Ball Lightning

Ever heard of the phenomena called Ball lightning? Most people haven't. Matter of fact, the first time I heard about ball lightning was on a National Geographic special about Spontaneous Human Combustion. But what is it exactly? There is a Japanese legend that calls it hiro dama or just odama which refers to the soul of a great samurai who took the form of a ball of fire. Its physical form is a sphere around a centimeter to a meter in a diameter. It doesn't appear in any one color. What makes it so confusing is that it defies the law of nature. Ball lightning usually appears during a thunderstorm but it's no stranger to broad daylight.

Some facts about ball lightning are that it has been know to pass through and/or melt walls, cool to the touch, lasts about five seconds up to a minute, can be made in the microwave (but is VERY dangerous. So please do NOT attempt to try it at home), explodes violently, etc.

There are many theories as to explain what ball lightning is. Some believe its linked to UFOs. Another one is that it's just a puff of flammable gas that ignites (this one has been disproven). The most recent theory is that ball lightning is a plasmoid. Another known plasmoid is the tornado. It is said that the two are forms of the same phenomenon. Of course, this theory raises more questions than answers.

The numerous eyewitness accounts (including respectable scientists and researchers) of this phenomenon proves its existence. Though there may never be an explanation of what ball lightning really is. For now, it remains an unexplained mystery.

More info:

*Crystal, Ellie (1995-2005) Ball Lightning. Retrieved on July 14, 2005 from the Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science website:


Kira said…
Intersting stuff. I hadn't heard of this before, I'll have to check it out!

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