Goose River Bridge

Looking for a good drink? You may give Goose River Bridge a try. Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself "Why go to a bridge for a beer?". A very hospitable ghost has been known to offer mugs of ale to visitors.

Goose River Bridge is located in what is now known as Rockport, Maine. During the American Revolution, a man named William Richardson played his part in aiding an American privateer who stole a British ship by guiding him to safety and away from the British. Feeling proud of playing his part in winning the war, Richardson decided to throw the biggest party in 1783.

He drank heavily throughout the night and made certain everyone else did as well. Richardson made the rounds, making sure everyone's glass was always filled. Sometime during the night, he wandered off from the party and continued to entertain the good people of Goose River with his singing and dancing. It would be a mistake he would not live to regret. The road led to the bridge where he came across three horsemen.

It was his misfortune that these men weren't allies but Tories or British sympathizers. They beat Richardson, hitting him with the butt of a rifle and rode over him as they left him to die.

Ever since, people visiting the Goose River Bridge have been met by "The Pitcher Man" as he is known as. Pitchers of ale appear in open car windows before disappearing. The bridge has since been replaced but he remains perhaps looking for someone to share a drink with.


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