Conover Road/Birthday Bridge

Some places just don't have a complex history to explain why they are haunted. Sometimes its just simply something bad happened and the spirits stayed behind instead moving on. Here are two places in Iowa:

On Conover Road near Calmar, it is said a family of four died on this road near some evergreens. It's uncertain if this accident ever took place or not but passersby have seen four shadows on the spot where it supposedly happened.

And then there's Birthday Bridge in Mount Pleasant. Birthdays are suppose to be a time for celebration, but according to local legend, one girl wasn't in the mood to celebrate hers. She decided to hang herself from the bridge on her birthday. Supposedly, witnesses can see her spirit hanging from the bridge on that exact day.

However, it is unknown if anyone ever hung themselves from that bridge. If a girl did, her identity is no known either much less when her birthday was. I'm guessing there haven't been many witnesses who have seen her spirit. No one knows the exact date to be there and...well....the bridge itself  doesn't exist anymore due to an accident.


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Deepak said…
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