EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. It is also called Raudive Voices after Konstantine Raudive who recorded over 100,000 voices. The most common profession that EVP is associated with is ghost hunting. Some paranormal researchers believe that voices of spirits can be recorded and played back on magnetic audio tape. There are skeptics that believe the sound really isn't the dead talking but actually, CB or radio transmissions. The words or sentence that you think you hear on the tape is only in your mind or what someone has you convinced is what is being said. But what is the history behind EVPs?

One afternoon in 1959, artist Fredrich Jurgenson was recording bird sounds in the Sweedish countryside. When he played it back, he could distinctly hear a man talking about birds in Norweigan. He heard nothing while recording the birds but heard many voices when playing it back. He spread the word about the phenomenon in his book. But it was first discovered by researcher writer Raymond Bayless and photographer-sensitive Attila Von Szalay in 1956.

Since then, many organizations have been created dedicated to Electronic Voice Phenomenon including The Association for Voice Taping Research established in the 1970s in Germany and American Association Electronic Voice Phenomenon established in 1982.

The Shadowlands website (http://theshadowlands.net/ghostwav.htm) has a list of EVPs. See if you hear the word(s) indicated on the right.

More info: http://www.ufopsi.com/psidc/evp.html

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