write for Ghost stories, need to write more about this guy. Thanks David Banks
Anonymous said…
Mike, Debbie and crew.
We met this gorgeous acrogenous man Houston Rollins (shadow eyes) in1980, at the Space Coast's Indian River and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for dolphins. My wife and I met him at a fundraiser dinner for injured dolphins. They say, this man has infinity with animals. I was not sure of him at first. For his was not friendly with me or any other men at the function, He stayed with the women. He was just a quest of the house.
We had some dolphins that were suffering from years of abuse and mental abuse as well. We had this one female, named Dolly in one of our large pools. Dolly was in her senior years. We had Dolly here for 4 1/2 years, and in all that time, she would go near no one, not a one of us could get close to her. Upon any of us swimming any where near her, she took off in the other direction of the pool. She was eating barley for us, and losing weight.
While everyone was having dinner, Houston got up and left the room. I later saw him outside walking around looking at the pools of dolphins. My wife was watching as well, many were, he was that beautiful of a man. Houston walked over to the pool with Dolly, stood their, and then he placed his entire arms down into the pool. When we saw Dolly swim over to him and right up into his arm’s she went. He then wrapped his arms around Dolly, and they were eye to eye at that point. Everyone in the room stood up and watched this event threw the show glass window. Debbie and I had chills running up and down our spines. In four year’s Dolly would not let anyone near her. As we watched, Houston kissed Dolly on her face softly. He pressed his forehead on hers. In addition, the two remained motionless for over ten minutes. There was not a dry eye in the house in that moment. It was so obvious just what was going on between the two of them. He gave her one more kiss, walked into us, and asked us, show me the pool with your baby orphans dolphins.
We took him out, like he asked. He walked quickly by them, and stopped. That little male, him! take him now, place him with Dolly. And she will recover and mend and eat. She will bring him about as well. Houston was crying threw all of this. Before he left us, he looked at us all and said. Dolly, has gone threw hell in her life, just like me. We have much in common her and I. You would not understand what she told me and how. None of them belong here. Nothing I can do to stop it. But in Dolly’s case, give here that toddler to raise and love right now. You will see a big change in the both of them. Houston left us and we never saw him again. Until now, reading this article. BTW. Dolly and Flippie fell in love on the spot, they both flourished together. We here at the Island National Wildlife Refuge, never forgot Houston Rollins.
Mike & Debbie

Anonymous said…
I love this story, and I love reading all these comments. I want to meet this man right now,lol Just saying kiss kiss to you Shadow Eyes
Anonymous said…
Fanatic story, and great reading. Does anyone know if he is living , has anyone got a current picture of the man? Sounds like to me, Zak Baggans on Ghost Adventures or Jason on TAPS needs to start taking this ghost magnet SHADOW EYES on their shows. They will get better ratings.Just saying.
Anonymous said…
Cincinnati Zoo 1978 Bill Maynard
I never knew that Richard went threw this as a child. He started work at our Zoo at 22 years of age, sometime in the summer of 1978. He started out working on the horticulture department. However, it took us employees' at the Zoo NO time to see this man had some very special gift within the Animal Kingdom, hands down. It was as natural for him as walking and breathing is to us. Animals flocked to this man, like bee's on flowers. He soon ending up being our appointed animal psychiatrist lol. He was a natural at best, and especially with troubled animals, and all the babies, no matter the species. When we had issues, with any new born baby being rejected by it's mother or not eating, We went to Shadow Eyes for help. He just knew in his soul and mind, just how to formulate his own concoction of milk, or food for any baby at the Zoo. We never ever lost a baby in his care, not once. And I might add, he was the only one that could successfully hand rear baby birds right out of their eggs. When I saw him save the life a very tiny baby humming bird, that he found by bear hill after a storm, it blew my mind. I was in charge of the Bird House. And with all my experience in rearing birds have I ever seen that happen with a humming bird, there was no way I could have ever handled and feed such a tiny bird like he did. It was a breeze for him. BTW, he named that humming bird Henrette, and set her free when she feather out. He saved the lives of thousands of baby and adult animals, in the three years at our Zoo. However, he had limit's, he would not go near snakes, would not even look at them. The reason he quit on us, Ed Murassk, the Administrator had sent one of the old donkeys in the children's Zoo to the Cheetah pins, to end it's life. Just because it was old, and to be replaced by a baby donkey, and for no other reasosn. When Houston got wind of this news, he flipped out big time, I never saw anyone so angry in my life at the Zoo. He stormed into the Ed's office like a Mother Grizzley, and verbally destroyed our curators, and left, and never came back. I heard he moved to Florida to help out sea mammals. We all miss this guy, and we love him dearly, more than you will ever know. I hope and wish him well, where ever he may be.
Bill Maynard
Anonymous said…
Susan Livingston. VetCare 1972

I worked with this man for six hours back in 1975. I had gone to work at a Veterinarian office on Colerian Ave in Ohio. I don't want this to sound like I am making fun or laughing at this man Houston, let us be clear. And my Vet introduced to me a new co-op student, training to be a vet. And yes, he was HOTTT, but he had no intention of flirting with me, lol. He showed up on his first day at 8:00am Monday morning. And I began to show him the ropes and how the place was run. At 10:30 am, a German Sheppard came into the office that was hit by a car. The dog was yelping and crying. When Houston saw this, he started sweating profusely. His hair was wet and sticking to his forehead and face. His face turned white, and he ran out the building and jumped into his car, turned on the radio full blast to drown out the dogs yelping. Later when he pulled him self together, he cam back in. It was 1:00pm by then. Then at 2:15 two senior toy dogs came in, a poodle and a pug. The owner was old and had to be put into a home. The dogs were just old. About 30 minutes later one of the vet tech's came rushing into to me, explaining the two toy's dog's scheduled to be down disappeared from out of their kennel. We searched everywhere, the vet was flipping out as well. We searched for a good hour. We finally went out side to look,thinking they some how escaped out side. I was walking Houston truck, and that's when I heard the dog's. He had taking them both and hid them in a box full of toys and a blanket, inside his truck with the windows down. It was fall and not hot outside. When the Vets confronted Houston about what he had done, and that it was not up to him to decide the fate of the two little dogs. The vet told Houston, we know you mean well, but you better rethink a career in this field. Animals come in here hurt, and have to be put down. We all understood Houston, it was because of his Empathetic nature, that made him way to sensitive too the animals when hurt or suffering. And we was not mad at him for stealing the dogs. Houston had this beautiful face, and these eye's that could put you in a trance, that is if he looked at you. So when the Vet told him he has to go bring the toy dogs back in, it was hard on the Vet, Houston started weeping at the thought of them being put down, and was not having it, looked around and took off running, jumped into his truck with the door still open, as he drove off like a speed racer, with the dogs in his truck. The Vet decided to not call the police, and instead just let me go. I was over joy-ed with the out come, and the whole thing. I will never forget seeing the back of Houston, as he took off running for the live's of those two little dog's he never laid eyes on until that day. He reminded me of a mother grizzly bear and her cub's that day. Houston was determined, to save them old doggies, and to love and finish out what time they had left.

So when I hear Christians saying he is of the devil, because of all the paranormal events that had taken place around him, I say to you all. If he was so evil, tell me this, then why did animals trust him so? and flock to him like they did all his life? And why did he run off crying with those two little dogs in tow? ANIMALS KNOW EVIL BEINGS !!!!!!!!! God Bless you Shadow Eyes wherever you are.

Susan Livingston
Anonymous said…
Mr. Thomas Greed
Someone needs to send get this Link to the Ellen Degenres show. I never heard of a 2-Sprited man before. She is an avid animal lover as well, and I can bet my top dollar she will love this man for what he as done for all the bullied gay children. Not only does he speak for the animals, the bullied children as well. Does anyone even know where this man live's or look's like. How come no one can find him now? And why is this man not on Ghost Adventures instead of the silly man Zak Baggans? Talk about TV ratings within the paranormal.

Mr. Thomas Greed
Anonymous said…
Some!!! TV reality show better garb Shadow Eyes up right QUICK. He could be the biggest thing to hit Paranormal TV in decades. He can be the new 2-sprit-ed male version of Elvira Mistress of the DARK.LOL.
Anonymous said…
Shadow Eyes needs to be a JUDGE in our the Court system. He won't have a problem knowing who is guilty or not. And he will be fair. Just saying folks!!!! I tell you one thing, I would give my teeth so see him go on stage in a debate with Mike Huchabee, and Texas Sen, Ted Cruz, with their new pet project of the month Kim Daivs. I read the news article on Houston Bane (shadow eyes) he BACKS down from no one, he would have no problem standing before the President or the Pope, eye to eye in a verbal combat. When he appeared on stage and devoured all the fakes, like Sylvia Browne and the lot, my hair stood on ends. TV-MSNBC needs to place HOUSTON BANE right in line with, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow and Dan Savage on the podium.
Anonymous said…
Paranormal Junkie.....
Anonymous said…

Carol Sutton; editor Personal Freedom Outreach, P.O. Box 26062, Saint Louis, Missouri 63136
Jeane Dixon, one of the 20th century's most prominent astrologers and psychics.
Jeane Dixon, was one of the 20th century's most prominent astrologers and psychics, died Jan. 25 of a heart attack. She was 79.
In the 1950s, she gained the national spotlight with a series of convincing political revelations. However, a prediction first published in the May 13, 1956, issue of Parade magazine is the one she is best known for. She said that the 1960 presidential election would be won by a Democrat who would “be assassinated or die in office.” Despite the recognition she won as a result of President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, few remembered some of the other details pertaining to the incident which she gave in the weekly magazine. For example, she had further stipulated that the occurrence would “not necessarily [be] in his first term.” She also later admitted that, “During the 1960 election, I saw Richard Nixon as the winner.”
Other prophetic efforts by Dixon were even less certain. She predicted that World War III would begin in 1958, a cure for cancer would be found in 1967, and the Russians would be the first to put a man on the moon.
The 1971 book, The Call to Glory, calls her one who “speaks as a prophet of God, fulfilling the mission He granted her.” The book’s acknowledgements recognize Rev. Stephen Hartdegen, a Roman Catholic priest, as Dixon’s “personal religious consultant” for the book. According to a Catholic newspaper, Dixon faithfully attended Mass each morning. Dixon donated too many mental asylums/sanatoriums across the USA. She felt many of these patients had been misdiagnosed with their special clairsentient abilities. Dixon also made a trip to Jefferson county Louisville Kentucky, to visit a dear childhood friend Martha, a patient living inside the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center, August 24 1967, in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It was there Dixon, stumbled upon and met,12-year old child, Richard B Rollins, who she named, Shadow Eyes upon looking into his eyes. She “remarked” to the Administrator, David Wilson, and staff nurse Pat Holland, J.Wilkes, you take care of this child, for he is 2-sprited, and gifted,he does not belong in this place,[send him home now,] or face unusual consequences.
Dixon also gained public awareness through the biographical volume, A Gift of Prophecy: the Phenomenal Jeane Dixon, written by syndicated columnist Ruth Montgomery. The book was published in 1965 and sold more than 3 million copies. Dixon and her predictions, during the past several decades, have been a staple for the supermarket tabloid industry.
© 1997 - PFO. All rights reserved by Personal Freedom Outreach. This article may not be stored on BBS or Internet sites without permission. Reproduction is prohibited, except for portions intended for personal use and non-commercial purposes. For reproduction permission contact: Personal Freedom Outreach, P.O. Box 26062, Saint Louis, Missouri 63136.

Carol Sutton
Anonymous said…
(Boyd County, 1909–1991) Editor Carol Sutton. April 10th 2013

At nine, Gertrude Ramey’s life changed when her mother and siblings died of influenza, which forced Ms. Ramey to move from one home to another. The loneliness and homelessness helped Ms. Ramey empathize with those she would later spend her life caring for and loving. At 25 years old, she moved to Catlettsburg, Kentucky to open up a boarding house for defense workers. Three years later, Ms. Ramey spoke to the local Judge about keeping abandoned and neglected children whose only place to go was the jail or the poorhouse. In 1944, Ms. Ramey opened her very own children’s home, the Ramey Home. At the peak of The Ramey Home, more than 50 children lived with her. On September 15th 1967, Ms. Ramey spoke to the Radford County Judge about keeping a (very usual boy) that had been abandoned and placed into solitary confinement over night inside the St Albans Sanatorium for boy’s in Radford Virginia, only weeks after him leaving the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center Jefferson County KY. Caius and torment had ensued the moment the boy walked into the ST Albans Sanatorium. The other boy’s were suspect and terrified of him. One boy had his skull cracked. And a guard disappeared that night. Nevertheless, the next morning the guardian showed, with power of attorney over the child Richard B Rollins, (shadow eyes) and took him into her care in Pikesville Kentucky. Ms. Ramey retired in 1988 after 45 years of working with children. However, she never really retired since she lived at the Ramey Home and continued to work closely with the new executive director until her death in 1991. Over the years, more than 3000 children stayed with Ms. Ramey at the Ramey Home. Like a true mother, Ms. Ramey put her heart into the children and never once charged a cent for her work.
Carol Sutton
Anonymous said…
Bangor Daily News
OUT DOORS Saturday, August. 29, 2015 Last update: 12:49 p.m. TODAY
News from your community: State | Aroostook | Augusta | Bangor | Down East | Hancock | Lewiston-Auburn | Mid-Maine | Midcoast | Penobscot | Piscataquis | Portland Entertainment news;

Seguin Lighthouse welcomes SHADOW EYES
UVA Division of Perceptual Studies reports on: August 27th 2015. Houston Bane, Clairsentient Empathic known- as (Shadow Eyes) within the paranormal realm, has set out with Bangor Maine in his Scope and compass. In addition, has agreed to spend Monday night inside the Seguin Lighthouse alone.

The Lighthouse; was commissioned by George Washington in 1795. It is Maine’s tallest and second oldest light station, a short boat ride from Ocean Point Inn. For more than two centuries, this lighthouse has been a very important guide to ships on the Maine coast and entering the Kennebec River. Even earlier in 1607, the English settlers of the Popham Colony anchored at the island before landing on the mainland.
Samuel de Champlain sailed past Seguin in 1612 and thought the island looked like a giant tortoise. The word Seguin is said to be from an Indian word that means, “Where the sea vomits.” Others claim it is from an Indian word that means hump.
Like many Lighthouses, Seguin Island has many “paranormal ghost” stories. Maine in general; is a paranormal gold mine. Keepers told of furniture (moving by it self) and doors shutting on their own. One tale involves a 19tth century keeper’s wife who played the same tune repeatedly on the piano. The solitude, the howling winds, and the never-ending melody from the piano eventually drove the groom insane. The husband “destroyed” the piano with an axe, and then killed his wife and himself. Legend says the tune can-be heard drifting from the island on a calm night. We have hopes in that maybe, after a night inside the Lighthouse, Shadow Eyes; may “intercept” way of (thought transference) the real names of the keepers in question. Case files revel; he is a master at mind transference. In addition, whether or not, the bride was really “bludgeoned” to death with the ax. Moreover, Houston will (stay one night) near the site Sara Ware was “murdered” and the very spot in the woods, her body found back in 1898. Many unknown questions have remained “unsolved” about just who killed Sara, why and how.
You can follow the stories about the Lighthouse, and Sara Ware here.
Anonymous said…
My mother Janet Wilkes, was a nurse inside the Wood Haven Geriatric Center in the late 1960's, in Louisville Jefferson county KY. Me and my siblings clearly remember the stories of the greened boy they called shadow eyes, who they kept under lock and key upon the fourth floor, close to the treatment room. Things were stolen out of the lock gift shop, and made there way up and into room # 418, Richard's room, on the foot of his bed each night. The child was under two pad locks, and no way could he have gotten out. No one was ever able to figure out just how the items got there each morning.

My mother showed us pictures, of a set of white fantail doves, she saw on his bed when she walked in one early morning. It had been said, that the spirits of dead children that died years ago in the Waverly Hills, stayed constant by Richards side, in way of the forms of Orbs. Mom told us, she saw hundreds of orbs that week Richard stayed there. Every morning and day, morning doves landed and stayed on Richards window ledges. Crows as well. Richard showed the one nurse's he trusted most, a tiny flanal worn shirt, from a little ghost boy, who some how left under his pillow. He told Pat, it belonged to Tommy, and Tommy had a little brother Ralph that stayed by Tommy.
She was said they could not get Richard to eat anything, only fluids. Mom told us many stories that week she got home during dinner time. I loved the stories of the boy and all the things that went on, the fourth floor.
It was said that, Shadow eyes holds all the answers to so many deaths, accidents, abortions, sex, murders and such that occurred in all the years the Waverlyhad been built, all the way back to the 1800's.
He knows all about little Audrey, the little girl who was murdered back into 1910 one night. They found her bloody corpse 6 hours later in the woods behind the African American building. Her eyes had been eaten out from her skull, bite marks from her buttock, her head was cut off and found in a tree facing down. Richard also knows about the nurse the male patients found hanging on the 5th floor, and what really happened to her. About the other nurse that went flying threw the window to her death. How many children in all the years who had been molested, and by whom. Where aborted baby's are scattered threw out the grounds of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.
But nothing beats the morning the two Doctors and two male orderly's and Pat saw the Creeper manifest inside the ECT room with Richard. My mother did not see it, she was not in the room, However she was at work that day,and told us about all the commotion upon the 4th floor that day. And how fast the Doctors and men ran out of the treatment room, leaving Richard strapped still to the table, with Miss Holland fainted on the floor next to him.
I wonder if, shadow eyes, the little green eyed boy is really still alive?

Elizabeth A Wilkes
Anonymous said…
Ever heard the term ” little green men” ? Most don’t know this term actually came from an event that happened in Kentucky. On July 12th 1955 in Hopkinsville, KY a strange incident happened. Keep in mind. Richard B Rollins alias(shadow eyes) was also born on July 12th1955, and I saw his birth certificate. The first time I ever heard of it, I was reading
one of those Time Life ” Mysteries of the Unknown” books. One of the reasons I find it so interesting (aside from being so close to home) is that the people that reported it never connected the dates to his birth date. When Shadow eyes got of the hospital, and was recovering in his brothers home in Owenton, he was able to take a 30 second video on his cell phone , of these creatures that come back to see him. It was peering threw the bedroom window, right down on his face. I saw the video. I will never go out at dark in Kentucky ever again. This man seems to bring out so many paranormal events in Kentucky.
R. Perkins
Anonymous said…
About Shadow Eyes green eyes.
1%-2% of the population on Earth have green eye's (typically women.) Green eyes are most common in some parts of Europe (including and especially Iceland, due to pigmentation in the eye and Rayleigh scattering of the light). In Europe it's between 15%-20% generally, depending on where you are. Green eyes probably also find their roots in areas in and around Germany & Hungary.

It's not like that's incredibly uncommon though. 2% is still 140,000,000 people throughout the world, so about the population of the entire country of Japan. Also, when considering how many people you interact with each day (especially in urban life) you probably run into a few a day.

So, you're rare if you have green eyes, that is if you're talking in total percentages, otherwise you're just representative of 1/140,000,000 (.000071%) of all green-eyed persons in the world.

Now, the more interesting question is: why are green eyes so rare (relative to other colors)?

Green eyes are somewhat caused by the interactions of multiple mutations in the OCA2 and related genes.
Many factors can cause such mutations and lead to having green eyes, like your environment.
DNA folding, recombination and other related processes can lead to mutations and/or, ultimately, green eyes.
Chemicals (like glaucoma medication) can cause green eyes by adjusting the darkness/lightness of your eyes.
Green eyes are more common in places were blue eyes and brown eyed people met, and then evolved, though this is correlation, nothing else is proven.
Anonymous said…
Great paranormal reading on here. Love all these comments. I can't get enough of this. And yes I to agree with others. WHY don't they put Shadow Eyes on Ghost Adventures or one of the others. Most likely there just to afraid of him maybe. All these Paranormal reality show better act quick before Shadow Eyes strikes out on his own. These shows need something like this guy. Their ratings are going down by the month. Chuck Morris
Celine said…
huh, I like that, nice story
Anonymous said…
I wonder if the new owners of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium know this man Shadow Eyes. If I were the new owners, I would get him back into the Waverly Hills ASP before someone else grabs him up. With all the top paranormal researcher's and investigators on this. Have them film the entire thing for there next season. GOD KNOWS THEY NEED SOME REAL PARANORMAL EVENTS TO HAPPEN SOON on these lame paranormal shows. There shows suck big time now, bore-inggggg. I wonder if maybe Shadow Eyes might bring back up the Creeper for TV. Zak Baggans would crap his pants if he ever really came into contact with the real Creeper,lol. Just sayingggggg. I am now a #1 fan of this coll as dude SHADOW EYES.
Jason Tanner NY NY.
Anonymous said…
Charleston Gazette Paranormal Archives 1949 threw 2015circ
Part 1.
Charleston West Virginia. When Richard B. Rollins turned seven, he started to attend Anne Bailey Elementary School, 405 Winfield Rd, Saint Albans, WV 25177. Richard, was bullied on his first day of grade school, three other boys got hurt in the woods on the way home from school. They say it had something to do with some dark thing in the tree line. The three boy’s were to terrified to make their claims. They were three of Richards worst grade school bullies. But after that day no more.
Take note of Richard B. Rollins birthdate. July 12th 1955
West Virginia has played host to two famous paranormal entities’ both within a span of a dozen years. In 1955, a creature showed up out of nowhere, and terrified the town of Flatwoods. Then again, in 1966-67, they nicknamed the paranormal creature "Mothman." However, today, the Flatwoods monster never got a name, is almost invisible on the vacation landscape.
Some people thought that Mothman was a mutant, spawned from local chemical and weapons dumps. Some thought that he was the "the curse of Chief Cornstalk," a Shawnee leader who had been treacherously murdered in Point Pleasant in 1777, and who had finally gotten around to exacting his revenge.
Things got ugly on December 15, 1967, when the Silver Bridge, which connected Point Pleasant to neighboring Kanauga, Ohio, collapsed into the Ohio River, killing 46 people trapped in rush-hour traffic. Some claimed that the catastrophe was triggered by a sonic boom from Mothman's wings. Others believed that Mothman had been sent, to harm certian people who were crossing the bridge that day. Whatever the connection may have been, Mothman disappeared after the bridge fell down. Maybe he simply felt that Point Pleasant had had enough.
Even Chief Cornstalk has a memorial in Point Pleasant. A four-ton stone obelisk, marked simply "Cornstalk," stands in Point Pleasant Battlefield State Park down by the river. The Chief's surviving remains three teeth and a few bone fragments are sealed in the center of the obelisk, perhaps to ensure that his curse is safely locked away.
Mason D.Perry Phd Para-Science
Anonymous said…
Part 2. On November 12, 1967, 5:17pm, right at dusk, five people were visiting a grave site at a cemetery way up on a mountain in Floyd County, close to Wheelwright, the very same graveyard where Richards great grandmother was buried. And there sat Richard, next to her marker. The men and women claimed to see a man-like figure fly low from the trees, coming from over Richard’s head, and then over their heads. Richard remained seated on the ground, and watched the five people panic and scream. One of the men was his uncle Joe Rollins, Joe run over to take Richard down the mountain side, back to his uncle and aunts home, Curt and Wiladean Cook. Richard refused to go. They all run back down the mountainside, and into the car and took off. Richard spent a lot of time in graveyards. He told his grandmother, he felt safe there, and had much peace and comfort. Moreover, he was at home in the dark woods. Richard spent most of his days and nights in the woods. In addition, he was not afraid of the dark.
The testimony from the five respected people that very night, that the police station had identified the first known sighting of what became known as the Mothman. The men had explained that they new the boy Richard, they explained the boy was just sitting there, watching this thing in the wood line. Richard knew it was there.
Anonymous said…
Part 3.
Shortly thereafter, on November 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette told police they saw a large white creature whose eyes "glowed red" when the car headlights picked it up. They described it as a "large flying man with ten-foot wings following their car while they were driving in an area outside of town known as 'the TNT area', the site of a former World War II munitions plant.
During the next few days, other people reported similar sightings. Two volunteer firemen who sighted it said it was a "large bird with red eyes". Mason County Sheriff, George Johnson, commented “well no one has caught it yet, we will just have to be careful and stay in our homes at night.” Contractor Newell Partridge told Johnson that when he aimed a flashlight at a creature in a nearby field its eyes glowed "like bicycle reflectors", and blamed buzzing noises from his television set and the disappearance of his German Shepherd dog on the creature.

December 15, 1967, was one of the darkest days in West Virginia history. Sadly, it was only the first of many tragic days that West Virginians would suffer. The Silver Bridge, which connected Point Pleasant with Gallipolis, Ohio, had opened to traffic in 1928.
There were few Mothman reports in the immediate aftermath of the December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge and the death of 46 people, giving rise to legends that the Mothman sightings and the bridge collapse were connected. Folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand notes that Mothman has been widely covered in the popular press, some claiming sightings connected with UFOs, and others claiming that a military storage site was Mothman's "home". Brunvand notes that recountings of the 1966-67 Mothman reports usually state that at least 100 people saw Mothman with many more "afraid to report their sighting
Anonymous said…
Some ufologists, paranormal authors, and cryptozoologists believe that Mothman was an alien, a supernatural manifestation, or an unknown cryptid. With all this being said, who knows what’s going on, or what this thing is.

However, I find these events very strange, that so many times this child Richard is involved by dates, and being indigenous to these paranormal occurrences in West Virginia where he lives. And it followed him into Kentucky.

Someone took a very odd letter out of Edith’s cedar chest, a lady friend of Gertrude his aunt, and she gave it to my wife, in Wheelwright Kentucky.
Now for some real bizarre information, there were people on that bridge at the time that day. All of which had crossed paths with this child, at some point. After his grandmother died, she sent her grandson a box, and in it was items, letter’s, and pictures from the sanatoriums she kept on him. In addition, in one of her letters she explained what happened that day on U.S Highway 35. Richard had told her what happened as he stood on Highway 35. A few names, Leo "Doc" Sanders, Point Pleasant, WV. James O. Pullen, Middle Port Ohio. James Hawkins, Westerville Ohio, Tom Cantrell Gallipolis Ohio.

Just three months, and two weeks after Richard was thrown out of two sanatoriums, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, 08/25th 1967, St Albans Sanatorium in September 15th 1967.
On December 15th 1967 Richard and his uncle Tilden Collins, were heading out to make a short trip to Gallipolis Ohio, from West Virginia, to pick up some furniture, and pay a short visit. At 4:40 pm, Richard say’s, “uncle, you never told me we had to go over the silver bridge.” Richard instructed his uncle to stop the truck at once. He complied. So he pulled off on the side of U.S Highway 35. Richard got out of the truck and walked over to the north-side of 35. Richard stood there and began to sob.
Tilden seemed to understand the boy’s clairsentient emphatic mind, and let him be. In addition, he just knew in his gut something terrible was in the air by the way Richard was acting. Richard returned back into the truck, and said to his uncle very calmly but stern. “Do not drive over that bridge, turn back right now, and do not look back.” That was 4:51pm according to uncle Tilden’s watch and clock on the dash. Before Tilden turned on the truck, he gave Richard a few minutes to get him self together. The bridge collapsed 5 minutes later.

Mason County Sheriff, George Johnson
Anonymous said…
Part 5.
"1928 Clip About Silver Bridge Ominous," Beckley Post-Herald, 7-25-1968.

"25 Years Later, Bridge Collapse Still Haunts WV Town," Charleston Gazette-Mail, 12-13- 1992.
"8 More Bodies Found; Bridge Toll Reaches 13," Charleston Gazette, 12-18-1967.
"Before Disaster Struck," Charleston Gazette, 12-16-1967.
"Bridge Disaster Toll May Reach 46; Shocked Pt. Pleasant Seeking Dead," Charleston Daily Mail, 12-16-1967.
"Bridge Toll: 16 Dead, 44 Missing," Point Pleasant Register, 12-18-1967.

"Bridge Damage Trail Recessed to October 21," Martinsburg Journal, 7-17-1974.
"Bridge Fell Like Card Deck; Fantastic, Witnesses Relate," Charleston Daily Mail, 2-16- 1967.
"12/15/1967 that day. Ceil Thomas said; "at exactly 4:45pm, my wife and I noticed this striking young boy about maybe 11 or 12 years of age, as we drove by the child, he looked at us both for a split second, with these piercing glowing green eyes, having long dark shiny hair, wearing black jeans, navy blue coat. Was seen standing on north-side of Highway 35 next to the silver bridge, sobbing, then holding back his hair, as he bent over throwing up. Standing close to a black pickup, with a handsome, elder gray haired man, sitting behind the wheel. "Fairmont Times-West Virginian".
"I Looked Up...The Bridge Disappeared, Teacher Says," Charleston Gazette, 12-16- 1967.
"Like A Deck of Cards, Fall of Silver Bridge Happened 20 Years Ago," Charleston
Daily Mail, 11-26-1987.
"Now I Know What It's Like to Drown," Charleston Gazette, 12-16-1967.
"Ohio Tragedy Second Bridge Disaster This Year," Charleston Gazette-Mail, 12-17- 1967.
"Pictured-Coast Guardmen Survey Dangling Superstructure," Charleston Gazette-Mail, 12- 17-1967.
"Silver Bridge Two Survivors of Tragedy That Killed 46 Can't Erase Memories of 10 Years Ago," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 12-15-1977.
"Silver Bridge Tragedy: Salvage Work Ended, But Dragging to 967.
Mason D. Perry PhD, Para-Science
Anonymous said…
Byron C. Stuhlman
The birthday of Shadow Eyes. To clear up any confusion, Richard changed his name to Houston at thirteen years old.
His parents had traveled from West Virginia July 5th 1955, to go visit army friends, in Dayton Ohio. Richard’s mother was pregnant at the time. His father served in the US army. There was a big paranormal event going on at the Wright Patterson Air Force Field, and Space Museum 1955
The Engineering Division was in charge of research and development for the Army Air Services and was a clearinghouse for the Army Air Services on aviation development world. Throughout its history, the Engineering Division/Material Division maintained a library of relevant area 54 documents, turned over to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson and was later donated to the National Air and Space Museum.
The collection consists of reports and other secret classified, and with help from the public. These documents on a variety of aviation-related topics; including general science (aeronautics, physics, chemistry, etc); military air service personnel, organization, and equipment for both the,, US and foreign air forces; as well as operations, and so on. Information on foreign services and equipment is usually from military intelligence reports, although some forcing documents or translations are included. The material also includes a large section of test reports from the Material Division itself.
Richard’s mother had become ill quickly upon walking threw the space station, and was rushed to the near by Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton Ohio. Richard was delivered 5:55am July 12th 1955. Frank C. Sutton M.D, and me the attending Physician, my name is Byron C. Stuhlman. I had taken notice of the baby once delivered; this baby did not look like a newborn to any of us. The baby and the placenta, had the sent of rose water. He had this old world charm, as if he has already been threw all this before. Most odd, we all noticed this, he seemed to have the presence of both female and male essence. Almost a full head of shiny beautiful hair. His eyes, after I started to wash his face down. When the baby opened his eyes and looked into my eyes, I gasped, this baby had the eye maturity of a 12 month old baby, not a newborn. He had perfect eye control, dilation; his eyes were big, and wonderfully hypnotic. I made sure not alarm the mother. We took Richard right away to the ICU for further observations. We explained to his mother, it was nothing to be worried about, standard procedure, and they would be back with the baby in about a half an hour.
Anonymous said…
“At the time I was 31 years old. We were just standing there staring down at this “gorgeous” newborn baby before us, with these (glowing hypnotic) green eyes.’ It became obvious to everyone, that the fluorescent lights in the ICU were hurting the baby’s eyes. So, we placed a dark blanket over the baby bin, and he was ok.
We figured this baby most likely suffer issues with light sensitivity. This was something new to us all in the ICU, we had never seen this before. This baby was staring us down, intensely “studying” everyone in the room. He had this hesitant smile. This baby clearly had (thought process formulating) inside his brain. There was no mistake in this “observation” on the part of any Doctor in the IUC that night. I am telling you as God is my wittiness, that baby looked right into my soul, and it made my hair stand on ends. Richard somehow knew what was going on with us all in that room. He then focused in on one of the male cleaning crew, a black janitor. The baby focused in on the janitor, the baby seemed put off by this janitor, and without blinking his eyes, they started to slowly change shades of green, to dark green, olive green, brown green, and then back to bright glowing green. When the janitor left the ICU, his eyes settled back down. When I finished cleaning up the newborn, he looked at me with this scary look I might add. He did not want me, or any other male to touch him. So one of the women cleaned him up, and took him back to his mother. At 7:00am the very next morning, we went into to check on Miss Rollins and her baby.
“I had noticed something very odd indeed. I saw two morning Doves sitting on the windows ledge, side by side looking in the window at the baby lying on a chair. Most all mothers, like to keep their newborns in bed with them, to start breast-feeding, and too bond with the baby. It was clear to us, that was not the case with this mother, and she was not happy with this baby she just begat. She had placed him in a hospital chair, pushed it over far away from her by the window. She exclaimed she would not be breast-feeding this one. In addition, when she made such comment, chills went up and down my spine. I knew this baby was heading for mental, emotional, and most likely psychical damage as well. I almost asked her, if she was thinking of adoption. Now, at 93 years old and reading this article on Richard, I can see that I was right in my thinking 60 years prior. I should have pushed her for adoption. I would have adopted that baby in a heartbeat.
Attending Physician, Byron C. Stuhlman
Anonymous said…
I tell you one thang right quick.If I was planning on driving over and bridge, I be calling 411 for his cell number so I can text this man right quick. Or was planning on going to to threw woods for a pig roast, or a gave yard put me some flowers down on my mommas grave. I want this man Shadows to lead my behind, I dont want sum mothman thang flying into my weave, messing me up. It took me 11 months to save up for my two cololred weave. IS dat like dem bats they be flying all up in yo hair? My moma taught us, wrap yo hair right quick, if a heard of bats fly in the house. I cant run so fast anymo.I aint driving my behind over no mo bridges. I just aint doing it.
Yolanida Thomson Atlanta Georgia
Anonymous said…
Girllllll, I knows thats right that mothman thing might have coodies or fleas and ticks
Anonymous said…
Dear Ghost Readers of Andrea Allison's,

First of all, we all love her story's she digs ups on such interesting paranormal events.
Thank you for sending along the account files about the unusual ECT electrical events surrounding the torturous ECT experience, of this child Richard B. Rollins so many years ago. Leaving aside the "ethics" of it all, after reading the "avalanche" of reports and case files of collected events with the, (manifesting of the Creeper) on the 4th floor treatment room in the WHGC August 2nd 1967, does sound to us here, like a paranormal event had definitely had taken place, like a mini-poltergeist affair is what we think of it. We hear of these unexplained physical experiences, and usually around times of stress, often by someone with very deep emotions, or actions in a more direct way would be our assumption but otherwise not the norm for any child. Our company has received his medical report on his rare blood type being AB-negative last 12th/May 2015. We have added your reports,to our ongoing collection of this man that men in the field of Science, Parapsychology, and the Pparapsychologist researchers calls the, Paranormal Patriarch__ Shadow Eyes. It is true what so many are saying in 2015 that, Shadow Eyes, is indeed the Holly Grail of Paranormal events taken place.

Sally Feather
Sally Rhine Feather PhD
Research Experience Study
Anonymous said…
Oh my God, We, me Janice Bandel, Kim Base-Smith, Toby Davis, Jill Craig all went to Princeton High School, in Sharonville Ohio with Richard/Houston Rollins. I all knew him from the second grade to the 6th, and in the 11th and the 12th grade when he came back from Kentucky to finish high school. We all were soooo in love with Richard. But he had no interest in-dating anyone. He sure had it ruff in school, and at home,for all of us spent much time in his house. We all hated his Christian mother. He was very quite and reserve. And he had an infirmity with all animals, and sick baby's and children. He was on the swim and track team. He was the top swimmer/runner in school,the Mike Phelps he was. But so many guys at Princeton High where so very jealous of his looks and wisdom. Not one guy could match wits with him.
All the stories carried over from Richards grade school bullies,to not dare mess with Richard, by bulling him. You could call him all the names you wanted. But you corner, hit or spit on Richard, your ass was toast, and everyone knew it. They all looked at him like the male version of the girl in the movie Carrie, Carrie White.Richards had a mother just like the mother in the movie Carrie was well.
Anonymous said…
Everyone also was aware that Richard had been placed into the Waverly Hills Sanatorium at 12 years of age, right before the 6th grade. And it was NO secret what Shadow Eyes was cable of with the paranormal way of things. AFTER 1967 he disappeared until the 11th grade. Most all gave him room when he walked down the hallways. He watched over all the bullied children and teens. The kids who were not good looking, fat, and unpopular. If he found out bully's where hurting or picking on any of the children under his wing, you better run for the boarder buddy. That year the black school at Lincoln heights was bused over to Princeton,and it went down the toilet. The blacks ruined everything,and destroyed our school. They were pulling knifes on teachers. It was not long before one black bullied not knowing Richards reputation picked on Richard in biology class. The black punk threw hot water on Richard in the lab. And all hell broke lose in that class. When Richard stood up out of his chair in the back of class,and when we saw his signature green eyes starting to darken and change colors, we all knew at that point, time to get the hell out of dodge, even the teacher took off out of the room. The blacks had no Idea who Richard was at this point. The whites sure did. Petra dishes went flying, chairs, ceiling tiles, three dissecting knives were stuck into the black thug. By the the time Richard was done with that black punk, there was not much anyone could do for him but call 911.The boy had stitches when he returned the next week. That black thug never even looked at Richard. The blacks would not dare f____ with him. And that was when I really fell in love with Richard,lol.
Anonymous said…
Within minutes all the blacks in school had got wind of what happened to the black punk. Then the blacks went after Richard, and chased Richard into the pool area. Richard ran and removed his cloths down to his underwear, jumped into the pool and told them nigs come on in boys the waters just fine. Richard was known for staying under water for up to 3 and 4 minutes at a time.He was fast in the water. The nigs were yelling at him and throwing things at him. Finally some whites jocks ran in and started pushing the black ring leaders into the pool Knowing Richard would finish them off. Richard got a hold of hem, pulled them out to the middle of the pool,and played cat and mouse with them. Pulling them down to the bottom, them letting them go,over and over till they were about to drown. Richard took the big bad guy, and took him back down to the bottom and held him under water till he did drown. Then he pulled him back up to the steps. They pulled the black thug out pumped his chest and go the water out and breathing again. The police finally got to the school riot and everyone was sent home that day.
The blacks never bothered Richard again. And the whites looked at him as a hero. But Richard still wanted no part of all the high school kids because of the way they treated him. After the 12th grade,he all but diapered to Florida.It was not until 1980 we saw him on TV on the news of Houston's car being right behind his friends car that was stopped right by the broken bridge. They were stuck on the south bound lane of the Skyway Bridge in St Pete where he was living, heading home in a bad storm at 7:30am one morning. But we never saw him again, until now. Janice Bandel has died, the rest of us are old and grandmothers.

Toby Davis
Anonymous said…
My dear GOD, SOMEONE PLEASE! hand me a box of cleanx and nasal spray. I can't take reading about him anymore. If this were a movie about this boy, I don't know if I could survive watching it.

Maybe the police department should place "Shadow Eyes" in the middle of Ferguson when they start rioting again. Better yet, call Obama have him send Shadow Eyes to the middle east, to deal with ISIS, who are beheading the baby's and children over there.

Amanda Nobles
Anonymous said…
Now this is what us paranormal investigator dream of, a person like this to come along. However, my team have been trying to find out how to get in contact with this man they call Shadow Eyes. We want to talk with him, about him accompanying us to Alcatraz, the old prison on the Island. But NO one can reach this man, not even the new owners of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, know how to get to him. We have heard the last nurse that knew of him died this past summer. Leaving only one, sill living in 2015. But that nurse claims to know him, but her name is not on the Waverly Hills memorial site. So most likely she has no Idea who Shadow Eyes is, and just saying that to get fame. We did reach a top Research Team, the UVA who study these things, they have a lot of information on him, but will not help us reach Shadow Eyes. All they tell us is, stay away from him. And they will not help us locate him. What the H___! why is everyone protecting this man, keeping his where about's such a secret? this is bull___. Not even Zak Baggnas on Ghost Adventures, or Jason on TAPS can't get to this man Shadow Eyes. I hear, that after that last accident in the moundsville prison, was Shadow Eyes last Lock Down, not sure if that's true or not. Some say it was because of that guy Mike who had his skull fractured, when he fell back on the head stone in the John Bell woods when he saw the entity behind Houston, when doing and paranormal investigation on the Bell Witch. WHO REALLY KNOWS? But we are afraid to take him on a Lock Down with our team.
Robert Haviland

The Official Waverly Hills/ Woodhaven memorial & historical resource site.==>
Anonymous said…
We had call come in to our head quarters in 1980, concerning this man you call Shadow Eyes. He was on the Sunshine Sky way bride at 7:30 am when the bridge collapsed. Florida Highway Patrol officer helped secure the yellow Buick stopped at the edge of the mangled Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Driver Richard Hornbuckle of St, Petersburg stopped just shy of disaster, as he and his three passengers, Richard B. Rollins, Randy Baker, Ron Colly, all walked away from the car. It was not until the next day after Hornbuckle stated in his statements to us. That if it had not been for this man Shadow Eyes, they would have all died. The storm that morning was was zero. And all three man had said, Houston has incredible for sights and feeling for such, and it if were not for his clairsentinet couscous mind, they would have all died. Houston started screaming 300 feet back to stop, stop, stop, the car now, stop it now, and get out NOW. When the med stood out on the side of the bridge, they were able to hear the people in the bus screaming for help, then it got quite. Houston watched a mans truck go flying off the bridge and land on the barge,and that man lived. The cry's were unbearabe the survivors tell us.
Anonymous said…
Sandra Wills
I can clealy remember that horrible day. We still live in St Pete. And that was a hell of a storm that morning. My husband Raymond worked for the Florida Highway Patrol. And we knew Richard Hornbuckle. What's so unbelievable was that is, Mr.Hornbuckle did not know the three passengers in his car, he had stopped at the rest stop before crossing the bridge that morning. The three passengers were stranded in their broke down truck, in an approaching storm in the rest area. Mr.Hornbuckle offered to take the three men back to Randys apartment in St Pete that morning at 7:50am. It was years later when us women folk found out threw some hairdresser's that this man Houston B. Rollins had moved over to Tampa Florida, where he opened up his own Salon, called the Houstonian Salon in Land O Lakes on Dale Mabry Hwy.He worked for years in Carroll in a salon called Allen's Studio for Hair before striking out on his own. He became a hero to us for what he did that morning. Not only did Houston Rollins save Mr. Hornbuckles life, and his two friends. Because they jumped out of the car, they were able to run back and signal other cars to STOP.So we started to drive to his Salon to support him in his business. Plus his Salon was located across the street from the Paradise Resort, and nudist community,lol. Houston was the most successful hair dresser in the state of Florida. Plus he was a knock out for us women to look at,lol. He was HOTTTTT. BTW he got a lot more attention, and become a celebrity in 2016 when he designed created, then Patented a new boat pro peller called the Sea Guard, in order to save our manatees. I wonder where he is now. He closed his salon back in 2010. Sandra Willias
Anonymous said…

1 of 10 pages Pictures seen as attachments only
United States Patent Office 7,172,477
Rollins Bane Houston Inventor February 6, 2007

Safety propeller SEA GUARD

A safety propeller for a boat motor includes an annular collar having a front opening, a rear opening and a continuous peripheral wall. A plurality of angled, horizontal slits are circumferentially positioned about the peripheral wall to allow water to pass through the collar. Both the front opening and rear opening each include a plurality of guard blades radially extending from a centrally disposed hub. Between the front and rear guard blades is a main propeller likewise including a plurality of blades radially extending from a centrally disposed hub. The collar, guard blades, main propeller, shaft and hubs are integrally connected to form a unitary structure. Accordingly, when the device is operably connected to a boat motor drive means, the guard blades and main propeller rotate in unison to propel a boat through water. The guard blades are positioned at a discrete angle and pitch so as to project animals, humans and objects away from the device.

Inventor: Rollins; Bane Houston Tampa(Spring Hill, FL)
Family ID: 37696569
Appl. No.: 11/417,704
Filed: May 4, 2006

Related U.S. Patent Documents
Application Number Filing Date Patent Number Issue Date
60704969 Aug 3, 2005
60677461 May 4, 2005

Current U.S. Class: 440/71; 416/247A
Current CPC Class: B63H 1/16 (20130101)
Current International Class: B63H 5/16 (20060101)
Field of Search: ;440/38,71,72 ;416/247R,247A
References Cited [Referenced By]

U.S. Patent Sold on March 12th 2010
Anonymous said…
Thanks to this man Houston, one day when it becomes law. The Sea Guard will saves the lives of humans our Manatees, and our dolphins as well. Lowery Parks doors are always open to Houston when chose's to visit the Zoo free of charge.
Linda and staff
Lowery Park Zoo Tampa Fla
Anonymous said…
Hey Linda, I want me a free pass to to the Zoo.
Anonymous said…
Well this is ODD readers. Two bridges collapsed, the Silver Bridge in West Virginia December 1967? and the Sky Way Bridge in St Peters-burg Fla 1980. And this guy shadow eyes was there both times? It being documented twice by authorities, eye wittiness's, and news feeds accounts. That this dude was on both of these bridges when they collapsed. Why am I the only one who seems bothered by this fact. I say maybe someone should really pay attention. Maybe this guy is a Warlock like the Christians claimed at the Church his parents attended.Think about it, even his own parents turned on him, and throwing him out of their home. Why is no one building a bonfire?

Gary Pinkerton Key west Fla
Anonymous said…
Kompa Tevez.
R.I.P. to all innocent lives lost to this disaster. Never had I heard about this accident until today (01/11/15) In the headlines is the story about the psycho dad that threw his 5 year old daughter off of this very same bridge. I began reading about all the suicides on the Sky Way bridge after the fact in 1981, and then something about a disaster, bridge collapse, a bus and cars falling in to the waters below. A huge ship hit the bridge, making it collapse. So they say now the Bridge is Haunted after the fact. What an awful, heartbreaking tragedy.
Kpmpa Tevez.
Anonymous said…
Char Herndon 4 months ago My dad was on that bridge when it fell. I think he was the first to go down. I was 16 at the time. It's not anything you ever forget when it's your loved one of course. I still miss him terribly to this day.

Anonymous said…
Tampabay Fishingenthusiast 4 days ago+Char Herndon I personally send my condolences. I was ten years old at the time and remember it like yesterday. I never trusted the stability of the old bridge myself as a kid going over it, I know you had to feel the same way. I am very sorry for the tragic loss of your father.

Anonymous said…
nunya biznez 1 year agoI remember driving up to the bridge and having a cop stop me and telling me to turn around that the bridge was closed. On my way to Tampa to drive around the bay the long way I turned on the radio and they said the bridge had collapsed. I pulled up that bridge one minute after it collapsed.
Anonymous said…
sjoldtimer 4 mintues ago;This does not mention that the old bridge(s) were not lined up very well with the shipping channel and that the pilots had to carefully guide the ships through a relative tight turn to get them lined up for passage. The new bridge is built to alleviate that issue. When you go over it, you can see the approaches to the old bridge, which are still there, being used as public fishing piers.PLUS it was one of the worse rain storms every to his that bridge.
Anonymous said…
Gary Pinkerton Key west Fla.

About your remark's up above, about this man. First of all you dumb A__. When he was at the Silver Bridge on December 15 1967, he was not on it, but beside it with his uncle.
Boy to I hate men like you. Stupid, you have no brains. And just a real idiot you are. Do your research. This is how lies and rummer's get started by stupid men like you.

Kimberly Davis Pasco Fla
Anonymous said…
Statutory Rape;

Let me explain to all you ignorant men, who place the blame on this child Richard (shadow eyes) for his own rape inside the sanatoriums. The male patients involved, all banded together and claimed, well he was pretty like a girl. My GOD, my blood boils when I hear men talk like that. He had just turned 12, four weeks before going in to the sanatorium.

In some common law jurisdictions, statutory rape is sexual activity in which at least one person is below the age required to legally consent to the behavior. Although it usually refers to adults engaging in sex with minors under the age of consent, it is a generic term, and very few jurisdictions use the actual termstatutory rape in the language of statutes.

Different jurisdictions use many different statutory terms for the crime, such as sexual assault (SA), rape of a child (ROAC), corruption of a minor (COAM), unlawful sex with a minor (USWAM), carnal knowledge of a minor (CKOAM), unlawful carnal knowledge (UCK), sexual battery or simply carnal knowledge. In statutory rape, overt force or threat is usually not present. Statutory rape laws presume coercion, because a minor or mentally handicapped adult is legally incapable of giving consent to the act.

The term statutory rape generally refers to sex between an adult and a sexually mature minor past the age of puberty. Sexual relations with a prepubescent child, generically called child sexual abuse or molestation, is now, unlike back in the 1950s and 60s treated as a more serious crime. Little Richard was jut 12. I really hate most men.

Dr. Elaine Turner PhD
Anonymous said…
Abandoned Asylum: Horrors of Sanatorium Life

The sanatorium life for millions was horrible. The Judge in Ratford,Virginia was about to send little Richard here to Forest haven. However right in the nick of time a relative showed up with power of attorney to take the child home from the St Albans Sanatorium. I cannot even imagine what could have taken place for shadow eyes, or the paranormal events that might have taken place, if he would have ended in the nightmare of a place. Forest Haven was a children’s developmental center and mental institution in Laurel, Maryland. It was notorious for its poor conditions and abuse of patients. It opened its doors in 1925, and was shut down in 1991 by a federal court. There have since been numerous civil and class-action lawsuits involving patients and employees. During the early years, it was considered a state of the art facility. With a good reputation, this hospital set the standard for other states to follow. With declining conditions decades later, many patients filed lawsuits against the hospital for reasons of abuse, neglect, poor living conditions — even medical testing. A small morgue was all that stood between the patients and a cemetery on site where graves had been repeatedly uncovered by erosion.

Joshua Whimburg
Anonymous said…
I was one of the nurse's working on shift that day at, Good Samaritan Hospital, when Houston Rollins was rushed in flat-lining. His heart had stopped for over 2 1/2 hours. He was with us for all most 2 months before his brother in came in and took him home to heal.

Houston has a bad bite mark on his right forearm,and forehead, and other injuries he sustained from the paranormal investigation he was on when he had his Cardiac arrest. He lost so much blood. However,it became even more bizarre when the blood lab showed up with his blood panel, showing him to be AB-negative. Then we had problems. But he slowly recovered. He lost all his brain cells, and had to learn everything all over again, walking , talking, writting spelling ect. He blew us all away with hoe fast he got better. He is battling a host of aliments now due to being dead for so long. His body just when haywire with problems. But I can tell you this. When he returned a year and a half to see all the Doctors and nurses, we were in shock. The man was beautiful,and by looking at Houston now, you would never know what the man has suffered, and still suffers on the inside with. I see him ever so often when he comes in to see the Doctors.
BTW, I was the very nurse that turned on Houston's TV late one night in the hospital bed, when I was feeding him. A show called the Ghost Adventures had come on a cable show. Then all of a sudden Houston's who had been bed ridden, unable to sit up or walk, his blood pressure shot threw the roof, and he sat up and froze.
Later I found out why. Houston said he looked up at the TV, and saw a hallway,covered in cobwebs, graffiti, peeling paint, with three men carrying lights and all kinds of gadgets. They walked into what they were explaining as the ECT treatment room on the fourth floor of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. When Houston explained to me the nest day, why he was in shock, was because , the last time his saw that floor and ECT room he was 12. And my mouth dropped to the ground. After talking to him about that this has to be some kind of OMEN to you. Think about it, you have to write a book about this. Whether he has or not I don't know. He should that's for sure.

Now here is what makes me sick, here we have a gifted, wonderful natured man, that the Christian Church and his family threw away as a child because of his nature. He endured 60 years of bulling and HELL, and 2 cardiac arrest, and is still with us, looking very hot, I might add. But we give that freak, Bruce Jenner an award for-stuffing 2 silicone breasts onto of his man chest, and walks a round with a penis and testicles between his man legs, and we give him an award for such.
Sorry no last names, I could lose my job.
Anonymous said…
I just read everything and with little effort was able to find where Mr. Rollins lives and his number. He mistakenly made a comment on a real estate site commenting on how his new house is haunted. Plus, he shared his past locations in his profile which reflect those stated in the comments.

However, this man needs to be left in peace. He has been aware of the darkness for far too long. I am a retired paranormal investigator and have seen the evil that hides as ghosts. Demons re the cause and deceive us in every way. Mr. Rollins has witnessed and experienced these demons in ways we could never know. I am certain he a child of God and needs prayer; not to be put on "Ghost Adventures"!

I was a part of a fast and coming paranormal team. We had TV contracts, movie offers, and I met and spoke with many famous investigators. I even had a few stay at my house for a week. I discovered the hard way how the devil works in this industry. Eventually, due to my faith I was rescued from a huge mistake. I would have been rich and famous, but lost my family, my faith, and myself. God revealed on my heart what was real. I warn you all to not search for these things.

I thank you for posting this and for the life of Mr. Rollins to be shared. Let's leave him alone and pray for his soul to be healed.

Anonymous said…
To Matt

Matt, I happen to know Mr Rollins very well, for he is my cousin. Not sure what haunted house you are talking about, for he has no house. He is living in a disability center, recovering for the past three years. He has no home. He did have a small Mobile home in fla, that he lost to foreclosure when he became ill 2011. Not only did he lose his home, he lost his salon business, his truck, all his dogs, but one, little Mango his 20 year old Yorkie, that died 2 years ago, leaving him devastated. His salon was a big donator to women breast cancer. He lost his collection of Amazon Parrots he had for over 39 years. He trained those parrots, and took them into children's hospitals for the sick children to see. He lost all his furniture, EVERYTHING. Does that make you happy Matt.

That's common knowledge, everyone that knows him, knows of all his personal loss and faults. Matt, are you perfect? He has lived in four states, West Virginia Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, and Texas. And you have a problem with that? You say my cousin is evil by your Christian standards. You dare to condemn him being a Christian. You say he has lived with evil for far to long. You don't know him or what card he was dealt in this world. Me and all my sisters, and his neighbors that lived next door watched Richard from a baby. His Christian parents, his father was my brother, and my brother started abusing Richard from the very beginning as a toddler. At one point my sister Sue had to move in to watch over Richard. So what he had green eyes, how does that make him a devil? I watched the family, his Church turn on him as a little child. The school bully-ed and mistreated him as well.
Anonymous said…
Matt;Everyone tried to hurt my cousin because he was to beautiful for a boy. FYIFM, That was how your GOD made Richard MATT. All because he was born a 2-sprited human. I remember many a time his father beating him so severely, Richard was unable to walk. Just because he was a bit a feminine. His Father beat the crap out my cousin because he hated him for what he was, a sissy boy is what he called him at 2 years old, and so did his mother. Then they started calling him queer and faggot at 7 years of age. Matt, if you only knew of all the days, weeks, months, and years of horrible abuse heaped upon my cousin from his Christians parents and friends. And me, my sisters and the rest of his cousins, watched this all happen in the 1950's when there was no laws to help abused children from the parents. Me and my sisters were tormented in seeing all this as well, women had no say back then in such matters. We came from the back woods of Wheelwright Kentucky, and we women had to mind the men or else.

At 2, he had to wear a leg brace for some odd reason. At 6 Richard, he lost practical hearing in his right ear from his mother slapping him on the side of the head because he dropped his spoon on her floor. I was there at the table when that happened. He had many, bruises, cuts and you name it. They started making him go see psychiatrist at the age of 7, and that way of life with these horrible Doctors only worsened for Richard in what they did to him, if that happened now in 2015 they would all be in jail. And at the age of 12 they sent him in for ECT, to turn him into a heterosexual little boy. They said Lucifer had him, and that why their little boy had green eyes and was a homo. That is what my stupid brother and his wife claimed about my little cousin Richard. This is what he got from his Christians parents.
Anonymous said…
You say," my cousin Richard has been aware of the darkness for far too long. I am a retired paranormal investigator and have seen the evil that hides as ghosts. Demons re the cause and deceive us in every way. Mr. Rollins has witnessed and experienced these demons in ways we could never know. I am certain he a child of God and needs prayer; not to be put on "Ghost Adventures"!

And I say "YES, he has seen the evil in the darkness for far to long. And that evil was his Christian parents and people like you trying to end his life. Christians like you are his demons. My cousin was molested in his mothers church, while she was singing in the choir, down stairs, Richard while was in the care of the school teacher, in Grace Baptist Church at 5 years of age. Then one of his pastors tried to rape him in 1963 at 8 years of age. So many Christian men in our Church and neighborhood molested my little cousin, all because he was a pretty boy. So yes MATT, Mr Rollins has seen demons in ways you could ever know. Matt, tell me this, why is it ok for Richard to be molested started at 4 years of age, and Christians like you blame him for such? How was that his fault?
You say: "You was a part of a fast and coming paranormal team. We had TV contracts, movie offers, and I met and spoke with many famous investigators. I even had a few stay at my house for a week. I discovered the hard way how the devil works in this industry. Eventually, due to my faith I was rescued from a huge mistake. I would have been rich and famous, but lost my family, my faith, and myself. God revealed on my heart what was real. I warn you all to not search for these things.
You say: "You discovered the hard way how the devil works in this industry."
Anonymous said…
I say, "Really Matt, the devil works in that industry? Well here is another eye opener Matt, Lucifer also works everywhere on Earth, and he works most of his hours in the Church you go to. Just go Goggle rape of boys in the Church."

Really, you think my cousin goes out and searching for these things? Matt understand this. My cousin has lived his life alone. He remains to him self, because of his Empathy nature. He never goes into crowds. AND I don't know where you get the IDEA my cousin wants to be a part of Ghost Adventures or any team like them. I can promise you this, there is no way he will ever be apart of that. My cousin was pushed by you people to go on 2 paranormal investigations. And when you people got hurt, you then turned and blamed my cousin for your paranormal mishaps. So I can promise you this. He will never do it again.
Matt, my cousin Mr Rollins is very ill fighting cancer, PPMS, and nerve damage to his both his legs and feet. And I am sure that makes you jump for joy. Matt, this will really make you happy, Richard is in severe pain 24-7. He won't be here much longer. And I can tell you this. When his light ends, he has told me, he can't wait to leave this DARK EVIL PLANET BEHIND. For Christians like you have made his life a HELL on earth, You are the DEMONS that wonder about this Earth hiding behind your Bibles. Matt, Richard is loved by so many people, and he is truly a good loving soul. And you dare to refer to him as evil, living in the dark of hell with demons.
He just happened to be born into a world that was to evil for his, clairsentient empathic couscous mind to handle. And you Christians were the demons that tormented him so.

You end your speech for my cousin with this message." And for the life of Mr. Rollins to be shared. Let's leave him alone and pray for his soul to be healed.

Well Matt thank you for that. And while you are praying for Richard, pray for all the evil souls that have brought him nothing but pain. Pray for all the other children that have been molested and abused. It is not him that needs healed, FACT. I pray he makes it threw all his illness. I would love to see him happy for a while. He has done good for man kind, but you forgot to do the research on that. He invented and patented the Sea Guard boat Pro Peller, to save the lives of human and manatees while living in fla. I can send you the paper work from the USPO if you like. BTW. Richard went broke filings the papers for that patent. And when he sold it, he did not recover it all. But he was more pleased that the Sea Guard was done. I was unaware the demons go to such lengths, and money to save the life's of humans and animals.
Anonymous said…
BRAVO BRAVO well said. Matt you are messed up my man. So what he did or did not have a haunted house, or his address in 60 years were messed up here and there. No wonder you quit working on the paranormal team. Why don't you MATT, just go off with your little bible and disappear like the ghost you tried to catch. You were a part of the paranormal all your life, and when you could not handle your own demons, you want to attack those of us that still do. LOSER...................
David Banks
Anonymous said…
Elizabeth A Wilkes

Matt, it is Christians like you that almost ended the live of little Richard. You say you were a paranormal investigator, I am sorry, but I did not know that was part of the Christian past time. So now you spend your time bashing and trying to discredit others now because you failed at your search. You are a fool, for Richard was real and everyone in the industry knows him, and the smart ones did not blame that child for the ghosts that manifested around him. It was not of his doings. My mother worked in the Wood Haven, and took care of that child they kept locked behind the door of room 418. His own father dropped him off in that place for ECT. Those stupid stone age Doctors and his redneck dad actually thought that ECT would turn Richard into a heterosexual boy. My GOD the every depth of stupidity.

My mother loved Richard, and would sit on his bed before his 1st ECT, and hold him to calm him. She told us, he was like holding a Cherub. And Richard had the body sent of rose pedals. When she looked into his big green eyes, she saw no demons or devils looking back at her, nor did any other nurse. But I am sure that was not the case when he looked at you heterosexual men that coveted Richard. And yes he saw right threw those types of men, and tried to stay as far way from them as he could. The male patients never stopped yelling obscenities at Richard. The demons were all around him on the outside way of humans. Yes he sure did see his share of demons Matt.
Even Pat Holland his nurse told us all just how special he was. All the heterosexual male patients and some staff even tried to molest him. And he was molested and raped inside there, FACT. And that went to court. And he was no devil. You men are the demons. All the nurse's saw the morning doves landing and sitting keeping guard over him it seemed, by his room window. Birds flocked to his windows. When Richard got out of his fathers car that day, while standing in front of the Waverly Hills, Pat Holland noticed the deer, birds, rabbits come from out of the wood line all moving towards Richard.

MATT: Animals do not run to demons they run away from demons.
RICHARD WAS NO DEMON, AND I REALLY RESENT YOU MATT for implying such.. So easy to belittle someone from behind the computer screen. And you call your self a Christian. Matt,I can give you my family's home address and number, if you want to come to our home and see the box of files and pictures my mother kept on Richard. While you are here, my husband and sons and daughters can pray for you as well.
Elizabeth A Wilkes
Anonymous said…
Matt; you spent a lifetime ghost hunting you claim. Now you had a spiritual enlightenment, and that gives you leeway to (analyze and slander) others now, is that it? So now, the rest of us that still study “paranormal phenomena’ are lost souls.
Matt; I am but [one] of Mr. Rollins “Parapsychologists,” there are many of who have studied a number of (ostensible paranormal phenomena) around this child, now at 60 years of age, and in ill health I might add. And this man Mr. Rollin who YOU refer to as being a DEMON, is what we all refer to as the Paranormal Patriarch, and was giving the name "Shadow Eyes" while locked up inside the Wood Haven awaiting ECT, at the ripe old age of 12. You must be threatened by this? However, that is on your plate to sort out.

Mr. Rollins is not the DEMON you make him out to be on a Public platform. In addition, who are you to decide? I tell you what Matt, you hop a plane to Kentucky, and I will “organize” and set you up a [face-to-face] meeting at a local Hotel conference room, with Mr. Rollins.

I will put out the word, that all paranormal investigators are welcome to attend, sit back and watch you and him on stage. In addition, feel free to ask Shadow Eyes anything you like.

Understand this Matt. Shadow Eyes is our (prize case study) of 60 years, and we "protect" him by all means of the Law. We were “successful” at keeping him safe from the CIA "experiments" in the 1960s. Three Doctors found out the hard way in a court of law in Pikesville Kentucky. He has suffered enough from people like you.

Therefore, you start slandering him, and calling him a DEMON and you will have a “multitude” of Parapsychologists_ and their lawyers piling down your throat, suing you for defamation of Charter. You will not be the first one we dealt with in such a manner.

So Matt; Like you say how easy it was to find him on line. We are “experts” at tracing down "individuals" home address and phone numbers as well. And by the way, you say you have Mr. Rollins home phone number on a Pubic platform? Go head then, call him. Then we will be calling you at your home as well. The ball is now in your court. It is a very bad Idea now a days to slander someone on line. We have Laws for such.

Ken Tolar
Attorney at Law

Anonymous said…
Matt, dude I knew some of your paranormal friends that you gave up on and let down. And you sound like a real winner. Your pathetic life is no secret or anything to brag about. Let me get this right. You say you were a ghost hunter, you loved chasing ghost and what not. Then you had a bad experience with a ghost. So you punk-ed out, ran off like a sniveling coward into the bible, then by drinking doing drugs and losing everything and throwing your life down the drain.
Then blaming your own demons on ghost hunting. You Matt are no different than Mark Constantino who murdered his wife Debbie, because just like you, he was unable to be a strong enough man, and fight off the demons. That is why you lost your wife and family you freaking loser.
And that was the very reason SHADOW EYES turned down going on a Lock Down with Ghost Adventures. The team is weak, unable to deal with the demons when they manifest, that spend a life time hunting. Then when they get taken over and murder one another.To top it all off, you try to shift the blame of your weakness onto Shadow Eyes. Mr. Rollins in his 60 years on earth, has never been taken over, he has a perfect record unlike you. He also try's to tell you all how to conduct your self's in lock downs but you never heed his advise.

Matt, you were the weak one that was unable to fight off the demons like Mr Rollins has all his life. He never once tried to hide inside a bottle, drinking or drugs like you did. All of the real old school paranormal investigators know of Mr. Rollins alias (Shadow Eyes) and have read his case/files at some point in time. His
personal life and his capabilities stand on their own merits. He is the strongest, and bravest man my team has ever met. He is also the nicest and most caring man we have ever met. And no doubt the most powerful clairsentient mind we ever run across in our years as paranormal investigators. Unlike you, I don't run and hide in a bottle when confronted with a ghost. And it's the ghost hunters like you, that are weak that try and discredit Mr Rollins and blame him for your short comings. Why are so many paranormal investigators so afraid of Shadow Eyes??? you say leave him be, leave him alone because he has to many ghost around him. You stupid ass Matt, that's exactly why we beg him to accompany us on our investigations you idiot. That is the very reason we want him with us. It is plain to see, you are envious of Mr Rollins, and so you now try and discredit him.

"You say you discovered the hard way how the devil works in this industry. Eventually, due to your faith you was rescued from a huge mistake. That you would have been rich and [famous,] but lost my family, my faith, and myself. God revealed on my heart what was real."

So Matt, what's now real for you is to discredit others who have made something with their lives. To call others demons. LOL born again Christian, I don't know what is worse a demon from the paranormal world, or a living born again Christian in our faces, either way, you are F__ed up in the head coward man. Matt you just go get you a new bottle of booze, take that bible, you have avoided reading all your life until now after seeing a shadow, and go sit in the corner and look up peoples addresses and phone numbers all day. So know you are a STALKER of live humans instead of ghosts.
Matt, I can promise you this, you would have never in your life survived what Mr Rollins has survived just as a child alone, let a lone an adult. LOSER...........

Mike Newton and team NY NY
Anonymous said…
Lord a mercy,looks like this old man Matt tread-ed upon unstable holly ground up in hure. Us black folk dont' be a messing with the Shadow Eyes. We loves and shows him much respect down here in jefferson county Louisville Kentucky, and even all da way downs in Alabama and valdosta Georgea, it no secert us black folk undertands the Shadow, had he show had his share of the blues. My very own granie and her husband, and sister and sons worked up in the Waverly Hills as house keepers, drivers,and room service peoples during the Wood Haven Center days. Every black folk that wokred there placed trinkets on little shadow eyes bed, while they had that child locked up in the ECT room, electrocuting that po little man child. You white people were messed up in dat place fo sure, and it no wonder you get possessed wit demons and go off and kill your women folk like that white man killet Debbie. Shadow Eyes was a special little boy child, and my granny and all the black folk saw that in him when in the room with him, we all loved him deeply for he showed my grandma and all the black folks and house keepers and room servie such respect and love when we enter that room 418. He looked like a little greened angel sittign up on his big bed. He glowed with rays from above. Granny saidet one time,she asked that child fo a hug when she took in clean bed cloths, she saw him crying in bed from buring pain from the eltricity made his finger nails,and ear drums burn red and bleed. and when she hugged dat man child, she say he smelt like a rose bush she say. The child would float over the floor without ever making a sound, like a cat. The white men folk were terrifed of dat child fo some reason. But the whites woemens loved him like we didt. The white mens avoid him like a plauge.

Mary A Hawkins Luke, Harmel, Matthew, and Eddie Hawkins
Anonymous said…
After seeing this story in the news, my son remembered this letter a Mr Mark Constantino wrote to us a while back asking us for Shadow Eyes personal email. Thought I would share.

I told Mark Constantino, I'll forward your questions, and email his reply,, or post it back here on my site somewhere. I can tell you this, there is noway I ever want to piss off that man. The Creeper has been dormant 50 yrs now, the very day Richard Rollins walked out of the Waverly Hills. August 25th 6:45am 1967 over 50 years the creeper has laid dormant, and I don't want that thing back after me ever again.
Mark Constantino there is no way you can get past Shadow Eyes, you stupid ass, if you even dare look into his green eyes, he will see right threw you, and he will know your intent. All he has to do, is look you in the eye. I know this for a fact from experience, and all the men found that out over 50 years ago up on the 4th floor of the Wood Haven.

Anonymous said…
Subject:Mr. Mark Constantino requests
Date:06/15/2015 9:10:44 P.M.Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Mr. Richard Collins, 06/15/2015
As per your request, concerning a Mr. Mark Constantino, asking for my email to discuss me accompany him back into the Waverly Hills Sanatorium for a new venture of his behinds the backs of his staff.

I have gone on line to try and "find" photograph of this man Mark Constantino in question.
In addition, I was "successful" at finding quite a few pictures of the man, moreover his much younger wife Debby. It took only a second to know, the answer is NO. I must "refrain" from his request. For I want NO part of this man's alternative motives.

That being said; this is not something I feel would be in his (best interest.) I can clearly see this man owns a "violent-core,” within his soul an extremely jealous/possessive nature. In addition, I will promise you this, under the right circumstances, he is cable of ending that much younger woman's life, and others that get in his way. The man is a time bomb, and the paranormal is no place for a "weak mind" such as his to roam free. In addition, there is no way I would stand in the same room with him.

The very second I laid eyes on that couple standing in a picture for the show of theirs. My “Arrector Pili' vibrated on my entire scalp. Their downfall. The genetics for one, the dynamic between this man and woman, are for all the wrong reasons. A relationship "fueled" by only one component, (lust) of the flesh, will end only in disaster. This man Mark, will never trust this woman, reason? Because he cannot trust himself.

Now you mix this with smoke, drugs and drink. Then go out and walk upon (turbulent paranormal grounds,) were humans suffered and died. Even worse, walk over the touching stone where the evil, sinister "perpetrators" died on the spot, or buildings, sanatoriums, prisons and so on.

Reason, (weak minded) men like Mark, can be "taken over" way of [thought-transference] by the sinister demons of lust. For men like him, are simply (unable to comprehend) or control the forces they seek out. Moreover; in men like Mark, it is the Legionnaires for "covetous-lust" for the young flesh that can possess, govern over, and control every aspect of their couscous minds 100%. This is not new folks, for it has gone on from the very beginning of time with "Heterosexual" men mostly. It goes on all day long, all over the world. Look at the mess the world is in right now. Women are not the one's running the world. The Heterosexual Man's couscous mind is full of Aggression, Hate, Jealously, Lust, they are abound, taking the world down for the count. In addition, in the end, Aggression and Hate will be the demise of planet Earth. In addition, science wonders why the Aliens will not stop by for brunch to discuss.

In addition, the [Demon,] that for now “'lays dormant" within circumference to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, needs to stay dormant. It will serve no purpose, nor will any man gain anything, by trying to ushering my (clairsentient couscous mind) back into the Waverly Hills, in hopes to stir up the Creeper for your TV ratings.

Ghost Boy said…
Spooky! Love how the comments section amplifies the story to such a great extent. I'm a sucker for a sad ghost story :(
Anonymous said…
I went to Jefferson High school in 1967, at the time I was a sophomore. And even in the school, we heard of this child they called shadow eyes. Our parents and teachers had relatives that worked inside the Waverly Hills as staff in some way or other. And the story's about green eyes Richard, trickled down threw the family gatherings. My Uncle John Mott worked their as a barber. All of us teenagers were fans of this child Richard, and saw him as a hero. Reason, he took his ECT like a champ. He got his pay back. His parents baker acted him at 12 years old inside the Wood Haven for being what that called a pretty boy back then. The boy was little, about 58 lbs, and they say, he was one tough little boy. The male patients on the 4th floor tried to molest him 24-7 from what the nurses say. The say he was gifted some how with the animal kingdom. When Richard showed up the first day, animals poured out of the wood lines to great him. Crows crashed into the ECT treatment room to stop the Doctors from electrocuting Richard. They say mourning doves and cardinals made their way into his room some how. A nurse Miss Wilson told my mother that they saw lot's of little shadows and orbs of silvery whites lights, gathering around Richard late into the night in his room. The creeper stayed with Richard all week, and even followed him while he laid in the back of his grandmothers car as she drove down the road with the creeper right behind the car. And She got out of her car, and took a picture of the creeper hovering over the foggy road behind her car. The ghosts left gifts on the foot of Richards bed for him. It was said that a ghost boy named Tim gave Richard one of his old shirts to wear and left it on the foot of his bed. A nurse named Miss Holland saw this shirt in Richards hands and asked him where he got this shirt. She saw it her self in a box that Richards grandmother took with them, when they left the Waverly Hills. Richard had no flannel shirts when he came in. And of course the best story of many, is when the creeper manifested in the ECT room , and stopped the Doctors dead in their tracks from electrocuting and tormenting Richard. Richard escaped one night and made his way outside on the grounds for a while. And the two staff members that were chasing him trying to molest him, did not live long. The black janitor ended up in a wheel chair from a fall, and the other white orderly was killed on I-71 leaving work from the Waverly that same morning. The story's about shadow eyes were the very best of all. I hope he still thrives today. We all wish him the best. Stay Strong Shadow Eyes.

Mike Davidson 2015
Jason said…
My name is Jason.
And I live in St Pete with my wife and 7 children. And Richard HornBuckle was our neighbor that the time of this terrible day.
The Skyway bridge collapsed in 1980. The southbound span of the bridge was destroyed at 7:33 a.m. on May 9, 1980 when struck by a barge in a horrific rain storm. Three men owe there very lives to this guy many call Shadow Eyes. A Richard Hornbuckle, a Randy Baker, and his brother Ron Baker all of which were just hitchhikers with Richard HornBuckle. Shadow Eyes was on vacation in Fla, looking to move there with a friend Randy who lived in St Pete. Randy's car broke down that the southbound rest stop that morning. The the three men were heading home from a night club in Tampa, when Randy's truck broke down. Richard HornBuckle had stopped at the rest stop before heading over the bridge. He offered the three stranded men a ride over the bride to St Pete because of the impending astron. Talk about SIGNS and OMENS. Had it not been for Shadow Eyes riding in that car. Mr Horn Buckle reported, that the green-eyed beautiful man started screaming at him, at the top of his lungs to STOP! STOP! this car NOW!! STOP IT NOW! He also stated that the passengers eyes, in that moment looked like fluorescent green lights. We would all be dead if not for him. When I saw his eyes light up like that, is when I hit my brakes. In my Shadow Eyes is nothing but a hero. And for those of you who say he is a demon, up yours. You don't know him or of all the good he has done for others. So many in the paranormal world think all these shadows are from Lucifer only. Let me tell you, there are also good shadows and angles at work here too. And after reading up on this man Shadow Eyes, I see him as a angel of light. Animals do not collect and run towards demons. I have never heard of a demon saving the lives of Christians either. Richard HornBuckle was a Christian. Shadow Eyes_ actualy counted the departing souls from the drowning people down below, as their body's ended that morning. Who ever he is, all of us here in St Pete still love him.
Jason St Pete Florida.

Laura said…
I love all this, every bit o fit. I want to know more of this man called Shadow Eyes. I see him as a guarding Angel. God had to have his wings wrapped around this child tight, or else how could he had survived his ordeal inside the Waverly Hills? I am a vet, and I can promise you all one thing. Animals, especially , CATS, dogs, and horses. They can spot a demon or bad person a mile away. And this man had a lot of animals flock to him. That alone tells me what he is,an ANGEL.

Laura Davis PhdVet
Pat Hart said…
Hello, my name is Pat Hart.
I lost my left leg to diabetics in 1973 in Cincinnati Ohio at that time. I no longer live in Ohio. And it was about that time my only son Kirk finally brought his high school friend to our home. Kirk had talked about Houston all the time. I fell in love with Houston as soon as I looked him in the eyes. What beautiful eyes he had, oh my. And he had a aura that surrounded him. My husband had left me and my son Kirk behind, just walked out of your lives and into the live a much younger women. My son Kirk was all I had then. In 1977 Kirk had moved to Dallas Texas with Houston and ten other male friends. In 1980, My son Kirk, Randy, Ron Baker and Houston all drove to St Pete Florida for a two weeks visit. Houston was thinking of moving to Florida. Kirk came home to visit me in May of 1981.

And it was then Kirk told me of his HIV status. He found out in 1978 but never told anyone. I was heart broken. To make a long story short. My son Kirk was admitted into the Parkland hospital in Dallas Texas in October of 1994. I was in the hospital at the time with a leg infection. I would call Kirk on the phone and we would catch up on the phone during this time. He was ok in the beginning, and I was able to comprehend what he was saying. Kirk told me that all his nurse's and Doctors would enter his room completely covered in a orange body suit with even a mask on to check on him, and do what they had to do and left.He suad it was horrible how they treated him. We Kirk got real bad, and I was unable to get to him, and I was losing my mind. My only child was dying alone and I was unable as his mother get there to hold him. I finally called Houston and told him Kirk was dying. Houston was there that day. Three days later Houston called me from Parkland hospital on a Friday. The Doctors allowed Houston into the room with my son while he was dying. Houston had climbed into bed with my son, and help him tight. Houston had laid the phone on the bed so I was able to hear them. I could hear Houston humming to my son, he was petting my sons poor little sunken in face, when no one else would even touch my son. Houston told me step by step Kirks condition. By now my son's was just moaning, his body was shutting down at that time. I was a mess on the other end, but I dare not hang up till he passed. Houston was telling all kinds of past stories. And about the time Kirk had fallen asleep out in the swimming pool with sunglasses on. And when he took them off he looked like an owl. And we laughed for years over that.

Then I just laid there crying all the while Houston was talking to my dying son. I loved the story's he was telling Kirk. Houston was telling my son Kirk, remember when you dressed up like Glenda the good witch for Halloween on roller skates. And after the bar Badlands closed for the night, you started skating down 4th street to your car. And was unable to stop on your skates, and you went flying down the street in that big ass pink dress, waving your wand, with your jewel crown still on your head in one piece, screaming at the top of your lungs for help, like the true queen that you are, and ended up in the river? And all of us was on the ground laughing so hard, I was unable to get my breath for hours over that sight. That when I heard Houston's boisterous laugh at that point.

Pat Hart said…
Then silence, and Houston said to my son, GOD I am going to miss you most of all.You have made me laugh in my childhood, when I went threw so much pain and abuse at home. You kept me laughing all the way threw my abuse.And now I will never laugh like this again Kirk. Then I heard Houston's tone turn to RAGE, and he said, "As GOD is my witness my best friend Kirk, Doctor Robert Gallo will pay in the end, and he will burn for eternity, for this virus he unleashed upon us. Lucifer owns his soul now and in the end as well, none shall escape for their part in the creation of this ESP-1virus" I had no Idea what that meant at the at time.
Then Houston said to me Pat, he just took his last breath. Then silence, and then I heard Houston saying take him all mighty Angel, I see you, I see you...Kirk I see it, your soul, I see your guide. Good bye my dear friend, I will see you again. Then total silence, and the door closed behind Houston. I think I fainted in my hospital bed.

So to that guy Matt that called Houston a demon, if you were standing in front of me, I would do my best to get up out of my wheel chair and slap the tar out of you. Who ever you are, you are the demon in all this.

God how I miss my son Kirk, I miss him greatly. And it was Shadow Eyes, that has given me the knowledge, and the will power to keep moving on, and the very comfort in knowing for sure, my baby is in the right place. And I know for sure I'll be with him again.
Pat Hart, a broken hearted mother.
Frank Hubbard said…
I would never ever walk into the Waverly Hills. And I am a grown man. It must have been a terrifying place, for a 12 year old boy to survive on that floor with all those insane grown men after him.

Frank Hubbard
Alice Cantabury said…
Yes I agree. I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been so long ago, in that huge place. I was asked to go on the Halloween walk threw the Waverly Hills. But I declined. There is no way I can walk into such a place with such a history of pain and suffering that took place in there. I remember being 12. And I close my eyes at night and wonder, how on earth did a 12 year old boy survive ECT? let alone, all those pedophiles on that forth floor after him. Think of how horrifying it was after 1 or 2am in the dark of night, away from your home, and have to listen to those crazy men calling out to you, oh god the things they must have said to that child. I would have just ran to the top of the Waverly and jumped off and ended it all.
Alice Cantabury
Jimmy said…
If someone told me I would be reading this story here 50 years later, I would not believe it. All this is blowing my mind. I worked at Sears and Robuck in Springdale Ohio with Pat Rollins, Houston's mother. In 1966 and for years to come. Mrs Rollins worked in the store with us for a while, and then was transferred to the automotive department. She moved to Satsuma Florida later on, and I never saw her again. But I did hear when her husband Bob had died. I also knew the Rollins next door neighbors Chuck and Billy Canterbury. There daughter Janine was Richards best friend, and they lived side by side, and their bedrooms windows were just 10 feet apart. Janine heard a lot of screaming coming from Richards bedroom window. I am now 72 years old now, and still doing well. Retried now from Sears. There were four of us gay men working there at the time her son was going threw this. The only time we ever saw her son, his name at that time was Richard. His father had brought Richard into Sears with him one day in July. Two months before this picture of him was taken, I am looking at in the article. He looked different in the picture without his long hair. He was an adorable little boy. When his mother introduced him to her friends at work, I can clearly remember his big green eyes, and his shiny hair, that was before his father shaved his hair all off for some kind of punishment. I don't forget peoples eyes. The little boy was quite, but I saw sadness in his eyes. He looked lost to us gay men, we noticed these things of our own kind. We know are own, even as children. He had that look, like he was with someone that had kidnapped him, and had that look as if he was hoping someone might rescue him. Then he was gone. We had heard later from our friend Barb in the Pet department, that Richards mother asked her to come to her home to pick up Richard's entire bedroom of stuff. We all thought what the hell is that all about. Barb just told us that she was to take everything including his parakeets,and the bed, the entire room of things went. Barb never told us why his mother gave all his stuff away like that.

Then ten years later, me and all the guys from Sears were downtown Cincinnati Ohio, in a bar called the Badlands on 4th and plumb. By this time he was now 22 years old. And Mike said, OH MY GOD girls!!!! look at that tall beautiful hunk coming this way, ok act normal bitches. When the guy passed us by, we all fell off of our bars stools. The bar tenders were dropping glasses all over the floor has he flowed by them. It was a sight. I had noticed his eyes and hair, and it bothered me for weeks. Then two months later he was back with a group of hot guys. It was driving me nuts about his eyes. We all kept trying to make each other just go over to him, and ask him what his name was. But we were all to intimated by his looks, I mean this guy was freaking drop dead gorgous, he was Androgynous. When this guy walked into the Badlands, every eye in that place was glued to him. The way he carried him self as he walked, the way he moved and his gestures, his large tool-box, mmmmmm, and his behind,,, WOW. Finally after 5 drinks I had the nerve to approach him. By then, I had the nerve to ask Godzilla to polka. So I went over and asked him can I buy you a drink, and he quickly replied, "Sir I do not drink, or smoke or do drugs. But thank you kindly for the offer." I was able to put my slobbery tongue back into my mouth and ask him his name, and he told me Houston. So I was confussed, for I know I have seen those's eye before..
Jimmy said…
So I just asked him, did your mother work for Sears in tri-county mall, and was her name Patty? He looked at me as if he saw Whoppie Goldberg giving Ted Danson a B-J. 'How do you know that woman he asked me?" I told him; "I worked with her at Sears. And I remember that day your father brought you into Sears.'" He replied to me; "I have disowned her the way she disowned me." And he left the bar at once, we all waited and hoped he would show up, but we never saw him again. We were all so upset thinking that I had upset him. We all just wanted to talk to him so bad, and get to know him. He reminded me of a male version of, Sophie Lauren and Liz Taylor mixed into one. There was no mistaking that man, when he waked in the building, [Everyone noticed him.] GOD WHAT A BODY, what a face.......what a Buttocks.

Robert said…
Lord a mercy !!!!!!!!! Jimmy!!! you old dried up Queen! It's Robert Dalton from housewares. Can you believe I still work part-time at Sears. I am in house wares still folding sheets, lol. Tri County Mall has changed threw the years for sure. What's up with this article about little Richard here? can you believe this Jimmy? Well now we know 50 years after the fact, just what Mrs Rollins had done to Richard, and why she gave all his belongings to that old bitch Barb in the Pet's department. I never did cozy up to Barb. She seemed a bit shady and way to butch for me. Remember how all us men would wonder what happened to her breast? and I remember seeing a lump in her crotch one week? hmmm makes ya wonder? The way she handled the pet department, one might have thought the owned the place, but she had a way with the rats and snakes.
So Jimmy stop by Sears soon, I am there Tuesdays and Fridays only, let's have lunch in the cantina, and we can discuss this article,lol. I wonder what he looks like today. You think he has anything to do with his mother now a days? You think his parents are even still living? Remember how Mrs Rollins reminded us of being in Church in her presence at work?
I compare her too, by the way she treated Richard back in the 1950's, just like that woman of today, that freak Shirley Phelps-Roper at the West Baptist Church. I know all us gay men back in those days were treated so bad by our parents and Church, but Jimmy remember, none of us had it as bad as little Richard. My God they beat that child to death at home. I would have ran away if they were my parents. My sister lived on Marwood Lane close to heritage elementary school were Richard went.

My sister kids came home with such sad story's of how when they passed by Richards house, they could hear his father beating this crap out of Richard threw the bedroom windows. His father was a redneck truck driver, and he hated Richard, that was no secret in our community. According to Jamie his neighbor, and the other kids, Richard never once, let out one scream, that child took his beatings in silence, and somehow got threw. My sister has seen Bob running behind Richard with belts, beating that child all the way back home from the Hunters home down the street. He put blisters un that child. Then my sister said before the 6th garde Richard came home for a short while,and they placed him in the car garage to live. Jan Craig would seen in the garage to help Richard laying on the mattress on his stomach on the ground. She told the other kids, Richard was unable to walk for a while, he had to get stitches in his rectum and had injury to his eye as well. Jan helped him change his gauze between his butt checks, and took him chicken noodle soup and milk and ran out back home. Then he just disappeared. He never showed up back to Heritage hill elementary to his 6th grade, and all but disappeared. Some say that he went to live with a grandmother, but who really knows?
Well now I know what happened to that child. My God, if my dad placed me into the horrid place the Waverly at 12 years old, oh my god, I would have swallowed poison.
We all knew of the Wavery Hills back then. It tears me to now all these years after the fact, know Richard was locked up into that place.
What goes around comes a round. Parents will pay in the end.
Robert Dalton Springdale Ohio
I can't believe this and you are well explained here.
Charlene Robbins said…
I am not sure what I love most,the story on top about this child, or all the comments about the child. Fanatic reading, I was unable to pull away, read every bit of it in one sitting.
Charlene Robbins NY NY
Mike Reed. Bolder Colorado said…
Why!!!! is there no book written about this bad ass child, and how he was locked up in the Waverly Hills like that? I feel, if this story was a movie, it would be a roller coaster of emotions. I tell you what, I would be hanging on the edge of my seat sweating bullets, crying, and passing gas. Personally, I freaking LOVE reading about what this kid had to deal with, and how he reacted to his Doctors, and all his bullies on the 4th floor, and the card he was handed in life. He reminds me of a little Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting off all those Doctors and bullies around every corner. This kid has my vote for sure, I definatlly want him on my team. I love the Sky Way bride story in St Pete, and the dolphin story a lot.The story of Dolly the dolphin made me cry like a toddler.

Mike Reed. Bolder Colorado
Anonymous said…
I consider my self a pretty tough guy at 62 still. And when I was a kid in grade school as well. I happen to live in Louisville Kentucky Jefferson county all my life. And we all know about the Waverly Hills well around here. We as children, kids and teens, spent many a weekend nights playing the creeper challenge charge. We would sneak onto the Waverly Hills grounds at night. In 1968 was the first time we actually made our way all the way up to the side of the building, and touched it and ran off like hell back to the fence. We had to go one at a time, and who ever made it all the way to the building, and actually touched the side of the building was considered one tough bad ass,lol. We could hear all the crazy men up on the 4th and 5th floors screaming and carrying on into the late of night, and let me tell you this, it was terrifying to hear those cry's late in the night from outside. We all heard about that kid shadow eyes that they said was able to pull up the creeper when the Doctors had him strapped down tight on the table,and then electrocuted him, his screams were heard all the way down Paralee lane and into our neighborhood that day.
The story goes that a black janitor was thrown off the top floor one night and was all messed up, and spent the rest of his life in a wheel chair. But they say the child got his revenge on them all. Room 418 had a lot of little orb lights flying in and out of it the whole week that kid was locked up, and a ton of little shadows. We would sit back in the wood line behind the fence and watch the orbs spinning and flying in and out of his window, go all the way up to the top of the building and back down into his room. We would listen to all the men patients yelling at the kid, calling devil boy, and how they were going to kill and eat him alive, starting with his eyes for bringing the shadows on to them.
I tell you this, as tough as all us dudes thought we were back then, there is NO WAY in Hell any of us, and especially me, would have survived 1 minute being locked up inside of the Wood Haven like that kid was. I have never in all my life, or any of us have dared go inside the Waverly Hills ever!!! My god, at night that place was down right terrifying, and you know what? it still is. Still we will go sit on the outside of the fence, and party in late August 22nd,and wait, at times we can still hear little Richard screaming out in pain from his ECT, followed by the Doctors and nurse when the creeper manifested. My hat is off to him, he was one bad ass little Mo F__r he was able to come out of that place alive somehow, when the other three boys did not.
This place is what us boys loved as children, it was part of our childhood and still is today. It will always be a part of our paranormal nightmares, and I love it all, even our kids love the story's that have come out of that place in the past 100 years.

Jake Humphrey
Anonymous said…
Juuu, gotttssss ta be kiddddingggg me, nigga please............I said nigga please..... you thank I be going up in dat palce at 12 year old as a baby giga locked in a room wit dem crazyssss mans they eye balls haningall out,,,and get my behind electrocuted and den have dem ghost flying all up and over da place landing all up in my fro? ,, NO WAY nigga no amount of mulla could get me up in da Waverly Hells how dis kid do it?
super fly sting likes a bee

peace out mo-mos
Terry Macintosh said…
I remember my Aunt Martha Higgins in Hazel wood 1950s, 1970s. And the stoy's they talked about. She at one time spent almost a year in the Wood Haven. My parents only went to Wood Haven one time, they said that Waverly was just to nerve racking for them to even walk into the lobby, let alone the floors. This child they called shadow eyes, was in most every ones whispers. Many to afraid to talk about him, for fear of retaliation from the creeper. That whole month was horrible for many, due to the fact of such "secrecy" concerning those outside Doctors, sneaking in the back door with their ECT machines they used on, what some called electric zombie boys. After 1 ect treatment they acted like zombies, well except for Richard. By the grace of God, my parents never placed me into a place like that. I would have rather been shot in the head, and just ended it all for good. Sanatoriums and Asylums have always terrified me to the bone, just to think of what goes on behind those locked doors and walls. I get sick reading stoy's of what they did to all those people.

Terry Macintosh Portland Maine
Margaret A Taylor said…
I must say with certainly, this is one truly sad story, and one of most sinister abuse child abuse case's I have read of, were talking to the 3rd degree, and what a nightmare it must have been for him. And all adults involved in his abuse should have gone to straight jail, and the key thrown away. And some, not many comments refer to this little boy may have gotten what he deserved. However, 95% of you are on his side. I understand Christians well, and epically in the 1950's. I am 91 today, and things for what we called (natured) children were worse back then. There were no programs that protected our children. The law did not step in and help children get away from there parents that were abusing them like they do today. It was very different back then, and epically for natured boy's. Natured girls did not suffer the way the natured boy's did back in those days. It was far worse for boy's, many beaten to death by fathers and elder brothers, out in the woods or corn fields for such. I have seen that many a time as a little girl, fathers back then were rough on their natured boy's. Today they call them gay children. The court saw it like, well kids are property of the parents to manage how they please. They just did not get involved in family matters, unless someone sacrificed or killed their child in a barbaric way. My heart is broken for this child Richard everyone is talking about. I have seen story's on other sites about him as well. I certainly see him as an Angel, a very special one at that. It is truly a miracle that this little boy came out of all that evil in one piece. Then again, I have never read anything concerning him as an adult past 25. Maybe he has passed years ago.
Margaret A Taylor
Frank McKibben said…
Margaret A Taylor,
My dear, you hit the nail on the head with your observations. I agree with you 100% on what you stated. Seems to me, the world should pay more attention to the abuse this child Richard endured, and less attention on the paranormal events taken place around him. We can't do squat about the paranormal, but we can jail his abusers.

Frank L McKibben
RichardRCollins said…
after reviewing what my doctors told me, that this is my last few days on earth. i need to clear my couscous I have called this child Richard Rollins, all kinds of horrible nanes when he was locked up in the Wood Haven on the 4th floor with me and other male patients. I was the ring leader bully. I was so much older, a man, he just a little 12 year old child.
He was no demon boy like I have been calling him for 60 years, i am truly sorry for that. and i want him to know i did not have anything to do with that last night when he was husrt so badly by those two other men. i did not steal the key to his door to get at him. i guess that was whay i was locked up all my lfie in their some of us men folk are just messed up in the head i am sure i am bound to hell and it is what i get for the life i lived i was no good to anyone i did not give back anything to anyone, so death is welcome at 99 to tell truth i did not derser to live this long when good people die so young.
Shadow eyes,,,, if you ever read this can you forgive me for what i did to you so long ago those 7 days and nights in the wood haven i am sure the creeper is waiting to torment me now for enternity
Richard R Collins
Mark Higgins said…
What is it with this ass-hole bullies and child molesters that wait till the day their dying to repent? Sorry you old nasty F____ but you are not forgiven in the eyes of many. From what I have read about you, and what you had done to other children in your life time, and the torment you put this child Richard threw that week, you deserve to go straight to hell. And you have the balls at 99 years of age, to come on here days before you punch out and ask him to forgive you? what a pathetic loser, you are old man, just go off and die in a sewer somewhere. I hope he never reads this miserable attempt at an apology of yours.

Mark D. Higgins
Mr Mason said…
I just received today, a notice of death from the concerning death of this old man Richard R Collins. I can say, he was a notorious bad man. And yes Mr Collins had his hand in the brutally of one of our keg paranormal case files ever recorded, Shadow Eyes.

People make note: some are confusing the two names here, so please let me clarify. Richard R Collins was the old man that was a patient who was living in the Wood Haven Geriatrics for years, way before Shadow Eyes showed up. Shadow Eyes name was Richard B Rollins.

Their names were very Similar when you place them side by side.
Richard R Collins and Richard B Rollins.
So remember that Richard B Rollins was the child at 12 years of age that was placed into the WHGC for ECT in August 18th 1967 for a week. His alias was (Shadow Eyes.)

And Richard R Collins was the bully, a much older man, who was already living there as a patient for many years before hand. So many have confused these two names in the past 50 years.

Richard B Rollins after leaving the WHGC legally changed his first name only. His way of trying to leave the horrible memories behind him. We have worked with Shadow Eyes for many years, and I can say with certainty, test's have proven, he will never be able to forget his brutal past. However, he is doing well these days. I am not sure, just how he will feel over the news of one of his most notorious bullies death.
However, I do feel he has forgiven this old a long time ago. That is the good in Shadow Eyes, I know he has forgiven his father before his death, and his mother who is still living. However, so to keep his mind in a safe place, he refuses to go anywhere near her.

Mason D Perry
Anonymous said…

Well, Well, Well, this old man thought he had it bad when he was molesting that little boy on the 4th floor that week while he was alive on earth. And they say the Creeper came to that little boy's rescue from his tormentors on the 4th floor in a dimension here on earth. Well now old man, I am sure the Creeper has you now, the Creeper is real and in your face right now, and he will make you pay for all you done to those children. My God, I would not want to be in your shoes right now.

We investigated the Waverly Hills Sanatorium years ago, and I do with all my heart feel the Creeper is real. We have credible Doctors involved who validated the stories of all the paranormal events that transpried around that child that week. I also believe the story told by the 2 Doctors and a nurse Pat Holland, about how that child Shadow Eyes had the Creeper come to his rescue when they were electrocuting and slapping him in the face that morning. The Creeper shrouded that boy like a iron blanket. There was a lot of destruction in that room that morning, and the child shadow eyes was strapped down the entire time. There was just to many people involved who saw it all go down in order. Word is Shadow Eyes still has the only real picture of the Creeper taken that morning.
I for one, do not feel a bit sorry for the death of old man Collins.

You Reep what you sew with the Creep.
Adam said…
Mason, I agree with you about S-eyes him forgiving the nasty old man. I will be honest, I don't forgive him so easily. I happened to know all the details in that abuse case that went to court. I have the copies of it. Sorry, I don't feel you can be so evil to children all your life, and then try and repent, hours before your death.That is bull crap. I had a sister molested and raped. And to this day, I despise her rapist. Men who rape little children should be electrocuted.

I find it to be pure insanity that;
Little Shadow Eyes, was baker acted into the Wood Haven as a little child, to be Electrocuted, because his parents felt he was to pretty for a boy. Mr Collins was baker acted into the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in 1951 for out of control ill-behavior with children. And never once got Electrocuted.
What the Hell is wrong with this picture? As far as I am concerned, this is good news, good riddance to the monster. One monster down, and trillions to go.

Adam Hastings
Sharon A. W. said…
I lived in St Albans West Virginia in the 1960s; and my two brothers and I attended this elementary school, the very same school Richard B Rollins attended.
Anne Bailey Elementary School. Kanawha County, 405 Winfield Rd. St Albans, West Virginia 25177. 1962, I was in the second grade with Richard Rollins. I have some very unusual memories of this child, as do all of us children, and my brothers will never forget that child. Both my brothers had run ins with Richard that year. I am ashamed to have to admit this, but my brothers were in on the bullying of this child Richard, as so many other boys’ were in school and all over the neighborhood as well. Richard was tormented on daily basics from all the boys, no matter their age or grade at Anne Bailey. Why we girls never bullied Richard was a mystery. It seemed to me, that even the teachers were at times in on it, for they never seemed to stop the bulling of Richard. We children had to walk to school. I can only remember one school bus at that time, and that was for the children that lived far away.
So, many of kid’s walked to school, we had about a mile and ½ to walk one-way, back in those day’s children were allowed to do such. Richard was notorious for protecting us little girls, and other boy’s that were disabled, or had visible disabilities that other made fun of and laughed at. Richard was a leader NOT a follower, and all noticed that trait in him. He was tough, and took his beating like a pro when cornered by a group of bullies. However, into the second moth of the second grade, Richard started to change somewhat in his personality. He had this very unusual communication with animals, and that was something that everyone knew in St Albans, us kids, his siblings his parents, the Church the school teachers, it was no secret.
The first time this odd event happened, I was present, and could not believe my eyes when it took place. The very same group of us kids, seven of us to be exact were walking home from school on a Friday. We had just made it into the wood line; we had about a mile of woods to walk thrown to get home. We were half way thrown, when out jumped nine fifth and sixth grade boys. As usual they were there to bully and torment the weaklings and meek children in our group. This time it was different, they never came after us in so many numbers and grade levels. They started with name calling as usual, and then it started to escalate fast this time. The zeroed in on the new girl Becky, a little black girl, the only colored girl in school. The lead bully, Billy started making fun of her hair, and how black her skin was, calling her a baby monkey. Billy asked her where she got that potato shack of a dress she had on. We stared to huddle tightly together at that point. Richard gathered us all into a ball with Becky in the core. And he stood stead fast and ready to fight.. Billy somehow tripped Richard, when another boy had his attention. Billy and tow others grabbed Becky from out of the others, and started dragging Becky threw the mud and dirt and into the woods. Becky was screaming for her live, her screams still to this day haunt me. All this took just moments, and now Richard was back on his feet and running after the boy’s with Becky in tow. We ran behind Richard into the woods. Richard was the fastest runner in school, and had ran so fast and jumped onto of Billy s head and bit into his right ear, and gouged Billy’s eyes to the point they were bleeding, With Billy down, the other 8 boys gathered up rocks and tree branches and started to come at us kids. By now Richard had us back in a tight circle, Becky he put back in the core as he stood in front of us. The boys by now, hah formed in a tight group, laughing and taunting us as they approached us.

Then Richard took a few quick steps towards the group of bullies, and handed them a warning in a very calm but firm tone. Leave us now, or you will pay dearly.
Sharon said…
They started throwing stones at Richard, Richard turned to look back at us all, his eyes had this neon glow in that moment, turned back to the boys and held both his arms up and out side ways and closed his green eyes and became still. Out of no where came a humming sound, and thousands honey bees, had covered the entire group of bullies. While the boys were being stung, Richard walked slowly back to us, and gave us instructions to follow him slowly out of the woods and back onto the pathway home. We all watched in horror as we walked away at the boys running and screaming, running into the trees and rolling on the ground. Richard turned back and walked back to the tree line, he stared back at the boys crying and rolling on the ground for God. Richard started humming, and we just stood there with this blank look. The bee’s flew over him in a tornado like pattern and disappeared back down into the valley. The boy’s never showed up for school until a week later. The parents of the boy’s went after Richards parents, claiming their boy was a witch of sorts, and tried to hold them accountable for their son’s bee-stings, and Billy’s bitten off ear. Not sure what happened to Richard. Soon after that we heard his father took a new job in Cincinnati Ohio, we never saw Richard again. I loved Richard with all my heart, and so did little black Becky, and all us fat, ugly, and disabled kids. We only knew him for about six years, but we still to this day talk about the Day of the Bees, in the woods. We all missed little Richard terrible the rest of our grade school days.
P.S Billy was my elder brother. And yes, he got what he dissevered. And to this day my brother and I do not speak to one another. Billy, still to this day, hates Richard for biting off his ear and gouging his eyes.

Randy Baker said…
I think the appropriate name for this child would be the Animal Whisper.
David Dawson said…
Most all legitimate 1950s paranormal investigators knows of Shadow Eyes. Epically before all these green horns come running onto the scene. He is of the most powerful and usual clairsentient empathic known to science. Problem is, he is way to hard to reach. And if you do get close, there is no playing around with him, for he will burn your ass to a crisp, if you try and deceive him. He has zero tolerance for stupidity and recklessness. For some, he can be a paranormal danger to your mental health. For the wicked one's, you better Stay Back.

David Dawson PNIVTS
Unknown said…
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Debbie Taylor said…
On December 15th 1998, we were living in Tampa Florida at Wildwood Acers apartments on Fletcher Ave in temple terrace. Houston Rollins was also living there on Dottie Drive alone with his dogs, and a lot of amazon parrots in his back yard. And he was my hair dresser off an on for years on Dale-Mabry hwy, in a Salon called Allen's Studio for Hair in Carrollwood. I had put up my X-mass tree the day before. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch for my five year old son Jason. When I heard a gasping coming from Jason, I ran to him and tried to see what was making he choke. It got worse by the minute for him and me. I had to call 911 and my son ended up in the hospital with a tracheotomy. It was over seven days now. The Doctors could not figure out what was wrong with my son air ways, and why he was unable to breath and swallow on his own.They had done many X-rays on my son and found nothing showing. We were all at the end or our ropes with this. My husband was a mess and so was I. My son was losing weight and getting worse each day. But I had to remain strong for us all. It was a Thursday, I was at my apartment showering and getting ready to go back to the hospital where I have been staying around the clock with my son. I was in my car going up Dottie Drive when I saw Houston pulling in to his driveway in front of me. So I stopped and told him about what had happened to my son. Then I drove back to the hospital. The next day, Friday evening Houston had showed up with toys for Jason.
Houston with out even looking at us, by passed me and my husband and went right to Jason's bedside and sat on the bed by my son.
We will never ever for that day as long was we both shall live. Houston and Jason had no dialogue between the two of them. Houston begin to tear up when he looked at Jason face. Then Houston started petting Jason ever so softy, running his hand over his head, and down his throat to his chest. Then Houston laid his head on my sons chest. Got up walked over to the sink washed his hands and walked back to Jason and said to my son. "Baby boy, close your eyes for me ok, and tilt your head back and hold your breath for me, ok." My son did exactly what he was asked, Jason loved and trusted Houston. Houston kissed Jason on the forehead, then in a split second, stuck his right hand down my sons throat and pulled back out, in less than 5 seconds, his two fingers closed tight with a clear piece of plastic between his two fingers.

Debbie Taylor said…
What had happened was, I had bought these new Xmas bulbs to hang on my tree with clear plastic rings on the bulb where you place that silver hook on it. It was the little piece attached to the ornament with that little silver round steel hoop. I had bought the kind with the new clear plastic rings. And that's is why the X-rays were not picking up on the steel, because the thing was a tiny clear hard plastic hoop. Jason had swallowed it.
So as far as me and my husband and Jason are concerned, Houston will be in our prayers forever and evermore. I read all these comments, and I had no Idea Houston had been baker acted, and gone threw this ECT and abuse as a child, he never once in all the years we knew him, did he ever say word about his childhood to anyone. I did not even know what state he came from, or if he had any family at all. He never once talked about his past or if he had a family to any of us, and that goes for everyone who knew him. He was always single, and was never seen dating anyone. This just tears me upon now knowing his past. Houston left his home and salon back in Tampa in 2011, and we never knew where he went or what has happened to him. Me and my husband are devout Christians, we know nothing about paranormal stuff or do we want to know. And we never judged Houston for his orientation. But we all judged him by his actions, and he was highly respected and admired here around town. One thing we all know here, he is not a demon as some may try and portray because of his infirmity's. People have confused his gifts. Houston is an earth bound guardian Angel for many people and animals alike.. Even Richard Hornbuckle can tell you that. He was the man on the Skyway Bridge that morning 1980 who's car had stopped just inches from the end of the bridge. Every one of the children in our community loved Houston dearly. And we all miss him so much.

Debbie Taylor
Anonymous said…
Who is writing this shit? What 90+ year olds are even able to turn on a computer let alone write detailed posts like this? Freaks
Kieran said…
People that lie to the extent on here I really despise. I believe in an afterlife and have experienced many dead people myself. But the shit on this thread really makes me realise why people don't move on from this world. You are all too busy lying and creating your own false realities
Anonymous said…
It so funny how Christians haters like this Kieran,,,,,will come on comment sites and spue hate. 90 year old's are able to have others dictate their life stories. What is so hard to under that. How do you think old people make up their wills, and tell their life's stories for others to maybe put in a book for them? I know a lot of elder people with minds still going strong. And I know a lot that can work on computers. Christians are so terrified to face the fact paranormal events do happen. And how they react is with hate and judgement. It's no wonder Christians are under fore these days.

Kiern says "he has experienced many dead people myself". Really, so you see and talk to dead people? K, you must have some real good LSD. You must hang with that freak John Edwards,lol......... Dude, really you see and talk to the dead? and you have the never to go off on others,lololololololololol, she so freakieeee....
Mary A. Higgins said…
The comment made here, by this fitly Muslim man (( Kieran )) is hysterical. He claims to see and talk to the DEAD people. LOLOLOLOLOL Most like its the DEAD little girls and women he has raped and murdered in his life time. Then moves on in saying, others are creating their own FALSE realities,lololololololololololol, talk about a uneducated scum bag. Then Animals like him will moke others,LOLOLOL. he believes in the after life, and sees dead people,lololololol. He must be on good drugs.His comment only shows his insanity.
Tony Roth NY said…
My grandmother is going on 94 years old. She has no trouble getting on her computer, she even has her a face book. One day you will be old, and you will understand. Many elder retain lots of information about their early days. I really don't get you haters. I love all these stories. I read them all. And no where did I see anyone saying this child talked to dead people. It was a no brainier the child was a victim in all this. Keep these great paranormal stores coming.Tony Roth
Michelle Wilson said…
My father, God rest his soul, was the administrator for Wood Haven Geriatrics in Jefferson county KY, during the week this child Richard was there. And my father had many a (run ins) with these outside Doctors. Dr Ann Stokes Ph.D. & Dr, L Bender (neuropsychiatries) both having sinister's personalities, my father had said many a time. But these ECT treatments were out of my father hands. There were people involved in these ECT, on government levels, that my father dare/not go up against.

My siblings and I, over heard my father that week, telling my mother strange story's at night, about the days events in the Wood Haven concerning this child. I remember being terrified for that little boy stuck inside that huge fortress. One time my mother had taken us kids into the Waverly Hills, to see where daddy worked, and get his check book. I never went back into that place ever again.That place scared the life out of me. And the sights & smells are still with me, 50 years later.
My father had to go to court and testify months after the child left the sanatorium. Only one nurse came forward with the truth of what she had seen transpire around the child that week. It's true about how and why the black janitor went off the top of the Waverly hills, and ended up in a wheel chair. I believe my father, he was a grounded, no' nonsense type of man. The one single story, concerning the creeper manifesting that morning before five grown people, will live in the minds of parapsychologists, and science research for ever.

The stories I loved hearing mostly were, about all the different animals, that came out of the woods and stayed close to the building all week, the little boy was there. The one thing my father admitted openly in court was about this infirmity, the child possessed with animals. He said, "the day that child stepped out of the car, birds and crows came out of no where by the thousands, flying circles around the child, some even landed on his shoulders and head, then filling up the trees all over the grounds. And many a time, doves had made their way into room 418." I love animals my self, and that's why I am a veterinarian to this day.
This picture above of little Richard standing in the Wood Haven lobby, was taken by staff nurse Pat Holland.

Michelle Wilson
Dr. Brenda L. Davis said…
We love stories concerning the paranormal. It seems that the best are always in these old prisons, asylums and sanatoriums. And everyone knows, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is one of the most famous haunted places on earth. There is no question with this fact.
You have you ever noticed,the difference between the hating non-believers,and the believers. Has anyone every noticed that the non-believers are extremely uneducated and full of rage and self loathing, and hate towards others? While the believers are highly educated,compassionate and loving people? We all know cowards with so much self hate, always use Anonymous and never their real names when they makes their hateful uneducated comments.
Mary Carter said…
I attended Ann Bailey elementary school in St Albans West Virginia. I was in the first and second grade with this little boy Richard Rollins. He also had two brothers, Mike and Dennis. I had puppy eyes for them all, they were all so cute, with those big green hazel eyes, and dark hair. But I must say, Richard was beautiful, and had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen on a boy. Even my teachers always made comments about Richards eyes and hair. He had this ORA that surrounded him. He had this natural body odor, it reminded us of the sent of roses. I wanted to ask Richard to my 7 year birthday party, but my mother told me no. And when I asked her why, she replied, because he' a strange boy, everyone knows and talks about how wild dogs and animals follows him every where he goes. Don't you remember what happened to those boy's last summer that bullied him, and his little group of retarded children, and the Negro girl he helped in the woods on the way home from school? And I am not having him be around your brothers, your brothers hate him, and are afraid of him."
I am 60 years old now, and when I think back about little Richard, so many things come to my mind. The child had a spiritual connection with animals, all us kids in school knew that, it was no secret. I do remember how when Richard headed home after school,and made his way to the wood line, birds flew out of the trees around him in huge numbers. Even lading on him at times, rabbits and squirrels would even follow him home. We could see Richard a half a mile away, coming towards school with horse and cow following close behind him. One time a little wild pony followed Richard all the way to the school doors. Wild Feral dogs/cats waited for him out side class, to follow him home threw the woods.
Being an adult now, looking back, I guess I can see how adults must have been uncomfortable with this behavioral bond he formed with animals. But, I know this, animals can tell bad from evil. Animals shy away from evil souls. He could save the life of any baby animal, and could tame down any wild dog/cat or horse. Richard never talked much in school, and always sat by the door, always. The school fluorescent lights, and sun hurt his eyes, I remember that, and he had bad headaches all the time, and had to go to the school nurse all the time for them. My teacher kept sun glasses's in her desk for Richard. He lost his energy level, and feel asleep in class everyday. Worst of all, all the boys and teens everywhere bullied Richard when they could, they called him horrible names in school and on the play ground. But after the dogs attacked the group of boys that tried to beat him up in the woods, after that no one, dared follow Richard into the woods ever gain, because of what happened with the group of boys before. Then when the 3rd grade started, I noticed Richard and his brothers were gone. I asked my teacher,and she had told me that they moved to Cincinnati Ohio. I was so sad when I found out, I loved Richard so much.

Mary L Carter
Cynthia Kelley said…
Mary A. Higgins, although I do not agree with Kieran's post, yours is just as ignorant. First of all, nowhere in his post does he state he is Muslim, and if you are referring to his name it is of Irish origin. Why is it, because of a few bad apples the whole gets stereotyped as such? It is a horrible, and damaging way of thinking. There is good and bad in all walks of life, so remember that before you label someone as "filthy"!

Houston, you sound like a wonderful person who has been through so much. I can relate, so if you'd like someone different to talk, or rant to I'll lend you my ears.

Very interesting story, well written and told. It touched me.
Keep writing!
This is a great post Thanks!
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
What a coincidence that aside from not being able to spell, these apparently educated nurses, as well as the witnesses, etc, all misused the word "threw". You must understand that when you obviously don't know the difference between "threw" and "through", your credibility takes a nose dive. Another possible explanation could be that all these stories were written by the same uneducated person.
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