New London Ledge Lighthouse

New London Ledge Lighthouse was built in 1909 on top of a concrete pier. This Groton, Connecticut lighthouse has been tended to by keepers until 1939 when the U.S. Coast Guard took over. Then, it was converted to automated in 1987. Of course, that is not why it is being mentioned here. It's alleged haunted status began with one lighthouse keeper.

This man's name was supposedly John Randolph. Living in a lighthouse in the 1920s or '30s can be a lonely existence. Randolph's wife found ways to maintain her sanity by flirting with local fishermen and sailors until that wasn't even enough. One day, when he went ashore for supplies, his wife ran off with the Block Island Ferry boat captain and never returned. When Randolph discovered his wife had left him, he slit his throat and fell from the 65 ft tower. His body was never found. A heartbreaking story, right? Unfortunately, there isn't any documentation John Randolph even existed much less killed himself.

However, a spirit named "Ernie" seems to be active at New London Ledge Lighthouse. Reports include doors opening and closing on their own, constant smell of fish, cold spots and items in locked drawers would rearrange themselves, Tools disappear and and reappear. Sheets ripped off their beds. Strange noises and whispers. Sometimes he turns on the foghorn on clear days. Boats and ships set adrift when someone speaks ill of him. "Ernie" would only appear to women and children. This active spirit is also kind enough to wash floors and windows. Who doesn't like a ghost who does windows, right?

In 2014, ownership of the New London Ledge Lighthouse was transferred from the U.S. Coast Guard to the New London Maritime Society. It's in the process of being restored and yes, they do offer tours.


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